Bon Jovi will launch Browns season with July 14 concert

Getty Images

I wanted Paul Stanley.  Instead, Browns fans are getting Michael Stanley.

Oh, and Jon Bon Jovi.

Stanley, a local music legend who most people not in Cleveland have never heard of, and Bon Jovi will be performing at FirstEnergy Stadium on July 14, to launch the Browns’ season.

It’s part of an apparent plan to use the so-called Factory of Sadness for more than “10 miserable games per year including two preseason games that I have to pay for and one sh-tty Kenny Chesney concert.”

“I think, over time, you’ll see the stadium more active than it was in the past,” Browns CEO Joe Banner said during the press conference announcing the event.

Stanley and his band will play for roughly an hour before yielding to Bon Jovi.

If you’d still prefer to see Paul Stanley and his face-painting cohorts that night, you’ll have to make the trek to Saskatoon.

Who’s with me?