RGIII feels “comfortable” playing Week One without playing in preseason


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is still shooting to be healthy enough to be on the field with his teammates when training camp gets underway in late July, but Griffin knows that there’s a possibility that his knee won’t be ready at that point.

And he knows that there’s a possibility that the knee might not be sound enough for him to play in the team’s preseason games, although that isn’t something Griffin sees as an obstacle to playing in the first week of the regular season. Griffin said last week that he doesn’t believe he needs to play in August to feel comfortable playing in September.

“I’ve thought about that and yeah, I would be comfortable with that,” Griffin said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “That’s all I can say. I have no control over whether I play in the preseason or not. I would be comfortable running out of the tunnel at FedEx Field with the smoke and everything.”

Coach Mike Shanahan concurred, saying that Griffin needed to practice with the first-team offense before he could play in a game but “not necessarily against an opponent.” While we don’t doubt that’s true, it seems unlikely that this scenario would play out later this year. The Redskins’ final preseason game is August 29 and they open the regular season on September 9 against the Eagles. If Griffin’s knee isn’t sound enough for the Redskins to feel comfortable with the risk of playing him in the first game, it’s hard to imagine the situation changing enough in the intervening days for it to make sense to play him in the opener.

43 responses to “RGIII feels “comfortable” playing Week One without playing in preseason

  1. So, if he gets injured again millions of memes can be made without guilt? His choice to play when he isnt ready.

  2. RGIII has been blessed with great talent at the quarterback position. Despite this:

    RGIII will go down in history as the next Aaron Brooks.

    Matt Barkley will go down in history as the next Joe Montana.

    Why? Because Mike Shanahan as an IQ of 110 while Chip Kelly has an IQ of 140. You can’t teach smart. Kelly will get the most out of Barkley while Shanahan will run RGIII’s career into the ground.

  3. He may feel “comfortable” playing week 1 without playing in the preseason, but I don’t think that his receivers or coaches should be “comfortable” with him not having had any game time to get the timing down.

  4. Not a Skins fan, in any way, but I do wish RGIII the best. He is an incredible athlete.
    As a general rule….running QBs dont last long. maybe he can be the exception.

  5. It helps that the team wasn’t able to add any starters with the picks they don’t have from the RG3 trade.

    You idiots thought not being able to ever draft a high profile player after RG3 was a downside, you fools

  6. Cousins will start Week 1 if RGIII hasn’t played a down (yes even in preseason) by then.

  7. Great talent and luv watching him play, but it’s time for him to just shut up. Sick of hearing his egomaniac updates everyday.

  8. I for one would be comfortable if he doesnt play week 1,or even week 2. Kirk cousins can hold down the fort and the new and improved defense will be the factors of those wins along with a very strong running game

  9. “It helps that the team wasn’t able to add any starters with the picks they don’t have from the RG3 trade.”

    Yeah but, “60% of the time, it works, everytime.”

  10. I like it…get ur reps in an actual game 🙂 Sept 29 in Oakland we plan on being most helpful, oh did you get that diamond stud knee brace I bought you on ur wedding registry?

  11. yeah, RGIII makes a comment in a press conference and PFT makes a thread about it days later. Man, you guys think RGIII is calling up the press saying “I want to make a statement, I need some press.” C’mon, “Don’t be think in front of me, Ed.”

  12. because it is May, he is comfortable…..these read-option guys won’t last long and the fad will be over…..I am sick of hearing about Robert Griffin and his Knee!!!!!

  13. Doesn’t this guy ever shut up. Does he call the sports press daily to blab to them or is this his dad out quoting him?
    Its like, I’m so great I really don’t need to practice, I’ll just show up and ignite the team and light it up out there. Ya right.

    I see him singing a different tune if he gets hurt again in the same knee early. Here comes the blame game. He won’t take responsibility for this no way. That’s when the lawyers surround him and he starts crying how dis repected he was by the coaching staff.

  14. Well, he learned that veteran trick pretty quickly. All the “stars” want to hold out or be “injured” during camp and pre-season, and then show up when the stats count.

  15. Go figure, another IRG3 article, overated qb and is being crowned a great one after one injury plagued year, child please!!!!

  16. RGIII is nothing more than a younger Michael Vick. He dazzles people with his running ability, which masks his other deficiencies. With bad knees, he may not be quite as dazzling running the ball, so we’ll see what he’s really made of. If he can stand back there in the pocket and win games with his arm, I may start to believe that he’s so special.

  17. His career is already over. Once the read option goes the way of the wild cat hell be playin in the cfl. The 2015 grey cup. Tebow vs griffin

  18. Irrelevant. Dallas is expected to win the division. Mr. Jones is getting the final pieces in place for a Superbowl run.

  19. How in the world does one “play without playing”??
    And “I” would be comfortable running out of the tunnel with the smoke and everything, if I knew I wasn’t going to get blasted by 240 lb. linebackers.

  20. Love the people who click and comment on every RG3 articles,then complain about there’s too many articles.Haters keep talking about the read-option will be stopped this season like the wildcat,but the wildcat was mostly all run.Read-Option the QB can run,handoff,or throw.Totally different.

  21. With all that has been invested here, I cannot imagine him on the field week one. I would be fine if he sat the whole year. It does the franchise no good having him out there at less than 100%.

  22. You people are so dumb it’s mind numbing. He’s a joke? He’d be a joke if he said he was going to be really good and then went out there and stunk it up. He unfortunately got hurt, that makes him a joke. YOU’RE A JOKE.

  23. All you haters said before last season he was over rated and couldn’t play. Just look at his stats and accomplishments from last season and admit YOU WERE WRONG !! Same will happen to all you haters talking BS now, you idiots !!

  24. WOW!!! There’s so much Estrogen flowing on this site I think all you haters periods have synched up.

    AP, a guy who called the NFL slave traders and is openly against gay marriage had the same injury and he’s looked at as a outstanding freak.
    Griffin who only respects his parents, respects his fans, respects the military, respects this game and proved with his stats last season that he belongs goes through the same and he’s done, he’s a joke etc…

  25. Rg3 hasn’t even played a full season. AP is a veteran. Good try though, you’re a little too insecure. Rg3 is a good guy, nice guys grow on trees. NFL stars who can stay healthy and make intelligent decisions for their health while on the field don’t. Have fun watching Shanahan end his career. NFC East is wiiiiiide open. Haters is so immature too, you all sound like amateurs.

  26. And I’m sure Philly will be “comfortable” with him playing Week 1 without him playing in the preseason.

    Philly 1-0

    Red Tails 0-1

  27. “Rg3 hasn’t even played a full season.”

    He missed 1 game.Don’t understand what the point of people who keep saying this.Like things would be so much different if he didn’t miss that Browns game.

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