Damaris Johnson hoping versatility brings bigger role


As a rookie, Eagles wide receiver Damaris Johnson showed flashes.

Now that he’s in an offense more suited to his skills, he thinks he can show even more.

I’m kind of expecting to have a bigger year and help my team out more than last year,” Johnson said, via Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com.

“I want the guys to know they can depend on me and be comfortable that I can go out there and take more reps and contribute more and be accountable. I want my teammates and coaches to trust me and know they can count on me.”

Johnson developed as a receiver, and became a good punt returner by the second half of the season, when he began to catch up to the speed of the NFL game. He was a runner-receiver-returner at Tulsa, leaving as with NCAA records for all-purpose yards (200 yards per game on average).

And he thinks that versatility will pay off under Chip Kelly.

“I can carry the ball for this team, I can work in space, I can definitely go outside and play outside, return punts or kicks — whatever the team needs, I’m down to do,” Johnson said. “I feel versatility is definitely a strength of mine.

“Coach Kelly puts us in great positions to make plays. He has everybody doing things that they’re good at. It’s kind of like musical chairs. Everybody does different things.”

And while the Eagles don’t lack for versatile weapons on offense, Johnson’s emerging skills make him an option Kelly will want to explore.

7 responses to “Damaris Johnson hoping versatility brings bigger role

  1. This guy has talent, a great pair of hands, and blinding speed. Damaris is a lot like Desean Jackson, but a bit more fearless and willing to run North and South through traffic, while Desean has shown that sparingly(NY punt return). I’m not giving up on D-Jax just yet, but if this Damaris Johnson comes in and makes a splash, Desean will be looking a lot more expendable.

  2. guy is a quick jitterbug.
    he is a 4.5 in every direction without missing a beat.

    only problem is the NFL is loaded with 4.4 guys that are great at getting angles down field.
    him and DeSean are both tiny little fellas, eventually they will break.

  3. Desean and Damaris are not the same type of player. Dont compare them. Desean has the speed, the long speed to take the top of a defense, damaris doesnt have that. damaris has the short area quickness, nice burst but most of his work is with jukes and shiftyness. desean is on another level. i like damaris tho, he could get alot of space to work with, in large part obtained by sharing the field with desean.

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