DeMarco Murray still sidelined with hamstring issue


The Cowboys are counting on DeMarco Murray carrying a bigger load this season, but at the moment, he’s not even practicing.

The oft-injured running back won’t be practicing during OTAs today, as he rehabs a hamstring injury suffered last week.

According to Todd Archer of, the injury was termed minor by coach Jason Garrett last week, and they hope he can return at some point this week.

The only concern is that it’s a trend.

Murray’s missed nine games in two seasons with various leg injuries. And after letting Felix Jones walk this offseason, the Cowboys go into the year with Murray, fifth-rounder Joseph Randle and not much else to speak of.

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  1. Sorry to say this, but as an OU fan, Murray is made of glass. I would say that is evident from his constant injury struggles in the NFL. Love the way he plays when he is healthy, but the problem is keeping him that way.

  2. Murray is only living up to the deltas presented when he was an NFL prospect. This is the reason he dropped to the third round. Does this write up read familiar about Murray?

    Negatives: Does not play with an aggressive style. Runs a bit upright and takes a lot of heavy hits. Struggled with injuries throughout his college career.

    Analysis: “Murray has displayed skill the past three seasons and at times makes scouts think he offers potential as a feature runner in the NFL. His penchant for injuries and occasional soft style will downgrade him, though Murray possesses all the skills necessary to produce at the next level if he plays up to his potential.”

    I think this covers it all which is why Dallas was smart in drafting other runningbacks.

  3. I’m a Cowboys fan and like Murray, however he’s constantly banged up. This season I see atleast 3 if not 4 rb’s contributing for the Cowboys.

  4. “DeMarco Murray still sidelined with hamstring issue”

    Wow. That must be one heckuva’n issue. A lot of times guys are sidelined with injuries, but this is the first time in recent memory that an issue has kept someone from practicing.

  5. Goofy cowboys. Aint had a good RB since Emmit Smith. Just scrub after scrub after scrub. And i love it. As long as goofy Jones insists on running this team they will always struggle. It doesn’t matter how much money you give Romo either. He just simply doesn’t have any talent around him. No RB to speak of at all and a stable of old slow and over-rated whiney wide receivers. His o-line is junior high level at best. They dont know how to block or pass protect. His receivers don’t know where to line up or the correct routes to run. When they do run routes they run them like 10 year olds. Romo is constantly having to line up his players and tell them what to do in the huddle cuz they are NOT prepared properly. If Tony Romo was the starting QB of say the Ravens or the 49ers or even the broncos for the same time he’s been the QB for the cowboys he would have already won at least 2 SB rings. Geaux Saints!

  6. Murray didn’t practice at OTAs last week for the same reason, so how did the ham injury occur?

    They drafted a RB, Joseph Randle, but he is out with an injured thumb. It’s going to be a long season.

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