B.J. Raji doesn’t want to be anywhere but Green Bay


The Packers just gave quarterback Aaron Rodgers a big contract extension, but he’s not the only player on the team who came into the offseason with their eyes on a deal to keep them in Green Bay for years to come.

Defensive tackle B.J. Raji’s heading into the final year of his contract and he said Tuesday that he isn’t looking to make 2013 his final season in Green Bay. Raji said that he won’t let the contract situation get in the way of his preparation for the season, but made it clear he’d like to stay put.

“Green Bay gave me my first opportunity, my first shot at this thing,” Raji said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Obviously I’ve had a great run here. I love the people here. It’s a great organization, it’s a great city for football. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

The extensions given to Rodgers and linebacker Clay Mattews were sizable, but there should still be enough room to get a deal done with Raji. What complicates matters is the impending free agencies of wide receiver James Jones, defensive tackle Ryan Pickett and cornerback Sam Shields. The Packers will have to make some hard choices about who they hold onto because it’s going to be impossible to keep everyone.

Defensive lineman Datone Jones was drafted in the first round, so either Raji or Pickett could be entering their final year with the Pack.

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  1. pickett or raji? is this even a question? pickett is a beast but ill take the guy in his fourth year over the 34 year old, raji hasn’t even been able to fulfill his potential because hes been overworked like a rented mule due to lack of talent on the dline

  2. Jones is worth having a conversation about, but they did snag two developmental WR’s toward the end of the draft this year and Nelson/Cobb/Finley are getting the ball before he does. Has a tendency to get some nasty stone hands when it matters most too.

    Pickett’s production is easily replacable, and i think that’s exactly why the first pick this year was a DT ; plus, he’s 33, he’s not the kind of guy TT gives an extension to.

    Sam Shields has his worth, and has given some really great moments to GB, but he has never been a full time starter and Micah Hyde, the Packers 5th rounder was moved to CB, I think, to be precisely what Shields is: a bandaid and a nifty tool off the bench, but not much else.

    There isn’t a replacement for Raji on the roster, who is arguably the defense’s most valuable player with a lot of his value not showing up in stats but rather the dominating push he puts on the line. He’s the classic 3-4 DT, commands doubles every time, makes everyone better. They can’t let him walk.

  3. With a little research one could clearly see Pickett will either be retiring or moving on. While still productive at 34 he hasnt much time left.

  4. Packers can upgrade here by paying a much-used barstool from Brett Favre’s Steakhouse the league minimum. No need to waste cash on Raji when it’s easy enough for TT and MM to pull ineffective talent out of the bottom of the draft and get the same results.

    Packers = Last

  5. fishfiletkray says: May 28, 2013 7:10 PM

    it’s a great city for football.

    And that’s it

    Yeah, and thats why people like White and Woodson want to go there, and players like Rodgers and Matthews want to stay there.

  6. fishfiletkray says:
    May 28, 2013 7:10 PM
    it’s a great city for football.

    And that’s it.

    Nothing else matters.

  7. As a Lions fan, I’d love to see BJ playing in San Diego.


  8. Johnny Jolly was pretty good before his trouble, and might be a surprise

  9. Also, keep Jones and let Sheilds walk. Sam has Drew Rosenhaus as his agent. After “dealing” with Drew previously regarding Mike Mckenzie and Javon Walker, no way are we doing that again.

  10. The only people who denigrate Green Bay have never been east of the Hudson and have no knowledge of the heartland. GB is a wonderful city with friendly people who love the Packers and welcome anyone who wants to visit.

    Bring your fishing equiptment and you won’t have to max out your credit cards.

  11. Raji is the most frustrating player i’ve ever personally watched. He was bad for the first 6 games, and then all of a sudden decided to play well the last 10. He is a top nose tackle when he decides he wants to be. Unfortunately it seems as though he doesn’t always want to be, and we could plug in a 350 pound guy who can do what he does for less money. Raji can be great, but i’d like to see him be more consistent throughout the year before we hand him a bunch of money. I have to reiterate this… He’s one of the most FRUSTRATING players to watch as a Packer fan.

  12. Most franchises would enjoy this difficulty – having so much talent on one team.

    The way the Packers keep loading up on talent one can be assured that this will work itself out to the Packers advantage.

    Great GM, Great Coaching, Great Environment. The Packers have it all and no player wants to leave. Only the absolute finest will remain a Green Bay Packer.

  13. I agree with some of the previous comments – Raji is a big guy and I think he would be more effective if he didn’t have to play so many snaps. He has had to the last couple years because the talent behind him was so weak. But now with Pickett, Neal, Wilson, the rookie Jones and perhaps Mike Daniels and Johnny Jolly maybe his snaps will go down and he’ll be a better player because of it this season.

  14. TT is far too conservative with his money to pay Raji what the market will otherwise demand for an average NT. There are several teams that do a good job with the salary cap and evaluating players worth. Teams like GB, NE, MN , Pitt are not going to get caught overpaying a players true worth like teams such as Dallas, Wash., Denver etc. Raji has been slightly better than average. Like an earlier poster stated, Raji plays like an All Pro for a couple of games and then disappears for several, far too inconsistent to demand the big bucks.

  15. Of course not,,,,where else can you get served lard for 3 meals a day? He fits right in

  16. Adoombray says “Has a tendency to get some nasty stone hands when it matters most too.” Actually, not true. Jones corrected that, had the best hands on the team last year. Check film.

  17. Between Rodgers, Matthews, and Raji the defensive line tag was going to be the cheapest next year so it made sense to get extensions done with Matthews and Rodgers first. They’ll probably try and get something worked out with him, but it wouldn’t shock me to see the Packers tag him after this upcoming season.

  18. cheesebay dont play defense anyway so whats this guy talking about? Rodgers will try to score as fast as he can too run up the score.
    But as soon as he run into a good defense its over. the schedule this season will expose them bad

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