Quick, Pead hope for year-two breakouts

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One drew comparisons to Terrell Owens.  The other had a “miserable” rookie season.  Both will be counted upon to justify their draft status.

Joe Lyons of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch takes a look at receiver Brian Quick and running back Isaiah Pead.  Both arrived via round two in 2012.  Neither has actually arrived.

Quick finished his rookie season with 11 receptions, Pead with 10 rushes.  The latter landed at No. 3 on the depth chart, thanks to missing offseason workouts due to the outdated rule prohibiting participation until a school’s exams have concluded.

“The crazy thing was, I wasn’t even in school at the time,’’ Pead said.  “So I was just sitting around.

“I had a playbook, but I couldn’t explain it to myself. I missed all but a week of [offseason practices] last year, so this year, I just feel like I’m that much farther along.’’

And so, for now, Pead’s not miserable.

“New year, new season.  That’s the way I look at it,’’ Pead said.  “The second year, it’s completely different because you have a better idea of what to expect and you have a better idea of what’s expected of you.

“Last year obviously didn’t go the way I wanted, but I survived it and I’m ready to move forward.’’

Quick basically said the same thing.

“Last year, for me, was a learning year, and that’s something I’m looking to build on,’’ Quick said.  “It’s a big step, coming to the NFL because everything at this level, physically and mentally, is so much faster.  You have to adjust, but you can’t force it.

“But now, after that first year, I really feel like I have a better feel for the offense and my role here.  I’m ready to take my game to the next level.’’

Pead has a better chance to make an impact, given that Steven Jackson is gone and the Rams didn’t replace him with a veteran.

“We’re all competitors and we’re all looking to be No. 1,’’ Pead said.  “But it’s not like we’re enemies.  We’re truly a unit, trying to do everything we can to make sure that we’re all getting better, as individuals and as a group.’’

For Quick, having rookies Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey around could cut into the total opportunities, but it also could make it easier for Quick to get open since the much-hyped youngsters will be getting more attention.

Regardless, the team that was viewed as having a great draft in 2012 needs a strong contribution from a pair of second-round picks who haven’t contributed much so far.

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  1. Pead was a beast his last two years at Cincinnati and finished his collegiate career with over 4000 yards from scrimmage. I look forward to what he is going to bring to the table, especially since it looks like defenses won’t be able to stuff 8 in a box.

  2. If Pead and Quick just develop into serviceable contributors the Rams will be in every game. the 2012 draft will be an A+ if these two develop with Brockers, Jenks, Tru, GZ and Givens.

  3. I wanted my team to get quick, I think he is going to break out this year, the rams will be fighting for the top spot in the west behind the niner’s, cardinals are not their yet and the cheathawks are a one hit wonder, all of the die hard loyal Seattle fans of one year will find out soon enough.

  4. quick is the true big body outside receiver my guess is the opponents will have to pick their poison, last year they knew what we were going to do and played accordingly quick has the physical size now its time to show us the physical tools ive been saying the big question is will the rams pass to set up the run or run to set up the pass completely different from last year run run pass on third down now we may pass on any down watch for a big step up for the offense

  5. Quick is a real big and physical receiver. Dude had a real nice TD grab, and made a couple nice plays against Sherman too. He offers something the rest of the receiving corps doesn’t, so he’ll get his. Hope he’s ready now!

  6. I agree that Quick has great potential but why arent we talking about Daryl Richardson? He out-played Pead and won the starting role, being a 7th round draft pick last year. He has amazing talent and I feel that he deserves the spot over Pead.

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