If teams have interest in JaMarcus Russell, they’re hiding it

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JaMarcus Russell, the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft, wants to return to the NFL. So far, no teams have publicly proclaimed any interest.

But according to one report, the interest is there.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said on Tuesday’s Total Access that he was told that there is “significant interest from more than one team,” but those teams don’t want to be publicly identified as having interest in Russell because of the potential distractions that could come along with being publicly identified as a team that’s considering adding Russell. Rapoport compared it to the way teams are refraining from expressing any interest in Tim Tebow.

Of course, if any team thought Russell (or Tebow) had the potential to be a good starting quarterback, he’d be worth the distractions. The problem with Russell is that he’s never shown he can be anything close to a good starting quarterback.

Rapoport reported that Russell has lost 50 pounds, from 315 to 265, and that he’s “throwing just like he used to.” But the way Russell used to throw the football was on display in 2009, Russell’s last season, when he completed 48.8 percent of his passes while throwing three touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. With that track record, it’s hard to see why any team would have any interest.

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  1. Wow. I just don’t know what else to say. More power too you Russel just own up to your laziness and stop blaming the Raiders for your failures

  2. A smart front office wouldn’t want ANYTHING to do with a player whose career was derailed (in part) by an affinity for drinking codeine syrup. Not my kinda guy…

  3. Oh, come on. Love the anonymous source angle to try to give this validity. JaMarcus Russell will never take another snap in the NFL. If he was smarter he would never need to.

    The rookie wage scale came into effect partly because of him.

  4. there were some articles a few months ago that had some quotes from him that basically took no responsability for his past, put all blame on everyone else, and showed that he was still incredibly immature. I don’t see how he can make it in the NFL.

  5. The only thing he has been trowing is purple Codeine shots down his throat. He has no interest in football, never did. He and Rolando Mclame should face book and get together this season and chill and watch the NFL on Fox TV, because no way either one of them will become a success in the NFL. They can sit and count what is left of their millions. I can’t wait to see both of them broke and living on the street.

  6. Arizona would be a good spot for him. A couple of LSU alum’s, good veteran QB in place, and great coach for QBs.

  7. You know…. The fact that no teams are expressing interest in JaCarcass isn’t exactly news.
    The sun rising in the East isn’t either.

  8. Who are they kidding? They are worried that their fan bases will get the message loud and clear if their team thinks JaMarcus is an option. BTW, I believe this is his agent trying to drum up interest. Guys like Rappaport get played all the time just so they could be the first to report than someone was traded for a conditional 7th round draft pick.

  9. He never was a bad kid, although showing signs with these latest comments. If he ever really did get his $hxt together and came in at 260 firm it would be fun to watch. He has/had the best arm I’ve ever seen in any sport.

    If you ask me he missed his calling as a pitcher.

  10. Yeah, he was a bust in the truest sense of the word. But you can’t hate a guy for trying to get back in shape. We all appreciate a good redemption story and while I have no reason to believe Jamarcus has any chance to succeed in his, I wish him the best for trying. If he’s serious, I’d say the CFL would be a good starting point this year. Weight loss or not, there are about 500 phones that will ring before his for QB help should any NFL team not like their current roster. Show me what you got for a season at a lower level. If you’re an MVP candidate there, we’ll talk. If not, enjoy the purple drank.

  11. Russell

    Russell’s issues went well beyond his
    Weight. After watching him for three years I don’t believe Jamarcus is able to read defenses and process change quickly enough to keep himself from emotionally shutting down. Russell is the only NFL quarterback I have even seen come off the field and isolate himself on the bench time after time. No looking at pictures to brake down coverage or see what was, or was not working. No talking with the booth on the phone to clarify what the defense was doing. His inability to process, and lack of coping mechanisms are what led him down the road of “Purple Drank”. He plays a hell of good game of catch, and can make every throw in the book, but quarterback is not a rotational position a player can be placed in to take advantage of his physical attributes in certain situations. He lacks the drive,experience and commitment to make up for these issues. Canada might actually be a viable option for him.

  12. He lost 50 pounds because he blew his $30 million on cannolis and can’t afford them anymore.

  13. I’m a huge sucker for a good comeback story I’m rooting for him. I bet a large % of the blowhards posting on this site would have flopped to if someone dropped 60 mil on them at age 21. He was young and hopefully he learned his lesson. Good luck jm

  14. This may sound crazy but if he wants to really redeem himself come back to the Raiders and make it up to Al and The RaiderNation and play the football we all expected from him before at league min money! Just a thought even though a long one!!!

  15. It’s funny that all you people hate on him so badly when you probably aren’t even Raiders fans. If he does sign with a team its because he is at least trying now, which is more than he did in Oakland.

    There are only roughly 100 QB jobs in the NFL, if he is in shape, you’d figure he has the tools to be in that group.

  16. American Indians were (are) so backward that they failed to achieve basic human achievements like “the wheel” and “written language” . Oh is that off topic?

  17. You want jabustus instead of Tebow? Seriously? A waste of oxygen over a guy that is nothing but high character? Give me a break, nobody wants this slug on their team because after he signs the contract, the posse shows up, the drank shows up and it’s just the reset button on this guy. He needs to go back to the bayou and stay silent, he’s done.

  18. I’m a Browns fan and with Lombardi at the helm he’s just oozing with excitement for Weeden to screw up so he can sign Russell, even though it was Al Davis’s call he raved about Russell as well until then ill be cringing in fear

  19. Of course not? It’s like having Beer Goggles at the Bar – you don’t go after the leftovers/desperation til the end of the night!

  20. I have no idea why I go to this site.. Guess to get to hardballtalk. This site is nothing more then the cynical talk radio host I. Blog format. I guess there is the added bonus of Vincent Price as the face of the site.

  21. Maybe the Omaha Beef might be interested. He could be the backup to Tebow (or the other way round).

  22. Even tough Im a Raider fan I sincerely wish JR well. If he cant put his life together first and then get serious about football then good for him. His failure in Oakland was much more about him then the team IMHO and I hope he quits once and for all blaming others. I hope he’s in a mind set of moving foward and becoming acountable. I hope he can use his immense raw talent and put something good on the field one day.

    I think what was ment by “throwing like he used to” is throwing the way that got him selected #1 overall.

    The only thing I have an issue with is him wanting to go behind an established QB. I could be wrong but it makes him look like the guy who’s content to collect a pay check and not having any pressure to perform. I would be really curious to see him in the CFL btw since I live in Quebec.

  23. JaMinkus didn’t come into the league on the ideal team, but when you’re the first pick, that is expected. Still, he didn’t try real hard. He was easily two steps slower than everyone else on the field. 39M guaranteed, and no self-respect.

  24. This just in….Jamarcus Russell just ate Mark Sanchez….talk about gobbling up the competition….

  25. LOL no one is going to sign JaMarcus bleeping Russell, not this year, not next year, not ever. He really should begin to focus on something like a nice gym teacher/HS assistant football coach career instead of deluding himself further. Although his rap sheet might rule that out, too.

    Even Tebow would be way less of a risk than Purple McDranky, at least you know Tebow won’t get arrested with any frequency. Any team desperate for a cheap 4th string practice squad QB has many way better options than Russell. He’d have to grow wings and learn to fly in order to ever have any NFL value and they’d have to be some pretty powerful wings to get that load off the ground.

  26. A lot top 5 overall pick QBs have failed. Its not like David Carr or Tim Couch were good either, and Sam Bradford certainly hasn’t set the world on fire, and could end up being the same level of bust if he gets hurt again or drops off in his production and gets benched. If the stars aligned differently, Matt Leinart could have been a top pick, and he sure did nothing ever. Yeah Russell had a substance abuse problem. Remember when Favre battled addiction to pain killers? And Kerry Collins middle career was a struggle with alcoholism. I can only conclude that people single out Russell because of stereotypes not because he was unique in any aspect of failure. He is still young and has the physical tools, so being in shape, past addiction, and working with a franchise other than the worst in the league for developing QBs at the time, he has some chance. Teams don’t want to bite though. So maybe they don’t believe he has reformed or maybe it is because the press and publics stereotypes make it too much of a circus. If legitimately reformed, Russell deserves a shot, and its a real shame if stereotypes about his race are what is drawing the media obsession that is stopping that. Heck, Brady Quinn is still in the league, and Russell showed who the better QB was against him in the Sugar Bowl their senior seasons.

  27. JaNormous, gigantic, huge, trash-filled, steaming pile of human garbage…shall I go on?

  28. Go to Canada and prove you can focus on the game and stay in shape. Then your opportunity will come.

  29. Just a few months ago he was blaming everyone but himself. Sorry, he hasn’t owned up to his failures yet. Plus he’s still too fat to play QB.

  30. It’s a shame that Tim Tebow does not have Jamarcus’ cannon for an arm, because with his work ethic and will to win if he had the physical tools that Jamarcus has then Tebow would truly be on of the greats of all time…..

  31. I think New Orleans would be good for him. Back in Louisiana where he is loved by the fans and can learn under Drew Brees. Just a thought.

  32. I wonder what bothers people more, the fact he squandered the opportunity he had with the Raiders, or the fact he is trying to make a comeback? A lot of hate in these comments for a man most of you never met. Sounds a lot like straight jealousy..

  33. He just doesn’t have the heart, or the stones. I remember him in a game against Denver, and little Elvis came through the porous line straight at JaMarcus. You would think, Russell being big and strong, would stiff-arm him or something, and I swear he laid down untouched like a little girl. Disgusting show of flat-out cowardice. No leader! Never could be…Weak.

  34. In all fairness…the guy does deserve another chance but sign him at league minimum. I would take a chance on him. Some of you out there acting like you were never young and dumb and made mistakes at such a young age…and you get older and wonder what were you thinking….that’s where he is now. Good luck J. Russell, keep on keep’n on!!!

  35. Honestly, I’m impressed that he’s lost so much weight. That’s a good sign that this young man is finally giving effort to improve himself. It would be an amazing redemption story if he could earn his way back into the NFL and have some level of success…even as a back-up. It’s important to remember that his Draft Position was not HIS decision. It kinda lets Oakland off the hook by calling Russell a ‘Bust’. The reality is that the Raiders (GM/Owner) did the busting, not Russell.

  36. Why even deal with him?
    It’s not like he ever showed a flash of great play that you hope to get back. He sucked. Always.

    Teams are better off with younger, hungrier, more talented and brighter guys at the helm. Dont waste your time on this cream puff.

  37. If football fans have interest in articles about JaMarcus Russell, they’re hiding it too.

  38. Like many of you, I have made plenty of jokes about JaMarcus Russell – his weight, his squandering of millions, his bad play. I also laughed at the Raiders for drafting him #1. But I am not laughing anymore, after seeing the recent ESPN report on what happened to him with the death of his uncle – his only father figure – just at the time he went to the NFL. Russell’s personal problems do not excuse what he did, and it does not guarantee that his comeback will be a success – in fact, I doubt it will be. But I for one hope that someone gives him a second chance to prove whether he can be an NFL player.

  39. Let’s also keep one other thing in mind – JaMarcus Russell failed as an NFL QB. Period. He didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t hold up a gas station or convenience store. He’s also not a felon, and he didn’t do jail time like at least one STARTING QB’s in the league right now. Even the one drug charge against him was was dropped. I say give him a break.

  40. He should drop the “Ja” from his name, and reintroduce himself as Marcus Russell. A small change like this can work wonders in the public arena,

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