Penn takes issue with weight-clause report


Earlier today, we passed along some information about Buccaneers tackle Donald Penn.

Specifically, Mark Cook of explained in a catch-all column that Penn “has failed to meet most of the weight clauses in his most recent contract.”

Penn didn’t like that very much.

In a tweet directed at our Twitter account, Penn declares that he’s “330 right now in the best shape I been in in a long time stop reporting bullshit I made all my weigh in last yr n this yr.”

He later added:  “I still shut down the best DEs in the game n ball out every Sunday I gave up 4 sacks all yr last season get yo shit right.”

Penn then apparently realized that the information came not from us but from Pewter Report, so he directed this to their Twitter account:  “keep reporting bullshit on me n see the next time I do a interview wit u yo shit is lies get the facts 1st Cook b4 u say shit.”

He later added, “This article here is some bullshit n false I been working hard n putting in work messed up my whole weekend.”

So there you have it.  Penn denies that he failed to meet his weight requirements, and he contends that he currently weighs 330 pounds and is in good shape.  We’ll monitor for the next chapter in this unexpected slow-day Memorial Day fracas.

49 responses to “Penn takes issue with weight-clause report

  1. Go Bucs! Most media outlets now have them possibly finishing 20th maybe 19th this season, because if the Revis trade! Fox: 20th, ESPN: 19th, 25th, 20th, CBS: 18th!

  2. That’s what you get for being famous, Florio. Although, it is nice hearing you on Shredd and Ragan.

  3. dude you know what DP, in this day in age, if you wanna dispute something like this then why would you “tell” anybody anything …you’ve got a camera, right? well then, Tweet the pic of you on your scale, otherwise people are just gonna call you a big fat liar, so why give ppl any wiggle-room to claim you are b.s.?

  4. So my question is this: When you simply regurgitate information from another source do you ever check to confirm that the source is accurate? It seems like as a journalist you would have a responsibility to make sure you’re getting these things right. Are there any consequences for when you print false stories like you apparently did with this one?
    If I were him and people were spreading bs about me on the internet without any accountability I would probably get mad and respond too.

  5. Seems to me this could be cleared up pretty easily. Either he met his weight clauses or he didn’t.

    A simple statement from the team could clear it up immediately.

  6. Should have insisted on the same weight clause that the 400 pounder for the Rams got.

  7. Why is he so sensitive about this? If he met his weight goal, he gets paid. That’s like me winning the lottery and getting mad when some Joe Hillbilly says I didn’t.

    Sounds like this guy has some serious mental instability issues if he reacts this way to this kind of report. Really quite amazing, in fact.

  8. Maybe he should ask for a trade to the Rams. They don’t have a problem with a 400 lb. player.

  9. Thats an american education right there, folks.


  10. Bengalguy- We must’ve been watching 2 different games because I recall Penn stonewalling him the whole game with the exception of the 1 sack right after their scuffle. Other than that, Allen got shut down.

  11. tampamac says: May 27, 2013 2:55 PM

    Penn will be fine. Name a better LT in the NFC South.. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    So he’s the best of four left tackles? Send him to the NFC South Hall of Fame today.

  12. Utah State upholds the highest academic standards.

    If I were reporting, I wouldn’t interview him either. I would run right by him to interview the QB(da dum cha).

  13. Hey Tampamac,

    13 tackles & 1 1/2 sacks in 2 games…..Look it up!!!!! Good enough for me!!!! Its more about just sacks pal! He’s a COMPLETE DE. Penn gets tired in the 2nd half of games cuz he’s outta shape!!!

    You mad Bro???
    WHO DEY & out!!!!

  14. Who cares how he types, tell em like it is bro.. Get your facts straight and stop worrying about dudes weight and look at his stats. Bucs won’t win the division this year but def are taking the first wild card spot.

  15. Where to begin. 1st, only lt to gain 40 lbs during a season. Donald penn. most overpaid, over hyped, over weight tackle in football. Donald penn. biggest crybaby cuz people see what he really is. Donald penn. biggest hypocrite that doesn’t check out his stories for accuracy before he runs his mouth. Mike florio.

  16. Penn’s weight situation has been blown way out of proportion (figuratively). He has been heavy most of his career. It still didn’t stop the Bucs form giving him a big contract extension. Also didn’t stop Penn from having a Pro Bowl year. He also has a point that he is in good enough shape that fast and agile DE’s can’t get around him.

  17. Very simple to find out. Since every penny paid out has “cap” implications, cal the NFLPA and find out if he was paid or not.

  18. Penn is a very good LT but when players start posting “how great” they are, it usually signals the beginning of the end…. Prove me wrong Penn, prove me wrong.

  19. Early projections have us over the Cowboys for the 11th best team in the NFC for 2013. Moving on up!

    Seahawks* (Division Winner)
    49ers (Wildcard)
    Falcons* (Division Winner)
    Packers* (Division Winner)
    Redskins* (Division Winner)
    Giants (Wildcard)

    Bears (First team out)
    Saints (Second team out)
    Rams (Third team out)
    Vikings (Fourth Team out)
    Buccaneers (Fifth team out)
    Cowboys (Sixth team out)
    Panthers (Seventh team out)
    Lions (Eight team out)
    Eagles (Ninth team out)
    Cardinals (Tenth team out)

  20. Pewter Report updated the article and admitted that he met all of his weight requirements for 2012. Might want to update this article too in the sake of fairness (and so Penn does not deliver another verbal barrage).

  21. I think the reason this bothers him is because it invalidate all the work he has done to get his weight under control.

    It has been an issue from the start of his career, and the article seems to make it seem like he accomplished nothing.

    I’d be mad too.

  22. If this is not an issue he should not have to defend himself. Just don’t talk and let your weight and your play on the field speak for itself. Mark Cook doesn’t get too many things wrong.

  23. Cool the bad language Donald. Whether you like it or not you are accountable for your remarks on and off the field. Also think about the kids that look up to you. You are better than that.

  24. his English sounds like Pacman’s…..”I didn’t go to no Strict club”. …. Way to go Penn…were you in the same English class as Pacman in college…

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