John Moffitt misses Seahawks OTA to appear in court


John Moffitt is in a battle with J.R. Sweezy for the starting job at right guard for the Seattle Seahawks as the team looks to find an answer to the revolving door between the two at the position last season. For Moffitt, who was benched in favor of Sweezy for the final four regular season games and postseason last year, being on the field to compete for the job is of major importance.

But a run in with the law from last June forced Moffitt to miss the Seahawks organized team activities on Tuesday.

Moffitt missed the workout Tuesday to attend to a court hearing in Bellevue, Wash. Moffitt was cited for two misdemeanors stemming from an incident last June. According to the police report, police responded to a call from security officers at Lincoln Square for a person trespassing on the property. Moffitt had been seen by security urinating near a parked vehicle before taking off with a second individual.

Police confronted Moffitt and asked him to stop but Moffitt instead entered an apartment complex and the pair were not seen again by the officers. Officers later showed Lincoln Square security officers photos of Moffitt, who were able to positively identify him as the source of the complaint. He was charged with criminal trespass and obstruction.

Moffitt has another court appearance scheduled for June 14. Moffitt was suspended for four games at the end of the 2011 season for a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drugs policy and served the penalty while on injured reserve.

20 responses to “John Moffitt misses Seahawks OTA to appear in court

  1. Let’s give him some credit for creativity. At least here’s one Seahawk player going out of his way to have a different kind of scandal involving urine samples.

  2. Wow. Moffitt one of the most entertaining players I have ever seen. Of course he has legal issues as a result of urinating….figured Sweezy would win the job anyways, but this certainly doesn’t help Moffitt’s cause.

  3. Judge: So no one actually talked to the defendant?

    Prosecutor: No, sir. But a third party provided a picture.

    Judge: Did anyone think to knock on the door the defendant was seen entering?

    Prosecutor. huh?

    Judge: You know so you could positively identify the defendant. Explain to him what he was being ticket for.

    Prosecutor: huh?

    Judge: bang.

  4. In before a 12th man downplays the significance of getting caught testing positive to PED’s. While simultaneously claiming dominance over the NFC and claiming everyone else are haters for calling them repeat cheats

  5. Gasp, urinating by a parked car! Such a criminal! Not the classiest move, but c’mon man. Waste of law enforcment resources.

    John Moffit has had ADHD and a prescription for medication for it for years. In his rookie year, they didn’t get the paperwork filed with the NFL in time and he was shocked to get hit with a suspension but he accepted it.

  6. I had a prescription for Adderall that wasn’t sent to the league office, when he pissed adderall he got suspended because of improper paperwork at the time.

    Jus got another example of the media not informing people put pushing their own propaganda

  7. So all you Seahawk haters will use the same Excuse Seattle lost because they didn’t cheat by using adrenal. Or they won because they use adrenal. The truth is If Seattle is half as good as they are on paper. Eddie D needs to send some big bags of government printed money so the whiners can buy there next SB.

    BTW the salary cap is because of Eddie and his bs what money can buy.

    If there was no cap the Seahawks would own all the super bowls for the next 20 years. Just because the richest owner in sports could buy them.

    Montana, Rice and the others were great players, but if you don’t have the money to pay them you don’t get them.
    If you don’t know what I am talking about, look it up. HTTR

  8. Trial will look the office scene from Porky’s. Have you scene this tally wacker?

  9. Okay, so maybe the world would be a stinkier place if everyone urinated wherever they wanted, but geez, does everyone really have to get busted for it? I’ll bet there aren’t many of us that haven’t done it at sometime over our checkered lifetimes.

  10. Lets not get too far wrapped around the axel. The guy was probably a little buzzed, and needed to take a leak. All men have pissed in a parking lot before. When nature calls…

  11. Security officers are not police officers and any information from security officer to another police officer, absent a felony, is not probable cause to stop or detain Mr Moffitt. Taking a picture back to the security officer for ID is not in the script either.
    What real crime was committed by Moffitt?

  12. There’s nothing to see there, he was just putting out a fire, move on!!!!!!!

  13. I love Moffitt, he is such a character. Crabtree while trying to paint this petty act criminal doesn’t comment to the fact he was battle Sweezy and for his starting job because he was coming back of a major knee injury just like James Carpenter. Both will be back playing next year. Sweezy started awful and come on strong at the end of the year. Whoever gets the starting role we have true depth on the offensive line. That’s why I wonder why analysts try talking Seattle’s line needed help in the drafts.

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