Jimmy Haslam giving Jim Brown a new role in Cleveland

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Browns owner Jimmy Haslam needs some good PR, so it’s a good time for him to be embraced by the best player in franchise history.

Haslam will formally introduce Jim Brown as a member of the team’s front office on Wednesday, according to Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland. Brown has had a number of roles within the organization in the past, but he and the team have been estranged for the last three years, after former team President Mike Holmgren removed Brown from the front office structure.

It’s not clear exactly what the 77-year-old Brown will do for the Browns, but his exact title is less important than the simple fact that he’ll be on good terms with the team again.

For Haslam, who’s at the center of an ongoing controversy with his truck-stop company, getting to stand up and embrace the man who’s regarded by many as the greatest player ever to play the game of football will provide some rare positive publicity.

36 responses to “Jimmy Haslam giving Jim Brown a new role in Cleveland

  1. Brown’s main responsibility will be to opine about things that happened 40 years ago, and to throw disgruntled women off of balconies.

  2. This is like a back-and-forth, on-and-off relationship. Even your own family will get tired of hearing about after so many years. It’s hard to care about things like this. Just win, baby.

  3. I think Jim Brown will be in charge of comparing other running backs to himself.

  4. So Jimmy gets in trouble, and to create distraction, places Jim Brown in a new role with the team. Nothing like creating a loud mouthed stir in one area, while trying to make a getaway.

  5. Great to see Jim Brown back with the Browns. Just make sure that Jimmy pays you in cash quickly, because the hammer may soon be coming down.

  6. Just what we need, another guy that looks at the color of a guys skin first rather than the content of his character as MLK suggested. Jim Brown’s a jerk.

  7. Jim Brown had respectfully declined Haslam’s offer to make him the new CEO of Flying J.

  8. Most in Cleveland respect him for what he did for the team on the field, but in recent years we would like to see less Jim Brown than more.

  9. Mistake…”It’s not clear exactly what the 77-year-old Brown will do for the Browns” – that’s why Holmgren probably got rid of him in the first place!

  10. Good move. I was just 6 years old when Jim Brown retired, so much of my knowledge of him is from my dad and grandfather’s stories and watching NFL films. The next step is to bring Bernie Kosar to a more visible role. While he certainly has had his share of personal/financial problems, Bernie remains a beloved reminder of the good years of the 80’s and is still popular with Cleveland fans.

  11. Jim Brown certainly made his share of mistakes off the field, but he’s #1 on the field. He has a chance to talk some sense to the young Browns players and will be a quiet, positive influence in the locker room. the Browns and Jim need to reconcile and Haslam needs to have it happen for the team and himself.

  12. Brown’s exact title has yet to be firmed up, but will likely be something like Director of No Longer Trashing Browns RBs.

  13. Haslam is doing this to make the unsophisticated Browns fans think he’s doing something good for the team. Dance for The Man Jimmy, Dance.

  14. Jim who? I don’t remember a player by the name of Jim Brown playing for Cleveland in the last 40-45 years. How is this relevant?

  15. Cleveland is glad you’re back, Mr. Brown! I just can’t wait until the Ravens bring back Art Modell…

  16. I am too young to have watched him run on the field, however I am old enough to have watched him run his mouth enough in my life. I would much rather have seen Bernie or someone who really cares about this team take over whatever role this “Check Casher” is going to take

  17. Packet attack 1967……you are right on the money….Brown is and always has been a racist. Just looking at the guys face…he always looks like he is pissed at the world….Runs his mouth way to much. Beats his wife and gets away with,it. I,could care less what the a-hole has to say. He is only there to draw a paycheck…..he probably thinks its owed to him….that is his mentality.

  18. Is this the Jim Brown who talked down about the Browns 1st round draft pick Trent Richardson and called him “average” or is this the Jim Brown that spent the second half of the season sucking up to the same kid after he broke almost all of Browns single game records?

    Maybe it’s the Jim Brown that called Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert a slave master who is angry that his slave ran away (despite the fact the entire city shared Gilberts anger).

    I get that the rest of the country sees the situation as a team turning his back one of their legends but that’s because the rest of the country doesn’t have to listen to some of the absurdities that comes out of his mouth to the Cleveland media. Browns fans love Jim Brown like you would love a senile grandparent. You respect them, you would do anything for them but you wouldn’t let them make any major decisions.

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