Larry Grant: I never knowingly took a PED


Last month, free agent linebacker Larry Grant was suspended four games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Now Grant has issued an apology in which he said he didn’t knowingly take a banned substance.

“I’ve waited far too long to say my apologies to my children, my family, and friends, the 49ers organization, the buckeye nation, and my fans,” Grant said in the statement, provided to PFT. “Failing a drug test is far out of my character and although I never knowingly took a performance enhancing drug I take full responsibility for what goes in my body and more importantly for the embarrassment of a failed drug test.”

Grant did not say which substance he apparently unknowingly took, or how it happened. But while he isn’t currently under contract, he did say he still hopes to be on the field during the 2013 season, once his four-game suspension is up.

“It’s my goal by issuing this statement to clear my name and more importantly to be judged by what happens to me in the future,” Grant said. “I hope that my family, my football family, all my fans, and Niner Empire can forgive me for this situation and I look forward to a successful 2013 season.”

Last year Grant played in all 19 games for the 49ers, including the playoffs and Super Bowl, but didn’t get many snaps on defense and was primarily a special teams player.

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  1. Does anyone ever buy this defense? I mean honestly? These guys are given a list of banned substances, and I’d imagine even active/recent additions as far as ingredients. I’d say that might be the case but then that is still their responsibility for being lazy and not researching products properly before taking them.

  2. Ooooh, the temptation. After weeks of reading barbs from Whiner fans about the Hawks.

    Nope! Ain’t gonna do it. Not gonna get down in the mud with the haters.

  3. No sympathy or empathy whatsoever and his statement makes me dislike him. I don’t care about the PED in your system, I care about players being responsible about what they put in their body. The fact that he didn’t knowingly take a PED is exactly the problem. You’re not a loser for the PED in your system so much as you are a loser for mindlessly throwing stuff into your body that you don’t know what the heck it is. It’s the mindset of general irresponsibility as a professional athlete that is pathetic, not the existence of the substance in your body. This guy doesn’t get it and his statement is horrible. I sure hope nobody wrote that statement for him, otherwise he should fire that person for a lousy apology letter.

    The key point, is the mere presence of having to mention that you didn’t knowingly take it just makes you look like a weak and insecure person that still wants to justify the excuse rather than truly accepting responsibility. This isn’t how you do that. Man up and be a professional.

  4. You’d hate to think it, but I wonder if a team’s waterboy would be persuaded or paid to drop an illegal substance such as adderall into a player’s water bottle. I can’t even imagine what preventive measures would be needed to keep that from happening.

  5. The Niners are full of cheaters. Just look at their head coach. Nobody whines that much unless they are cheating.

  6. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:May 28, 2013 12:51 PM

    Of course you didn’t, Larry. No one ever does. In fact, I may have taken a PED just now.

    Another one out of the park!

  7. Better check Harbaugh too. I think there’s a bunch of cheaters on that team. Passing out PEDs like candy. Seadderall forty whiners! Sorry SeaEagle…I couldn’t resist.

  8. i look forward to some hate from non 49er fans everytime i click on a 49er post.

  9. He wasn’t under contract at the time of the failed drug test?
    I don’t think this is new news, but the sqauk fans can’t compare this one player to their many!! He admitted it after all and while he didn’t blame it on the meds that every player says they are taking.
    I forgive you Mr. Grant, but I’m really not the important one that needs to forgive you! Hope you find another team, he was pretty good for us last season, just went young and cheaper!
    Unlike the seahawks condoning this behavior, the niners didn’t offer another contract, enough said!!!

  10. I wish Jerry Jones would take some performance enhancing drugs. His act is getting pretty tired.

  11. Lmao Seaeagle707 y’all Seahawks fans are hilarious y’all always say niners fans are haters but what reason do we have to hate on y’all is it that y’all built y’all team after our teams design or how about the fact that we won the division the last 2 seasons or that y’all went to the Super Bowl last season and the NFC championship the year before need I continue go pray none more of them chumps get suspended cause remind me again whose leading the league in PED suspensions and who has 0 since 2010 that’s what got y’all where y’all are along with our team blueprint sit down better yet now down

  12. Niners fans don’t go into the Seahawks blog to hate on them chumps that only keeps them relevant to us. When your winning the race you don’t turn around to talk to the losers them bammas ain’t even in 2nd place cause I remember playing the falcons for the NFC title no scram back to y’all blog y’all fishing for an excuse for our dominance and have nothing better to do than jump on a story about a former niner all y’all PED suspensions came from guys on y’all roster y’all coach is a cheater and still can’t win that’s pathetic

  13. He wasn’t even signed with the NINERS when he failed.. Unlike all guilty SEAHAWKS.. He is a former niner at this point.. Not the same as being on our roster.. Although I like Larry Grant and was hoping to resign him, unfortunately it’s not worth it coming with a 4 game suspension.. GO NINERS can’t hate when you run the NFC

  14. So what about the two previous infractions? If memory serves, a 4 game is only handed out after previous failings.

  15. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:May 28, 2013 12:51 PM

    Of course you didn’t, Larry. No one ever does. In fact, I may have taken a PED just now.


    Did you mean taken a PED or handed one to Adrian Peterson?

  16. Larry Grant is a former 49ER, he was suspended as a Free Agent. This article is misleading and takes a shot at the Niners organization. Grant will not be re-signed by the Niners b/c he has been replaced by Moody or Wilhoite.

    Never compare the SeaGulls to the Niners. The Niners are two time defending division champs and SeaHawks are well , don’t know, the SeaHawks .
    Honestly PFT what have they won?

  17. what have my Hawks won? the same amount of rings in the last 15 years as the Whiners.

    nfc championship two years ago. LOSS
    super bowl last year. LOSS

    The FortyWhiners. the little engine that couldn’t.

    you had two chances while we reloaded. now get out of the way and watch how it’s done.

  18. The 49ers choked in front of a billion people. “Dat should of been pass interference!” hahaha…whiners

  19. Oh Seahawk fans, always changing the boundaries of the argument to mask how irrelevant the Seattle franchise is. If you wanna talk the past, the Niners have 5. If you want to talk present, the Niners have the NFC Crown while sitting on 5. If you wanna talk the future, great coach, great front office, best and young O line, emerging qb, new stadium, etc Funny how a Seattle fan would even utter the word whiner since never has a fan base blamed a Super Bowl loss on the refs like Seahawks fans after 2005.

  20. He should have just stoked the old division rivalry and blamed the Seahawks!

    Perhaps if the Ninets veterans had called a meeting, Grant never would have found himself in such a predicament.

    Seahawks Mt. Rushmore:

    1.Steve Largent
    2.Shawn Springs
    3.Cortez Kennedy
    4.Choh Hao Li*

    *Chinese scientist responsible for isolating human growth hormone

  21. Grant’s agent wrote a terrible statement for him. Larry needs a better PR team and agent to write statements. His credibility might be a bit more believable if he ACTUALLY wrote the statement or went on camera to apologize and not read something someone else wrote.

    Oh, and suck it Seachickens. You bash the Niners for GETTING to the Super Bowl, yet you have never even BEEN to the Super Bowl. We have won Super Bowls, yet Seacrapple has not known what a Super Bowl parade is like. Jealous much? Our coach may whine, yet your coach is a known cheater and much of your team are known cheaters.

  22. Test Bowman and Willis too. Those linebackers in San Fran are a tight group. We know their secondary is clean, that’s one of the worst groups in the NFL.

  23. Never has one regular season win meant more to a fanbase. You SeaChicken fans are hilarious. I don’t even hate your team. I can’t work up the anger quite frankly. It’s San Francisco’s division to lose and not Seattle’s to win. Legion of Boom? More like Legion of Meh. You guys were one badly officiated play away from MISSING the playoffs last year. Lolz.

  24. Just hoping none of the 49er secondary test positive. Wilson is gonna have career game against those losers.

  25. 49ersTim….good point. Most Niners fans consider the Cowboys, Rams, Raiders, Giants, and Packers as rivals. Close Proximity or repeatedly battling in the playoffs has brought these rivalries. The Seahawks rivals are 49ers and…….?

  26. I’m a Seahawks fan just to get that out in front. I’m not happy about the constent bashing going on here. However, it is what it is.

    I’m think the 49er / Seahawk battle is one of the best in the league. I look forward to those games every since the Seahawks have joined the NFC. It has obviously replaced the Raider hate when we where part of the AFC.

    This is a purposeful try to bash the 49er’s article. I think it is pretty funny really. Maybe this has something to do with him not being on the team anymore. No one here really knows what is happening in the front offices of either of these teams.

    As far as records go for the last 15 years yes I said 15 years. The Seahawks and the 49ers each have one NFC Championships and 1 Superbowl loss. Arizona has one NFC Championship and a Superbowl loss… hmmm…. and the Rams have two NFC Championships and one Superbowl win. While I have been around and routing for the Seahawks since 79′ I’m sure a lot of the responders were not even born or old enough to appericate football with the last 49er Superbowl win in 95’… Just Saying….

  27. @themackstrong

    I love the way you hate on the Niner LB’s —Very seldom you can have 4 All Pro LB’S with Willis, Bowman, Aldon Smith and A.Brooks. …..That’s something the NFL has never seen since the days of the Dome Patrol in NO with Sam Mills, P. Swilling, V. Johnson and Rickey Jackson..
    Mr Mack you are truly a hater….the only position on your team that appear to be better ON PAPER is the secondary and numbers don’t lie….
    Guess who had a better secondary statistically against the pass last yr? Yea you guessed it the Niners ranked #4 , SeaHawks #6
    Guess who had the best defense statistically against the run? Yea you guessed it, the Niners ranked #4, SeaHawks #10
    Guess who had the best overall defense between the Niners and SeaHawks? Yea you guessed it the Niners ranked #3 and Seahawks #4
    The only category the SeaHawks did better is points allowed and that’s because the Seachickens ran up the score in a game that didn’t matter to the Niners. Go to ESPN to check the validity of my stats and respond back to me if I am wrong…..

    @ spideysdog

    I like the way you worded your comment, “the same amount of rings the Niners have the last 15 yrs”. Very creative writing, you get an A in my class sir..Great Job but you didn’t have how many SUPERBOWLS you guys have won since we are comparing teams – Niners 5 SeaHawks -AAAAAGH ZIP.

    Your last Superbowl appearance was a what? Loss
    If you want to be real about it, that was the ONLY Superbowl Loss for the Niners….
    If your team is not named Pittsburgh(6), SF(5) or Dallas(5), Please dont talk SuperBowls….


    Your Teacher – Ninerhatersgetready4ring6

  28. What’s going on in the west coast? Its been a while for one team to have success and the other one has never done anything. I guess when you have sucked for such a long time this is the thing to do. Just remember that cheaters are losers.!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The FortyWhiners. the little engine that couldn’t.
    you had two chances while we reloaded? now get out of the way and watch how it’s done??

    But the 49ers HAVE WON Super Bowls. More than one. I would think that you would see the difference being yet another ringless franchise.

    Little Wilson is coming back to reality this season.

  30. these athlets crack me up, say they took a pill but didnt know what was in it, how many of you guys out there would take a random pill that somebody u dont know just gives u?

  31. ninerhatersgetready4ring6 says: May 28, 2013 3:40 PM

    The only category the SeaHawks did better is points allowed and that’s because the Seachickens ran up the score in a game that didn’t matter to the Niners. Go to ESPN to check the validity of my stats and respond back to me if I am wrong…..


    Many people hate the 49ers and their bandwagon fans. None of you were to be found 3-4 years ago and all of a sudden there are a million brash trash talkers with no football knowledge. How does putting up points on offense have anything to do with leading the NFL defense points allowed per game? Having a subjective opinion of games that didn’t matter doesn’t change the fact that your team needed wins to secure NFC home-field over Green Bay. Oh but I guess that’s not important to NFL teams…..

  32. I’m not even gonna hate on the team, it’s their FANS that are the joke. I mean I disliked Sherman before his tussle with Skippy @,ESPN. Even then it could be argued that he went to far. Keep the hate coming SeADDERALL fans.

    Lol@themackstrong for another weak posting.

  33. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. If Mr Grant, only tested positive for PED’s (perhaps something worse than Adderall?) since becoming a free agent, who’s to say he wasn’t using them while he played for the Whiners.

    Oh, and granadafan, if you’re going to make your ignorance of football history so blatant, you might want to change your ID, so we won’t know its you. LOL.

  34. 1. I like his wording in his apology, might have to use it. “Niner Empire”
    2. Keyword. Former. 49er. Tested positive a month ago, when not on the roster and still a free agent, which if he did knowingly use PEDs, might be due to the fact that he is still a free agent.
    3. 5 rings for SF, 0 for Seattle. Sure, if you only look at the last 15 years, then most teams are irrelevant aside from maybe one recent SB. Dallas, Pittsburg, Green Bay, Kansas City, etc. And as one poster previously mentioned, if you only look at that small timeframe sample, the Rams have the edge.
    4. The overall point is that this whole division is much improved and set to have success for the foreseeable future. The 9ers are a powerhouse right now and equally so are the Seahawks. The Rams were the best in the division (among division opponents)last year and look ready to take the next step. Arizona basically needs some line help and a good QB, and the rest of the pieces are in place. I’m just happy that our division may now be the best in football when just a few years ago was clearly the worst.

  35. This is really something, and I just love how the niner fans (most) are generally dismissive of this violation, while being hyper critical of any of the Seattle players positive PED tests. Calling entire organizations “cheaters” or blindly stating that coaching staff’s accept illegal behavior is immature and irresponsible and so common of so many 49er fans, and clearly, in reading the above comments, those same hypocritical fans are so unwilling to accept the responsibility that they are so anxious to heap on their rivals.

    The reality is that PED’s exist in the NFL, and are widely used. Some players get caught, and some don’t. Grant will now lie in the bed that he has made for himself and serve a 4 game suspension, if he gets picked up by an NFL team.

    You know, Kaepernick looks like he may be into the PED’s, what ever would you do, San Francisco if you lost the golden boy and his biceps for 4 games?????

  36. now let me say this !!! first and formost for
    those who dont know the struggles that larry
    faced growing up in the mesn streets of
    hunters point san fracisco that is .Larry as a
    kid seen what drugs does to people and there
    families first hand and belive me when i say
    this he said way back then he’ll never usdrugs
    and he kept his word and that alone makes
    GRANT like i do from !!! YOYO

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