Terrell Thomas move to safety possible in comeback attempt


New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas has missed the last two seasons after twice tearing the ACL in his right knee. Add in a third tear of the ACL during his college career at USC and just getting back on the field will be a major accomplishment for Thomas.

One move the Giants are considering to help increase the possibility Thomas can return to form as an effective NFL player is to convert him to a safety. According to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, Giants general manager Jerry Reese has entertained the idea of moving Thomas to safety to better utilize his skills while trying to limit the strain on Thomas’ thrice repaired right knee.

Thomas has played safety before with the Giants as a nickel defender. Making the move to safety full-time is something Thomas was already planning for later in his career.

“Your knee is in a more unstable situation [at cornerback],’’ Thomas said. “You have to react to the receiver. Safety is more you’re dictating. So I think that’s why Jerry Reese said that. But I already knew I’d switch to safety later in my career just because of my body type, the way I play. So I’m not scared at all.

Thomas has yet to participate in any football work for the Giants since injuring his knee in training camp last year. Thomas had put together two very strong seasons for New York before the injuries took away his last two seasons. He started 31 of 32 games from 2009-2010. He compiled 186 tackles, 10 interceptions, five forced fumbles and two sacks over that span.

12 responses to “Terrell Thomas move to safety possible in comeback attempt

  1. Gotta imagine the lateral cutting ability necessary to play corner is diminished, so it may not be a bad thing (in some sets, since he won’t be back there in a base package).

  2. He’s a great player, who showed amazing skills on press 1 on 1. Hopefully, he gets better and can play whatever position suits us best. God knows we need help in the secondary.

  3. He will have a ton of competition to make the team as a safety and he won’t play special teams. Of course, he could make the team as corner but play only in nickel/dime situations.

  4. they could add all the help in the secondary they can get..






  5. I am a giants fan, and I am worried about our secondary this season. Our d was a nightmare last year and we have no true game changer in the back 7. Terrell “no knee” Thomas moving to safety will have zero impact. If JPP and Tuck don’t dominate, it’s gonna be b a long season….

  6. Go Giants!-This is a good move to get Thomas on the field. The secondary was burned too many times last year.

  7. its unfortunate, but when you are making these sort of moves to try to save your knee in a sport that is becoming more and more about taking out the legs and not the head….

    yikes. wish the guy the best, but its just not very likely that this pans out.

    seems like the nfl is shaving off a few years from the avg career. a good career as a DB will be 5-6 years injury free. its amazing how ronde barber was able to last as long as he did without a major injury. look at revis. yeesh

  8. Good luck to him.good player,just goes to show you it’s not just about being the most skilled.some guys who aren’t quite as talented have a bigger impact in their careers due to the simple fact they suit up every week and stay on the field.hope the transition us smooth and helps get the young mans career back on track.

  9. Well, considering everyone swears Robert Griffin III is “fragile” and “his career is over” and “he’ll be out of the league within 5 years” after his second ACL in 4 years, there’s no CHANCE for Terrell Thomas after his third, right? Come on, haters, at least be consistent!

  10. I hope Tomas comes back. He was a beast against the run and could cover. Not having him out there has been killing us these last two seasons. It just seems anytime a giants player gets injured they never recover. Maybe because my team doesn’t use PEDs to recover…

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