Fred Davis still confident, still looking for right deal


For all the offseason struggles of free agents to get paid, tight ends were actually getting long-term deals at a surprising clip.

But yet again, that happened without Fred Davis, so the Redskins tight end feels like he has show something during a third straight contract drive.

I feel like I’ve got to prove myself again,” Davis said, via Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times. “Everything I’ve done before doesn’t matter.”

Part of it is self-inflicted. His substance-abuse suspension derailed negotiations for a long-term deal, as the Redskins used the franchise tag on him after the 2011 season. Then last year, he tore his left Achilles tendon, forcing a physical rehab that was more damaging to his market value. He ultimately signed a one-year, $2.5 million contract to return, after a trip to Buffalo didn’t yield what he was hoping for. That’s far off the deals signed by Jared Cook, Delanie Walker, Martellus Bennett and Anthony Fasano signed this offseason.

“Kind of, not really, not close,” Davis replied, when asked how close he was to leaving. “I was waiting for an offer, . . . I don’t think it reached the point I needed [with the Bills].”

The Redskins retained backup Logan Paulsen this offseason, and used a third-round pick on Jordan Reed, something that didn’t faze Davis.

“I know what I’m going to do,” Davis said. “I don’t know what that means for the second tight end.”

That kind of confidence, coupled with his outstanding talent, should have earned him a long-term contract before. Now, he has yet another chance to prove himself worthy of one.

15 responses to “Fred Davis still confident, still looking for right deal

  1. Scrub only a team as desperate as the redskins would sign him now they have this loser irg3 and that other scrub garçon

  2. Extremely talented, and could help RG3 in this offense. If he plays to his potential, and Reed turns out to be a stud, this could be a very special TE tandem that defenses will have trouble defending this year.

  3. Fred Davis has a ton of potential. He just needs to have a season of living up to that potential without the bad luck of getting injured or the idiocy of a self-imposed drug-related suspension.

  4. as the article states, of the last twenty games the redskins have played he was injured for 11 of them and suspended for 4.

    that’s not going to get you a big pay day from anybody.

  5. Damn right, you need to prove yourself. No weed, no injuries, and NO defending yourself in court please. D.C. does love you despite your antics, so put up this year and you will see a nice contract come your way. Of course, knowing your personality, you will probably go somewhere else for a million or so more. That will be a poor choice given the fact that you have a chance to play with one of the elite QBs for the next 5 years. Remember how Griff will effect your stats… he will essentially create your market value and your legacy in DC. Good luck sir.

  6. Who is ready for twin tight end sets in 2013? Shannahan is clearly bringing in as many offensive weapons and creating as much competition as he possibly can, which I absolutely support. Just wish he would be a little more proactive in reinforcing the OL to protect our Redskins’ greatest asset.

  7. Where is logicalvoicesays to tell us how Fred is a top 5 TE again. He said all we had to do was “look at the stats”. I guess Mr. Logical is still trying to find the stats he wants us to see.

  8. I guess all you non skins fans are little wussies who incesantly cry about logicalvoicesays in every skins article. Will you guys shut up about that dude already? Cry babies.

  9. mz1394 says: May 28, 2013 8:29 AM

    Scrub only a team as desperate as the redskins would sign him now they have this loser irg3 and that other scrub garçon

    loser irg3 why would you even think that???
    Davis and Garcon scrubs i don’t think so.

  10. Man, oh man … you guys reminded me about the lawsuit. Yeah, he needs to avoid that kind of stuff. No more Makini Chakas, please.

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