Members of Congress to Snyder: The R-word is like the N-word

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Several members of Congress have sent a letter to Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, telling him that when he promises never to change the name of his team, he’s promising to keep using a racial slur.

In the letter, Snyder is told that the word “Redskins” is deeply offensive to many American Indians, and that he has a moral obligation to change the name. The letter is signed by the co-chairs of the Congressional Native American Caucus, Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) and Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota), as well as Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia’s delegate in Congress.

“Native Americans throughout the country consider the R-word a racial, derogatory slur akin to the N-word among African Americans or the W-word among Latinos,” the letter states. “Such offensive epithets would no doubt draw widespread disapproval among the NFL’s fan base. Yet the national coverage of Washington’s NFL football team profits from a term that is equally disparaging to Native Americans.”

Snyder’s “NEVER — you can use caps” proclamation strongly suggests that he’s going to ignore this letter. But if members of Congress feel strongly enough about this, they can make it an issue that’s going to be very tough for the NFL to ignore.

300 responses to “Members of Congress to Snyder: The R-word is like the N-word

  1. With all the other crap going on in this country, congress is going to “do something” about this? Really? Over the years it appears that the vast majority favor keeping the name. I say leave well enough alone. This PC crap is out of control.

  2. Here are some team names that would be more appropriate for the location:

    Empty Suits

    Any one of those would be good. Washington Snakes has a nice ring to it.

  3. I am so happy that congress is getting involved. Since they have already accomplished everything they are charged to do by the constitution, they were able to squeeze this in there before they go on break for another month. Phew. Thank goodness for them. (I really hope everyone can sense the sarcasm).

  4. Imagine if the NFL had a team named the “Brownskins” whose logo resembled Richard Roundtree.

    I’m normally not overly PC but I see why some Native Americans are offended.

    “Redtails” is ridiculous, tho. Snyder should do like Miami (OH) and go from “Redskins” to “Redhawks”

  5. Censoring the word Redskin is pretty much trying to give it the same power the N-word holds. Good job congress.

  6. If these members of Congress can’t find a better and more productive way to spend their time, maybe they aren’t suited for their job.

  7. Hate to break it to you but black people use the N word every other word nowadays to eachother.
    Look on youtube or twitter if you want the truth….

  8. member of congress: Hmmmmmm. What should we do today. Tackle the debt. Nah, let’s write a letter to a billionaire telling home that the name is offensive. Oh and maybe let’s vote for a raise for ourselves.
    That’s offensive.

  9. Oh, cool. Here’s where all those non-Native Americans get to tell everyone what’s acceptable or not (to them).

    And then a bunch of mouth-breathers who don’t understand how government works are going to make pithy comments about how Congress needs to work on the important issues.

  10. If he doesn’t want anything to change, Snyder should do what Congress does. Promise to form a committee to study the issue. Have the committee reach an impasse. Declare the impasse unacceptable and form another committee. Hey, I’m just saying … It works for those guys.

  11. To associate the name Redskin with the “N” word is bullsh*t! Were Indians enslaved and called Redskins, HELL NO! I have never even heard a derogatory term for Indians and to attempt to compare it to the N word is so far reaching it’s ridiculous. Every time someone is fighting for a cause they have to bring up black people and attempt to associate their plight with their own. If native Americans are truly offended they should form a march, start boycotting games, and make some real noise. The squeaky wheel always gets the oil, but so far all I see is non-native Americans causing an uproar over the name. You want to help native Americans give them back the land that was stolen from them, because changing the name of a team won’t do sh*t for them!

  12. I’m sitting in mccollums 95% white district wondering where her concern is against the Norte dame fighting Irish, implying the Irish are inherently violent people. And it’s Viking country, Vikings never had horns on their helmets and were the most civilized people on the planet during their era but are represented in a crude and violent fashion. Redskins is meant as a tribute, respect towards a fearless people that a football team can rally around. These PC folk really have way too much time on their hands, I have many close friends from the reservation if these liberals actually cared about them they would focus on the incredible poverty and senseless violence that happens daily, trust me their feelings are the least of their concerns.

  13. from the polls i have seen there is not many that are offended by the name. i grew up in the middle of an indian reservation in wyo and i don’t know any that are offended. in fact i know some that are proud that the team has that name.
    the pc stuff is out of control. as is the squeaky wheel gets the grease. IF the majority are not offended then it shouldn’t be changed
    that being said since when did it become illegal to offend someone?

  14. There is a good bit by comedian John Mulaney called “the worse word.” It’s worth looking up. But the punch line essentially is, you know which word is worse when you won’t actually say one of them.

  15. Well if we are going to be politically correct, shouldn’t it be Native Americans vice American Indians?

    Yea I know!

  16. The white folk sure didn’t have a problem stuffing all the American Indians into little preservations hundreds of years ago. You wanna un-offend American Indians, give them their lands back. This topic is just ridiculous.

  17. Why am I not surprised a Minnesota politician is involved. These are the same people who voted in the whackjob Jesse Ventura.

  18. Not a redskins fan but I will say I never thought of it like that until some bored person had to complain about it. Hey Snyder how’s about you promise them 10 acres and a mule that they’ll never see, that might shut them up for a coupe years

  19. Dan Snyder should change the name. The Landover Redskins does have a nice ring to it.

  20. I’d throw that letter in the trash…’native americans….” So what, so that means you found 2 guys that didn’t like it? There’s no common sense thinking that says you can have a measly 2 people agree to something and that should be a basis for a complaint like this. If you have an impressive amount of them then you have to delineate that in words, but as is that quote is embarrassingly insufficient in how it’s crafted.

    I’m willing to be Native Americans, and many of them and a significant portion of them, would be highly offended by the author representing them with this invalid and ineffective quote that doesn’t accomplish anything or apply and pressure.

    You can find at least 2 people that are offended by any of the NFL team names, but that doesn’t mean those names are offensive because 2 is not significant. Sounds like an unimportant topic to me. If it ever becomes important, then somebody should write a letter saying so, AND explain why in an intelligent and effective fashion. We still don’t have that. Otherwise the name might have been changed by now. But until then; no chance.

  21. Whatever letter the Congressional Black Caucus or the Congressional Native American Caucus decided to write or suggest or demand will have absolutely NO impact on the NFL or Snyder. They represent the smallest of fractions within the House. Im not disparaging them or their opinions in the least. They are elected members of the United States Congress so they do have a louder megaphone than most of us but in the end that is all that they have. A political megaphone. No real heat or authority within the congress on an issue such as this.

  22. Let’s not pretend like the budget didn’t get passed because of this issue or something. a few members of congress wrote a letter. congress deserves plenty of criticism but a few of them sending snyder a letter isn’t any worse than us commenting on this article. nobody is accusing you of not doing your day job or handling your professional obligations cuz we post on PFT.

    That being said, I have changed my mind on this issue. I’m a tall skinny white guy. I don’t know what it’s like to be Native American, although I live in Arizona and i’ve been to the Navajo Reservation: It’s a third world country. 80% of the rez doesn’t even have telephone lines and they usually have to drive 40-50 miles on poorly maintained roads just to apply for jobs via e-mail. Do your own homework on the conditions that most of them are forced to live in and it’s a wonder there aren’t riots in the streets over the pathetic treatment they receive. We’ve been disrespecting Natives and ignoring their objections for 150 years. I don’t think I have a right to tell an ethnic group to get over it ; I’ve definitely had more than a few Navajo buddies mention the Redskins thing ; it pisses them off but they don’t say anything because they don’t want to come across as whiners. You will NEVER see them wearing a Redskins hat and it really is kind of a big deal. I think it’s pompous on our part to tell another ethnic group what they should or shouldn’t be offended by, and most of the voices calling this “PC crap” have probably never even met a Native in their entire life.

  23. Some of you Einstein’s need history lessons. Yes the Native Americans were here first and totally screwed over by the white man occupiers, oh wait, ‘settlers.’ If they say it equates to the N word for blacks and it’s true, then I have no problem accepting that. Brushing it off displays the same arrogance that says Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ America. Oh really? C’mon man!

  24. I live in California and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what the “W-word” for Latinos is. Who even uses these words anymore?

  25. You know what’s worse than the R-word, the N-word or the W-word? Spending this country into oblivion. While all of those words are no doubt offensive, they’re still just words and they aren’t slowly killing this country the way that the government is with all of their reckless deficit spending. Point is that Congress needs to spend less time worrying about an NFL team’s name and spend more time fixing all of the real problems that this country is facing that they’ve created.

  26. If you are associating with people of any ethnicity who use the N word “every other word”, you associate with trash. Should we assume that everything you see on twitter or YouTube is an indictment of the entirety of the ethnic groups represented?
    The R word is also as offensive as the other R word Flacco apologized for. One your readers are very fond of.

  27. I have to commend Snyder. He doesn’t pretend he’s someone he’s not. As it happens, I too am a scumbag POS and I’m proud of it (that comes with being a POS). Anyway, native Americans aren’t really offended by the name Redskins. If you don’t believe me, just ask Dan Snyder.

  28. I’ve lost track of what words are ok and what words are banned. I miss the old days, when life was simple and sweet. This country has some BIG BIG issues to deal with. Is this now a situation where our politicians have given up on the hard issues and turned the focus and attention on fluff? As long as this country has one hungry kid or a family in need of a job or affordable health care. I want my elected reps working on REAL issues. Not sports!

  29. And until this recent “controversy” Redskins was not a word used in a offensive or racially insensitive way. You could ask 100 people on the street what came to mind when they hear Redskin and 80% would say the Washington Redskins and the other 20% would say potatoes. But the “sensitive” among us who want to banish the word from the NFL are only serving to give the word REDSKIN more racial power. You dummies are making it into something racial. Congratulations. Thats all you do when you banish a word from ever being used no matter the context, You give it MORE power to hurt and offend. Very retarded if you ask me..oh shoot perhaps I should apologize for that

  30. There is precedent with this very team and government interference/intervention. They were the last to integrate, and did so only because someone realized that RFK Stadium was owned by the federal government. The owner had to give in to progress.

  31. Once upon a time, innocent men,women, and children were being hunted down, driven from their lands, and often were simply exterminated…. for being “Red-skins.”

    Remember what we’re talking about here, changing the name of a sports team. If you can remove a racially negative connotation from your team name in order to do right by tens of thousands of individuals who should rightfully own the land we call America…THAN DO IT. Lets show some civility in this issue, and realize that honoring these people with something as simple as changing the name of a football team is more important than anything…and very easy to do.


  32. The Nansemond tribe lives in my area, which is also Redskins area. I’ve gone to the tribal “pow wow” they have with the city of Chesapeake. There’s a bunch of those guys in Redskin hats and shirts.

  33. I don’t get it. What “n” word are they talking about?
    Oh wait. I know now. Silly me.
    So, is it cool if the players on the team refer to each other as the “r” word then?

  34. The Indians get a lot of hard working Americans money tax free from their casinos, we pay them for taking their so called land. I know a few and they love living off of us. They make 50k + a year doing NOTHING. That should offend Americans. You don’t see other countries paying the natives for the land we fought for and one. If the name bothers them so much, lets take away their free money, tax the casinos and then we should change their name from redskins

  35. That’s a load of crap. Lived on the Rosebud Rez for 2 yrs. It’s not offensive. The Indians wore Skins hats all over the place b/c it was Native pride.

  36. wait a minute… ya, that’s it: I’m offended by my government! What a bunch of parasites. No wonder we’re in a steep dive.

  37. I’m red skinned, it really isn’t a bad thing to me!
    What’s bad is this waste of tax dollars so people can sit on it and talk about football things. Go to work, how about donating some of your multi hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to a good cause, like the deficit, or the tornado and other natural disasters.
    Don’t do it Snyder. They all own jerseys and as soon as you do, they will be worth more!
    But, if you feel the pressure, why not get back at them? Go with the Washington Tea Party! That will fix em

  38. White people need to stop feeling offended on behalf of other people. Have any Native American groups lobbied to get the nickname changed? Didn’t think so.

  39. They can’t keep their own house in order, but they can tell others how to maintain theirs. In all seriousness, I think Snyder should seriously give thought to renaming the location of the team. They aren’t in D.C., and they shouldn’t have to put up with the Congressional city managers of the District.

  40. Congress has engaged in congressional civil war with members on both sides of the political isle with issues that matter.

    Why would congress want to take on something that should be considered a trademark name?

    Political grandstanding for votes……….

  41. Wow what part of no one other than some insecure hypocrite liberals that don’t want to deal with any real issues don’t you understand. You keep beating this dead horse. The vast majority of Native Americans like the name and the Redskins are by far their favorite team. You come off like fools running the same old tired crap over and over again. Just an idea but why don’t you try some old fashion journalism and come up with a new story that actually matters instead of taking the easy lazy route.

  42. Let’s not forget that Native Americans had North America all to themselves after the last ice age for thousands of years and most tribes never even developed a written language, had little mathematics and almost no science. Their main claim to fame was their fierceness and courage in battle. The Redskins’ name honors that tradition.

    And the word “Redskins” does not come from their skin color, but the red clay some of them put on as battle paint to make themselves appear more fierce. So “Redskins” is nothing like “brownskins” or “blackskins”. It is about as derogatory as calling a prostitute a “painted lady.”

  43. Yeahs lets not worry about the national deficit, because that’s not as important as The “R” word!
    Just drink red bull and you can be this brilliant too 😦 Idiots !

  44. I love the “moral obligation” line coming from Congress. That is one of the funniest damn things I have heard in a while.

  45. Snyder doesn’t pretend he’s someone he’s not?

    The guy is a Scientologist. He believes his ancestors arrived in spaceship like coffins and will ascend into heaven with L Ron Hubbard. He’s got a level head on his shoulders……….he’s a F’ing whack job who happens to know how to ring money out of a rock.

  46. How is Redskins the same as the n-word, if Redskins is like the n-word then so is calling someone black, brown, or white…smh

  47. Wow. The Washington Racists are just a disgusting vile organization for keeping that name.

  48. Better start thinking about renaming the Saints also-some atheist might be offended (although some of them may like some of the names I have for the Saints).

  49. So they don’t have time to investigate spying by the DOJ on the press and congress, or time to bring a special investigator in regarding the miss use of the IRS or to time to investigate why there was a stand down that lead to an assassinated American Ambassador, but they have time to write a letter regarding a football teams name!!! What a joke!!!

  50. If they change the Redskins name then the have to also change the name of the Chiefs. I’m sure it’s offending to people when they are called “Chief” because the other thinks they might be an indian. May as well change the Browns name too since anything brown and on the ground is offensive. Change the Vikings name too because it sounds too “white”.
    The Packers name offends the gays. Also the Cowboys. They killed Indians. And the Seahawks just because they are offensive to all.
    Basically, just leave the names alone. They are only bothersome if you let then bother you.

  51. The amount of ignorance in any of these topics is absurd. Our ancestors MURDERED these people. It would be like if someone walked into your house, claimed it as theirs and then gave you AIDS and waited for you to die. That’s what ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    Congress notwithstanding, if they want to tell me they don’t like something, sorry, I’m just happy they aren’t trying to murder me to take their land back.

    White people don’t get to cry about things being too pc. We have it far, far too well to ever cry about what other people have to deal with because we are the ones that did it to them.

  52. funny how there is a “word” you can’t use for everyone….except white people who you can call anything you want. They should have “thick skin” about these sort of things

  53. They been the Redskins since 1933! Get over it. I’m 3/4 “redskin” and I don’t feel it’s the same as being called the “N” word! Part of the reason I started rooting for them was their name. it’s a ridiculous thing to pursue this for ppl that should have better and more important things to do. Give it a break.

  54. I believe it was Nipsey Russel that said “If ‘pro’ means for and ‘con’ means against, and ‘progress’ means to move forward then what does ‘Congress’ mean?

  55. I guess it’s time to tell the “Browns” that they need to change their name as it is an obvious recial slander to people with brown skin.
    I say anyone with the last name of “Brown” or “Black” or “White” needs to change their last name as it is offensive to have a last name of skin pigmentation!
    Any team with an animal name needs to change their name as PETA will surely be offended of the use of animals to promote a violent sport like football.
    Cleveland Indians/Atlanta Braves…you’re next!
    How come AIM and other “Indian movements” are not offended about KC Chiefs? Isn’t that name offensive as those who lived in the old west would disparagingly use the word “Chief” when talking to “civilized” indians.
    And we must not condone the use of the moniker “Patriots” as that is a clear reference to the TEA Party, who, it has been said by members of congress and other minorities, that they are racist!
    Dan Snyder…stick to your guns and don’t give in to the political cowards in DC who have nothing better to do with taxpayer money than send out letters to private businesses, trying to tell them how to run their business.
    To the Indians…you have so many issues with unemployment, lack of educational opportunities on tribal lands, alcoholism/suicide/housing issues/infrastructure…these issues should take way more priority with members of congress and tribal elders than a word like Redskins.

  56. So again, where are the Native tribes in this issue? Why is it just politicians? I’ve yet to hear anything from those tribes whether they have an issue or not.

  57. if I’m the Washington Redskins I would relocate to get away from this headache

  58. White people trying to correct all the wrongs in the world while trying not to be the least bit offensive.

    If there really is a God, even He would be pissed right now…please just stop it already.

    There are a million more important human rights issues in the world than the name of a football team.

  59. You dopes do realize that they are part of the American Indian caucus. So this is exactly their job if brought up to them by their constituents. I am not for changing their name but seriously you guys either need to learn how to read the story or stop bagging on them just bc you disagree with pc.

  60. This BS is growing tiresome… Apparently the name Redskins is offensive to some, but being offended doesn’t mean that things must change. I continue to be offended by how weak our society continues to grow, but myself and others don’t get to go out and rectify that. In other words, the team name should remain, no matter what Snyder would pick, real Redskins fans would be offended.

  61. They have other things to focus on…… Like how they’re gonna stop the student loan interests rates from going up to 6.8% this summer.

  62. Rutgersknight says:May 28, 2013 6:46 PM

    Oh, cool. Here’s where all those non-Native Americans get to tell everyone what’s acceptable or not (to them).

    And then a bunch of mouth-breathers who don’t understand how government works are going to make pithy comments about how Congress needs to work on the important issues.


    Good evening Senator…..

  63. So why are they not on the Indians or Cowboys (who slaughtered such Native Americans)? Also you know what’s offensive? Pretending that changing the name of a football team is going to make up for hundreds of years of oppression. If this country really wanted to make it up to Native Americans, they would give them back their land. This “autonomy” and “casinos” as a pathetic consolation price.

  64. Good god, let’s get a few things straight:

    1. This letter probably took a maximum of two hours to draft and sign. And yet there are these hilarious and not-at-all-stupid comments about Congress having bigger issues to deal with. I promise you, the sequester didn’t happen because these members of Congress were writing this letter.

    2. This isn’t just some random liberal complaint. Tom Coburn signed it. That guy is absurdly conservative. As in, he makes Rush Limbaugh uncomfortable kind of conservative.

    3. No one is asking the team to give up its history. They are being asked to change a name that is clearly offensive. It’s no different than a team called “The Darkies” with an African American as a mascot. People only accept “Redskin” because it has been around so long that people have gotten blind to the term. Just pick a better name that represents Native American history. As a Chicago Blackhawks fan, I assure you it’s possible.

    4. People who complain by saying “this PC crap is out of control” are really just lazy people who don’t want to take the requisite 5 seconds to think about how the words they use impact other people. You’re not some rebel fighting for free speech; you’re just too lazy to do better.

  65. I’m not a Redskins fan , I never cared for there uniforms or mascot. I’m so glad Congress is stepping in…. The name must be changed NOW!

  66. Notre Dame FIGHTING Irish. Vancouver Canucks. I am Irish/Canadian. I have no problem with either name.

  67. The NFL should step in and hire an independent polling firm to poll Native Americans on the subject then take action if a majority of them feel demeaned by the term.

    There’s an old saying that goes something like: “until you’ve walked a mile in another man’s shoes, you can’t understand the burden he carries.” If some of you out there don’t want to care what Native Americans think, try to remember, it’s not about you.

  68. Your article could be proclaimed racist by referring to Native Americans as Indians. The fact is Columbus did not find India, they aren’t Indians and in general find the term derogatory and insulting.

  69. Sorry Tom. That’s not how the world works. They lost their land and they aren’t “getting it back.” Was it wrong? Of course. But you don’t uproot millions of Americans to “make it up” to the original Americans. What’s done is done.

    Political correctedness has lost its collective mind.

    Life is unfair. Go Redskins.

  70. Please, change the name of the NY Giants to the NY Overactive Pituitary Glands because I’m a tall person and the word “Giant” offends me.

  71. How about they change the name to the “Rezbins” to reflect the true nature of how the Government collectively gathered and altered the course of history for these people.

    The logo could be a cesspool in the shape of a garbage bin! An artist could maybe insert mini icons of a bunch of teenagers rolling in an escalade, a drunk sitting on his bum, a settler buying 100 acres for shiny seashell and a cavalry decimating women/children to depict the complicated history that this is.

    History being what it is, I’m thinking the government was a part of the problem, not the solution.

  72. A former Redskins player, I think Charles Mann, said it best: “What I think or you think isn’t important — it’s what native americans think that is important.”

    Neither the opinion of the windbags in Washington, the Washington fans above or that moron Snyder should make the difference if native americans find the name offensive. Most do. Case closed.

  73. i guess being the punching bag of the division for the past 15 years or so is offensive I’d want to change my name too….honestly I see no problem with the name, as my fellow football bretheren have already stated, its more prominent issues to focus on in this country

  74. Is this a freaking joke? Our country is in economic distress, we are sequestering government employees, yet our elected officials have time for this frivolous bulls@#$. here is an idea learn how to balance a check book and get us out of a trillion dollars of debt… Stop worrying about athletes, steroids, and crap that just really doesn’t matter. Focus on the big picture, stop giving yourself a raise, and do your damn job.

  75. I love the honkies pretending the Indians are upset…. Just the notion that they care what Indians think is a bit, err, false

  76. thebadguyswon – I meant that sarcastically. I’m just saying changing a name of a team doesn’t change what happened to the people.

  77. Glad they got that out of the way. Now the House can get back to important work like having another vote to repeal Obamacare or more investigations of Bengazi.

  78. What’s next??? Should ND change their name from the Fighting Irish because I’m half Irish and don’t think it is ok that my people are portrayed as drunken fools who like to fight. Maybe we should make the Miami Hurricanes change their name because it is insensitive to people who have been struck by a natural disaster.

  79. Im Blackfoot, I couldnt care less. I make jokes all the time about me being Indian. When I get together with the guys on Xbox, we have a Black guy, Guatamalian “yea I know I didnt spell that right” an Irish man, and me. We crack racist jokes at each other all the time. Who cares, they are just words.

  80. The term Native Americans – created by Italian explorers is the offensive term – those that use it should be ashamed for the implication that the Natives had no identity appart from being conquered.

  81. Why is it that many thoughtful but dissenting opinions are censored? It’s not like there was anything disparaging at all in the posts. Just a dissenting opinion and references to research data that supports the opposite opinion of that in the article. Shameful, PFT but it happens a lot

  82. ok…lets all agree to start calling them “the R-Words” instead of…said one liberal rag to another….

    maybe we can get some hack announcer to boycott calling a game during the season….

  83. I’m also offended by the Philadelphia Eagles……not because of the name, but because I’ve been watching these bastards for over forty years and they haven’t brought me a Superbowl yet! Now that’s something to be offended about!!!!!

  84. A lot of the comments on this ridiculous issue keep saying that we should give back the land we stole from the Indians. The Indians didn’t own the land. The emigrated to North America across the Bering Strait from Asia. They were primitive people who didn’t accomplish much during their lives. Their main concerns involved just surviving. Hunt, eat, defecate and procreate. If you want to claim the land as yours you have to be prepared to defend it. They were ill equipped to do so against superior numbers and superior intellect. The Indians weren’t some benevolent culture that could do no wrong. They fought wars amongst themselves. They robbed and murdered and raped their own kind. No different than any other society or culture. So please stop this nonsense about someone’s feeling being hurt over a name. With thinking like that we would never have won two world wars.

  85. The best thing to happen to the Redskins team is this name change. The name Redskins is a lousy name. Congress is doing them a big favor

  86. Okay so if the Native Americans are not offended by the R word … why are the whining crybaby African Americans offended by the N word … it’s just a word.
    Who’s the crybabies again?
    Maybe it’s time for a new Rooney rule EVERY NFL team should have at least one employee who is Native American.

  87. Seriously.. The R .. word. You have got to be kidding me. I am a die hard loyal fan of the REDSKINS. This has been the team name for 80 years. Congress, is this because it is either a black or white issue..pardon the pun.. is it because of this that you can take a side and jump on it and act like you are doing something.. Go take care of some more pressing matters like terrorists. The deficit. Unemployment. Healthcare. Etc. Etc. When you get all of this resolved then come back and try again. This is ridiculous.

  88. I’m about 100% sure that “Native Americans” are more offended by the term “American Indian” than they are Redskins. Seeing how they are not “Indian”.

  89. Congress does indeed have more pressing issues. But Using the term Redskins in a nation in which Genocide was perpetrated against the group u are referring to as “redskins” is indeed racially incencitive.

  90. All these years nobody complained. Is this the same congress that can’t pass a budget on time no wonder they are worried about stuff that they shouldn’t be.

  91. Interesting that such a letter would come from Congress considering there is only one Native American currently serving in the House (Cole) and only three Native Americans have EVER served in the U.S. Senate (none currently). Isn’t this as offensive as an NFL team calling themselves the “Redskins”?

    Reminds me of how sports commentators trip over themselves to report on the “intolerance” towards gays in major sports yet few, if any, major sports announcers have themselves come out.

  92. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    I wonder why a few of these people are ashamed of their red skin? Why are they ashamed of their history and want to deny everyone any memory of it?

    They should be proud of their red skin and their cultural heritage. I’m proud of my skin and cultural heritage.

    Of the 435 people in the House of Representatives, only two signed the letter. That’s .0046 of the House.

    Under a democracy, .0046 of any group should not be allowed to tyrannize the 99.54 percent of the population.

    Their attempts to deny the history of a people and nation are shameful. Only totalitarians attempt to lie about history.

    In the 21st century we should not be trying to wipe out Redskins.

  93. Just wanted to repost @rutgerknight’s comment as he so succinctly described 95% of the comments. Enjoy, mouth-breathers!

    Oh, cool. Here’s where all those non-Native Americans get to tell everyone what’s acceptable or not (to them).

    And then a bunch of mouth-breathers who don’t understand how government works are going to make pithy comments about how Congress needs to work on the important issues.

  94. Snyder should agree to change the team name when Congress… 1) Balances the budget. 2) Retires the National Debt. 3) Resolves the Social Security crisis.

    Until then, this issue shouldn’t even be on their radar.

  95. Most of the comments here disgust me. Right versus wrong should never take a back seat to tradition.

    And to all of you trying to use Notre Dame as a counter-example: they are apples and oranges. Putting the adjective “Fighting” in front of “Irish” specifies that those particular “Irish” are fighters, not that all Irish are violent brawlers. Also, there is nothing derogatory about the word “Vikings”, so that is also a non-sensical counter-example.

  96. “It is about as derogatory as calling a prostitute a “painted lady.”

    Perfect name… Brilliant!!!


  97. Washington Loaded Potato Skins… oh wait ‘loaded’ may imply an intoxicated person too harsh.
    But seriously, without stressing Congress too much maybe Mr. Snyder could strike a conciliatory tone and suggest that MAYBE I’ll be willing to COMPROMISE on a name change unlike the Federal Government that hasn’t compromised on anything for the past 6 + years…

  98. So when the one speaker at Obama’s first inauguration said “now the red man can get ahead, man—was that racist too?

    This whole thing is so stupid. It’s nothing but political crap. I somehow don’t there are are letters and calls and emails pouring in from Native Americans over this. Once again, it’s people like Eleanor Holmes Norton that are involved. This is the lady who was convinced by Stephen Colbert that DC was not in the United States.

  99. If its that big of a deal then maybe they need to be treated like all other Americans and give up their tax free reservations and casinos.

  100. sdchargers25 says:
    May 28, 2013 6:44 PM
    This is where Liberal logic gets you…
    It’s funny how the word liberal has come to represent racially sensitive. Or sensitive I general for that matter. SAD

  101. Don’t give an inch, Daniel. They’ll take a mile.

    Man, I have respect for Daniel Snyder all of a sudden. Imagine that!

  102. Bunch of people who aren’t Native Americans declaring what is and isn’t racist. Classic. Just because something has been around a long time doesn’t make it right. It’s a private business though and we do have the right to free speech so as long as people will spend money on the team they have no reason to change it. If for some reason people stopped going to games because of it it you better believe the name would get switched overnight. It’s all about $$$ just like everything else in this world.

  103. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand people taking offense with the Redskins as a team name, but to equate or compare it to every other derogatory word out there is absurd. The government should worry about changing the various high schools, which they control, away from the team name Redskins before chastising a private sector team.

    Seriously our government is so whack right now. They really need to focus on getting their own house in order because we have a lot bigger problems right now to deal with.

  104. Dan Snyder is the king of being offended, recently suing the Washington Citypaper, DC’s currently longest alternative local paper. He himself has been offensive since he bought the team, running it like a fantasy football team from the beginning, unapologetically. He is a short man. Small hands. Affect for cigars. Some of his best friends are N-words (some of the best money can buy …. initially Arrington, till screwing him over, then Portis who learned the lesson from LaVar, and now the best of the best, RG3), some of the best N-word friends money can buy. The most offensive thing about all of this is him and his NEVER. If it weren’t for Shanahan turning this whole nightmare around, Dan Snyder would have still have been one of the most reviled guys in this town … and would have just taken the team to L.A. with his Hollywood pals. Indians have much bigger and deeper problems than the name of the DC football team. That it keeps getting ripped off and caricatured by this petty gazillionaire just trivializes the legacy of American Indians. There is no point to reasoning with Mr. NEVER. The only thing that affects the way he thinks is cash. The league is making coin from the franchise name too. That said, I’m a Skins fan. Love the roster, embarrassed about the name.

  105. “They made us many promises, more than I can remember. But they kept but one–They promised to take our land…and they took it.” – Sitting Bull. Who cares about the Washington FC.

  106. To make such a ridiculous comparison only serves to reduce the impact of using the N word.

    And now that the government is involved we can rest assured this will get screwed up on an epic scale.

    From wiki, Notwithstanding the protests of activists, a 2002 poll commissioned by Sports Illustrated found that 75% of those American Indians surveyed had no objection to the Redskins name.

    The name originated when the football team Boston Braves, moved to the home of the Boston Red Sox and took the name Red-skins. Fairly innocent it would appear.

  107. Every time I try to post how the White Man has rapped, enslaved, scalped and murdered our mothers, sisters and daughters, it is deleted by the White Man who runs this website! You claim land as yours and continue to call us names and disrespect our people, but you will never take our pride!

  108. This is why I don’t vote.

    But congress can’t even get self-righteous indignation correct.

    The W word is an offensive term for Mexicans, not all Latinos. And Latinos? Shouldnt they say Hispanics and the S word? They’d be sucking up to many, many more voters that way.

    All they’ve done now is piss off all non-Mexican Latinos with their stupidity.

  109. Furthermore the fact that so many can’t see the correlation between “Red Skin” and Negro or the N word is so laughable. It use to be ok to call black people Negros which literally means black (referring to skin color). That term is no longer acceptable but by most people’s reasoning on here a team called the Cincinnati Negros would be ok? You’re honoring them by naming a team after them right? I mean come on they should be grateful!

    White peoplre only raped, killed and stole these proud people’s land like…a million years ago…get over it! Am I right or am I right?!

  110. I think there was a misunderstanding by some people; it wasn’t the name that has the native american’s angry – it was the ownership’s idiotic moves and the play of the team up till this year that has them peeved.

  111. If you really wanted to honor native Americans you could call the team the Piscataways or Conoys, which are the actual tribes that resided in the lands around DC before the were forcibly moved.

  112. If Snyder or a future owner finally gets pressured or legislated into changing the name of the Redskins, then I hope that the NFL picks up stakes and moves the fracking team out of Washington, P.C. (that’s Washington, Politically Correct, folks). Give ’em the finger as you go out the door, Dan. And stop comping them tickets right now!

    I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan, but the ‘Skins are respected opponents and make for one of the best rivalries in football. Somehow the Washington Federals or Redtails or whatever doesn’t have the same ring.

  113. I’m offended by the fact that this site says LEAVE REPLY and when I do it disappears!

    I’m also offended by the name GOODELL can we change the Commish???

  114. Any comment that solely blames the liberals for this is ridiculous since both sides sent the letter and clearly have issues. Also, the comment that congress has more important issues to deal with may be true but you people act like congress focuses on one single issue at a time. There are multiple issues that they attempt to work through every day, not just one core thing at a time. If in some part of the day they felt like dictating a letter to be written by their interns and sending it I doubt it took up valuable time on issues that most likely will never be fixed. Finally, while I might agree a word is only powerful as you make it, it is absurd to ask a race to just be ok with it.

  115. Paraphrasing comedian John Mulaney: The N word is a far worse word than “Redskins”. Do you know how I know it’s the worse word?
    You’re saying the word “Redskins” but you won’t even say what the N word is. If you are comparing the badness of two words and you won’t even say one of them… that’s the worse word.

  116. Well tell me this, if the Redskins name is too offensive then what’s next? The Browns? It would be a domino effect, MLB would then try to get rid of the Indians and might as well the Braves. Congress should worry about the things that really trouble this country like hospitals giving drug addicts methadone so they can get off crack and heroine on tax payer’s dollars.

  117. Lets settle this once and for all. Have the Leaders of the rest of the remaining tribes get together and have them vote on it. Their culture is vanishing fast and I think the name serves to their memory more than a bunch of hot air from D.C.

  118. Murder rate of African americans in Washington D.C. is 39 per 100,000

    Great job Congress…keep going after the bad guys.

  119. Truthfully, the Redskin name is highly offensive. Just like if LA had a team it would b offensive to call them the border jumpers but its obvious. We’ve grown up with the skins and we’ve all gotten used to it and grown numb to its offensiveness. Its 100÷ within the rights of congress to request a name change but its also 100÷ within snyders right to ignore them. Now when big daddy (NFL) comes knocking, u better perk up those ears.
    And stop trying to turn this into a conservative vs liberal fight. U all sound stupid

  120. Members of the United States to Congress: Please focus on Improving our Economy vs. Grandstanding for Cheap Political Points

  121. As a American History Teacher I have learned it is offensive. I know none of you want to believe this but yes, the Native American community has tried for many years to change the name, they have picketed, petitioned, and boycotted. But as history shows they are unable to achieve the respect they deserve unless politicians get involved. As response to a previous post, Natives where enslaved and worse many tribes were totally wiped out. Is it as bad as the other words mentioned: probably not, but we should move on as a country and change this name to maybe a particular tribe name like what the Florida State Seminoles had done, that name was embraced by the Seminole community. Don’t let the fact that politicians are involved make you ignorant to the facts and history.

  122. Rename them the “Hogs” and be done with it. It’s the only acceptable name. You can’t change the name of a franchise that is damn near 100 years old and not expect backlash. Their fans already call themselves hogs and wear pig-noses to games and crap. It will be an easy transition. Anything else would be like renaming the Oilers to the Titans, or something else stupid.

  123. NFL fans to members of Congress:

    You have mismanaged our nation into $17 trillion in debt, our nation continues to be vulnerable to terrorists from inside and out, while our southern border remains as porous a bottomless bucket, our current President is in the midst of several scandals, and you dolts think you are qualified to lecture the NFL on anything?

    Mind your own business! When you can balance a budget, then maybe you can throw in your two cents.

  124. Good to know our government is focused on the REAL issues.
    What a joke. The Indians need to get over it. You don’t see me flipping a sh*t over the Celtics logo (how offensive to Irish people!) lol find something new to talk about.

  125. I’m taking” Cracker” as my racist word for white people. I have been called that Sooooo many times. Where’s my congressman?

  126. If I were I were Snyder I’d change the name to the LA Redskins and see how much DC would like that.

  127. Poor adoombray… you are one confused bleeding heart…
    Just for yuks… what is the mascot of Red Mesa High School? You know… the one in the heart of Navajo Nation… where they encourage the use of the Navajo language? Indeed… the Navajo “hate” the name… OOPS!

  128. In either case, IT’ S JUST A FRIGGIN WORD!!!!!!! People that get offended by crap this senseless, need to be offended. There are bigger problems in life people.

  129. The PC Crowd should take a chill pill. It’s amazing. Everyone is offended by everything these days. It’s so bad that when people get married, you can’t say “until Death do us part” any more.

    What ever happened to “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me?”

  130. The name is RACIST! And any person that defends its use is RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! Plain and simple…and if you’re Black or Latino defending its use you’re RACIST and DUMB!

  131. Though I can understand why some native americans may be offended. It doesn’t appear as though the media shares that concern since the term (name) “Redskins” is used everyday in every article regarding the team. I don’t think the same would be the case with the “N” word. Therefor, it’s hard for me to find the media credibility for rejecting the use of the “R” word when they regularly use it.

  132. I’ve heard both side.

    “No, it’s not offensive say the Native people!”

    “Yes, it is!”

    I grew up, and still live, hearing many racial slurs. I never understood “Redskin” to mean something as dirty as the n-word. Whether it was someone truly slurring or “just a joke,” “redskin” was rarely, rarely used.

    I’m not trying to spin that it isn’t, rather I’ve never understood it to be a serious issue until 2013. Where are the minority groups saying, “yea, Redskins are bad?” Show me where Blacks, Natives, Latinos and Asians pounding the table demanding a change?

    All I do is wonder if the media is upset they aren’t called the “Whiteskins.”

  133. this is so dumb… the word Redskin is racist really but the word Indian is when they aren’t even Indians give me a break. i guess its ok to call them Indians as long as we call them American Indians then its politically correct all of a sudden. I’m mixed black and mexican and the W-word B-word N-word doesn’t offend me. Words are just words people make them into what they want. America has become so sensitive by everything. One last thing Congress shouldn’t you doing your actual job there’s much large things going on in this country that needs your attention.

  134. Far as I’m concerned “CONGRESS” is “deeply offensive to many Americans”!!! And Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) and Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota), as well as Eleanor Holmes Norton can take a long walk off a short pier…..

  135. blacknole08 says:
    May 28, 2013 6:44 PM
    The real “R” word for this is Ridiculous.

    It’s only racist if you allow it to be.

    Thank you.

    How about we run a nationwide poll. Only native Americans can participate. More than 10% call it offensive and we change the name. If so, fine…I’ll be a Redhawks fan.


    Redskins fan.

  136. A failing economy, Benghazi scandal, IRS scandal, god knows what else, and congress is worried about the redskins. C’mon libs worry about things that matter.

  137. Wasn’t just a couple of weeks ago that the local tribes came out in support of the Redskins name? As usual Congress is clueless. But then again, reading many of these comments are great indicators why they keep getting re-elected.

  138. What’s “offensive” is what this Congress has done to the American people, INCLUDING native-americans, for the past 6 years!

  139. Considering today was the anniversary that congress order the indians to go to reservations in, I believe 1834. They have a lot to speak about as far as what is acceptable.

  140. What about the many many American Indians who are proud that the original term for “Redskin”that was for only the bravest of the brave, front line attack warriors who put clay on their bodies thus giving the appearance of red skin.
    Never let the truth get in the way of some misinformed liberals rallying a small vocal group and a doesn’t know crap congress. When are we going to start taxing Indian casino’s. I demand to know. Why should they be treated special?
    It rubs both ways.

  141. I’m a Native American. And to be honest, it don’t offend me as much as it upsets me. U don’t see teams named the Washington Blackies or Washington Polaks do ya? Change it! After what happened to my people I believe we deserve to not have our named dishonored in such a tasteless manor. Just a thought.

  142. Just traveled through the northeast Arizona. Through the Navajo Nation. Red Mesa High School which is on the Reservation is the home of the Redskins.

  143. This is the stupidest thing in the world. Most Indians consider it a tribute! Give it up!

  144. Elanor Holmes Norton is a deranged lunitic and has been for a long time (this is actually true for the majority of Democrats as they are a truly despicable bunch). Political Correctess Must DIE!

  145. As a Cowboys fan I hope they have to change their name to something gay like the DC Reservation Rumblers. That would make me laugh to no end. DC is filled with a bunch of retards. Oops it looks like I made a few politically incorrect statements against gays, native americans and mentally disabled peopled. Hope the Democratic Gestapo doesn’t come knocking down my door.

  146. Has I said before if you have an IQ over 10 you should understand why name has to go. Yes Congress has more pressing issues but keeping a clearly racist name is nuts.

  147. Our tax dollars at work, writing letters about someone’s OPINION. This whole thing is a huge money\attention grab. I am filing suite against the white sox if the redskins change there name, I feel like I need to get in on this race scam.

    Pretty soon it will be frowned upon to use colors in everyday dialouge

  148. I wake to another broadcast about a political subject that hardly anybody (bordering on nobody) cares about, it must be Wednesday.
    Can we have another “Gays in football story” where you preach & tell everybody how they should feel when truth is very few care either way, we haven’t seen one of those in days.

  149. You would think that Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) would be embarrassed to involved with anything but the rebuilding of devastated communities in OK.

  150. I’m offended every time I walk down the snack food aisle at the grocery store but I realize that just because some knuckleheads decided to label my race with a derogatory name that is also a snack food doesn’t mean that Keebler, Nabisco, Sunshine and other cookie and cracker manufacturers should rename their product categories.

    Until this was brought up the term Redskin, as associated with the Washington Redskins conjured an image of a noble warrior and nothing less. There are many words that were used to describe “Native Americans” that I think would be much more derogatory than Redskin, like savages, Big Red, Gasbag, Glonni, Indian, Siwash, Squaw or Tonto. For explanations of these and many more go to

    I would think our officials in Washington would be much more concerned with:
    1). Creating policies to promote a better economy.
    2). When the economy gains strength the job numbers will improve.
    3). Immigration reform and protecting our borders.
    4). Welfare reform.
    5). A plan to legitimately balance the budget.
    And anything else that our elected civil servants should be doing to get our once great country heading in the right direction.

    I haven’t heard anyone complaining about the southern chain of restaurants named Sambo’s, the candy called Lemonheads, Aunt Jemima breakfast foods, Blockbuster Video, Butter, Canadian, Cocoa Puff, Crimestopper, Democrats, Pontiac…..

    With regards to sports team the following could be considered a racial slur: Canucks, Yankee, Bears, Canadians, Cubs, Huskies, Chiefs, Indians, Wahoo, Viking, Devils and Hoosiers. While this isn’t a definitive list it is representative of some common sports team names that also have an alternate derogatory meaning.

    I wish these loser politicians would actually do their job instead of trying to make a name for themselves by trying to grab attention. This subject is a non issue that simply proves that in the current weakened state of our country anyone came cry foul and our elected officials will pander to a cause no matter how small or how obsurd.

    I can’t wait for September so we can get some real news.

  151. Boehner has to go. Without a doubt he has to be the worst of the worst Speakers of the House in the history of the US.

  152. Until the Native Americans all get together and demand the name be changed Congress needs to deal with more important issues.

    There is nothing offensive about the word Redskins. Until the Native Americans speak out to Congress, Congress needs to focus on important issues.

  153. If I were Snyder I’d keep that letter and put in a case somewhere around the stadium in D.C. to stand as a monument of stupidity.

  154. congress should concentrate on fixing the economy by helping to create jobs and also figuring out a way to make this country safer and fix the borders, etc etc etc

  155. Congress: Liberal / Democrat wackos wasting all of our money and too afraid themselves to tackles real issues. Like say; their own internal corruption!

    Hope Snyder NEVER changes the name. Folks need to toughen up in this country for God’s sake!

    And this is coming from a Patriots fan that could give 2 $hits about the Redskins team.

  156. Native! Washingtonian that is…

    They used to have a spear logo on the helmet but they did not want to be confused with the spearchuckers!They were n0t allowed on the team.

    The Name came from a Racist owner,it has nothing to do with Washington DC. OK you want a Warrior name,that is applicable to D.C? I have two suggestions and you can use the same logo for either name. The “Washington WarLords” or “The Washington SuperPower” These are aggressive names and represent Washington DC better than the racist name Redskins.You can use the face of a Whiteman and dress him in some type of General’s Military Uniform or better yet put a Whiteman’s image on the Capital Dome or Pentagon!Hell you can even use UNCLE SAM’S image! mold it however you like and keep the colors if you want and or go red white and blue and highlight the WHITE!your unofficial nick name could still be the skins short for WhiteSkins!

    There you have it, problem solved. Does anyone have a problem with that?Get rid of that Genocidal racist name and logo. Screw tradition,they didn’t hesitate to do it with the Bullets which was silly.But this is seriously offensive to a people that some of you have no concern for what so ever.Screw that logo and that name..As far as Rivalries go they are great when the teams are winning and relevant.The Washington-Dallas rivalry has been irrelevant for over 2 decades..
    Ravens vs Steelers=great! Browns vs Steelers=not so great who cares about that game besides the locals?The name Change didn’t effect the Original Browns,they only won 2 superbowls! after the name change….

  157. Congress should spend our hard earned tax dollars on something relevant to the country’s needs. The vast vast majority of Americans don’t care about this at all. Give me a break.

  158. Lets stop being so sensitive. The problem with America is we like labels. I am white others may be black, brown, red or yellow. If you were born here you are American, unless you are an immigrant from another country and have duel citizenship you are American. Lets get rid of mexican American, African American lets get rid of these titles. That is being PC if you ask me nothing should come before America, your homeland your country, I American and white my neighbor American and Black but both Americans both born and raised in this country.

  159. My suggestion is that Synder offer to change the name of his team if Congress will agree to putting themselves and their families into Obamacare.

    Congress is good at dictating terms for other people that they would never accept for themselves.

  160. Snyder should just remove the logo and not name his team anything. Just plain ol’ Washington. See how that works out for the NFL and their merchandising deals.

  161. I like how many posters who wants the name to stay the same like to claim that Native American’s don’t find the word offensive. Part of the letter which wasn’t posted on PFT:

    “The current Chairman and Chief of the Penobscot Nation, Chief Kirk Francis, recently stated in a joint statement that the [R-word] is ‘not just a racial slur or a derogatory term,’ but a painful ‘reminder of one of the most gruesome acts of . . . ethnic cleansing ever committed against the Penobscot people.’ The hunting and killing of Penobscot Indians like animals, as declared by Chief Francis, was ‘a most despicable and disgraceful act of genocide’…

    “In this day and age, it is imperative that you uphold your moral responsibility to disavow the usage of racial slurs. The usage of the [R-word] is especially harmful to Native American youth, tending to lower their sense of dignity and self-esteem. It also diminishes feelings of community worth among the Native American tribes and dampens the aspirations of their people.

    The website where the story is taken from is the indiancountrytodaymedianetwork. Run by and for Native Americans. So please before you post that no Native Americans care about this issue or that this is just the PC police ruining America, please remove your foot from your mouth and try for the briefest of moments to have a tiny bit of sensitivity for what real Native Americans think and why that word offends them.

  162. Obviously this is a few Senators trying to look like they’re doing something…Call me a dirty redskin and my blood will boil, but I remember the Stanford Indians fondly. I don’t see it as an issue, and other N.A. I’ve talked to kinda laugh at the “white man’s folly” in pursuing this after all that came (or didn’t) before. If the Redskins had a derogatory logo, demeaning my ancestors, I’d be mad.But it seems to me a team chooses a name and mascot to cheer for, and to support. To install respect and yes fear from the opponent. So, rock on Snyder. Go Redskins.(From a Raider fan.)

  163. If the PC Police want to go after the Redskins then they have a duty to go after:
    The Browns-people of color
    The Packers- Gay slur
    The Giants- offends little people
    The Yankees- offends southerners
    Red Devils- offends Christians
    It just goes on and on with the PC garbage that we should dump as fast as the chief of PC. O
    Black men and women call each other the N word hundreds of times a day. OK to use in movies and TV but they have to go after an owner that has a team that makes most American Indians proud. Get busy taking care of your job and quit worrying so much about something as benign as Redskins.
    While our country crashes into a depression we are worried about a traditional nickname since 1937. Get over it!!

  164. Things are offensive to people because the offended people decide that they are offended by them. Whether the term “Redskins” is offensive is entirely up to the native Americans. The easiest way out of this controversy is for native Americans to decide they are not offended by that word. They have complete control of their own level of offense.

  165. Congress has enough on its plate to be worried about the name of a NFL football team. They should just stay out of it all together, and get their affairs (improving the economy, creating jobs, etc.) in order. The person I’m most ashamed by in this is Eleanor Holmes Norton, who doesn’t even have a vote in Congress, so why is her name listed in the complaint. She should first try to get that right (voting in Congress), before joining a complaint with politicians who don’t even consider her a member of the Congress that she is standing by.

    This is a sad day for politicians!

  166. I would like to think that members of congress have better things to do than worry about the name of an NFL team. How about supporting infer structure reform? How about helping our schools? Come on man!

  167. Just because this issue is not high on Native Americans’ radar does not mean the name still isn’t offensive. What if it were Whiteskins, Brownskins, Blackskins or Yellowskins? I would imagine many would find those offensive. Yet, for some reason, Redskins gets a pass.

    There is an old saying, “it is easier to play poker with other peoples’ chips”. I guess the corollary to that would be “its easier to not be offended when you aren’t the target”.

  168. Here is how much the evil people of Washington, D.C. are demeaning Native Americans:

    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old DC!

    Wow, that is a really demeaning song. It is clear from the context of these words that the intent was to make Native Americans feel really bad about themselves and to put them down.

    There is nothing positive in this. You critics are genious, and are on the forefront of social activism.

  169. If you started paying off just the new debt that the U.S. has accumulated during the Obama administration at the rate of one dollar per second, it would take more than 184,000 years to pay it off.

    You would hope that they had bigger issues to deal with (see above) than a footballs franchise’s name. No wonder we are where we are today.

  170. Why doesnt congress worry about what these Liberals are doing to our country instead of this PC BS! We worry more about offending people while these idiots who reside in Washington DC are quickly ruining our country. Get a handle on your out of control spending before attacking a name thats been around since the 30s! AND I am a cowboys fan who hates the Redskins….does that make me a racist LOL!!

  171. Also “offensive” and who is offended: Patriots (the Founding Fathers are against spoiled millionaires representing them), Browns (brown-skinned people), Steelers (the steel industry for the same reason as the Patriots), Chiefs (Native-Americans), Raiders (pirates everywhere), Cowboys (ranch hands), Giants (people over 7 feet tall), Packers (the meat-packing industry), Vikings (the Norse people), Saints (real saints), Buccaneers (pirates, again), and 49ers (the gold industry).

  172. There not going to stop until they swing public opinion, which will eventually force them to change the name. Regardless of your feelings on the topic that is what is going to happen. The PC crowd is relentless…

  173. John Mulaney has a joke that’s appropriate for this. Redskins is typed in this article and, “If you’re comparing the badness of two words, and you won’t even say one of them, that’s the worse word”

  174. Redskins could be a phrase for Northern folks who visit Florida every year and get burnt to a crisp.
    Its funny Ive watched the Redskins since the late 50’s early 60’s when the NFL was getting into TV. While watching them and hearing their team name, I never once associated it with American Natives. But hold on a minute, I was born here and that makes me a native, and I still get a little red when I stay to long in the hot Fla sun. So whats my point, don’t know. Whats Congress’s point writing this silly letter? Don’t know,, theres NOTHING they can do about it. They can however lower taxes, impeach Obama, take down the IRS, etc, etc.

  175. Is there anything on this planet more embarrassingly pathetic than Congress? IMO, they have no business commenting on anything.
    10% approval rate? That’s just about what Casey Anthony has.
    They’re so pathetic they actually force people to side with Daniel Snyder.

  176. Our government should focus on cleaning up the IRS, stopping our embassy’s from being attacked, protecting our border patrol officers, jobs, getting our debt in check and our economy growing again…. Stay out of the NFL.

  177. These are real, not rhetorical questions; I honestly don’t know the answer. Hope someone can chime in.

    Has anyone bothered to ask a Native American tribe / group / coalition if they are insulted? Have any of them expressed outrage over the name (without the promise of $$$ from a lawsuit); or is it just Congressional windbags and the I’m-outraged-over-everything nutjob groups?

    Do Native Americans purchase disproportionately more or less Redskins gear vs. other NFL teams than the rest of the population? This to me would be the best measure of outrage among a large segment of a population. If a name / logo was insulting to me, gear displaying the same would be the LAST thing I’d do.

    I have my guesses on both but would appreciate any facts you might have.

  178. This really warms my heart. I am grateful that our government has decided to make this an issue because it’s been an issue in my family for over 45 years. I am full Indian and live in the Navajo Nation reservation in Arizona. Around here the word redskin has gotten many people hurt. It is used like the N word around here and strangers have even gotten beaten up for calling my fellow tribes members redskins. We had to put privacy settings on all nfl football games so our kids would not see that derogatory name used in such a matter. If they saw this they would feel hatred to their American brothers and sisters. We have also made sure they would not see such racist names such as the Cleveland Indians. Please ban the name red skins from the NFL. A greater more respectable name that would bring honor to the Navajo tribe would be the Washington Ozuyes which means warriors. Please bring back honor to the NFL and Navajo tribes.

  179. kevinwi says:
    May 28, 2013 6:46 PM
    Hate to break it to you but black people use the N word every other word nowadays to eachother.
    Look on youtube or twitter if you want the truth….

    I assuming like most of the post here that you are a white American. As such you don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. As a black man I will agree that the “N” word is used too often within the black community. But, the intent behind the word when its used between blacks has a total different meaning then its used by other ethic groups. The word when it’s use by black americans often times denotes friendship or some sort of relationship. When its used by other groups it is meant to be racil slur. But, I’m betting that you already knew that. The truth of the matter is that none of you have the right to determine what is offensive to another race. For example suppose I was to say anybody that isn’t originally from the United States should return to where they came from. Then, I looked at a group of whites and said, “I’ll help you pack your bags because you stole this land from the American Indians” Many people would consider that offensive, but I promise you a lot of people wouldn’t have a problem with it. Now, It is Daniel Snyder’s team and he can call it what he wants to, but make no mistake about it, it is a offensive term and it should be place in the same catogory of racism that any other racial slur.

  180. Typical, always sticking their nose where it does
    not belong. They need to worry about this
    country not the NFL. Didn’t know the Indian
    lobby had that much money.


  181. It all comes down to who named the team and what was the reason for the name. If you change the logo you can always say that they were named after a type of potato and no one can argue with you because there is no specific logo linking you to anything else. It’s worked so far for the Cleveland Browns who were named after the cities 1924 negro league baseball team by a fan who won a contest. If you put a black baseball player on the side of the Browns helmet and have a black guy on the sidelines swinging a bat as your mascot then it might be offensive. No logo and people just accept the name of the team or assume that it was named after their first coach and move on since you can’t pinpoint what they are.

  182. Dear Congress,

    You have messed up the this country enough. Please don’t mess up the NFL too. Right now, it’s the only thing keeping me and many more like me sane.

  183. turkjones says: May 28, 2013 6:43 PM

    Imagine if the NFL had a team named the “Brownskins” whose logo resembled Richard Roundtree.

    I’m normally not overly PC but I see why some Native Americans are offended.

    “Redtails” is ridiculous, tho. Snyder should do like Miami (OH) and go from “Redskins” to “Redhawks”
    OK, if we’re just imagining things, can we go ahead and imagine that the name “Brownskins” was never intended to offend anybody? And next, let’s imagine that today, an overwhelmingly conclusive poll showed that 92% of people with brown skin (ie. myself) were not offended by the name. Finally, what if the head of the NAACP himself had not only sanctioned the name, but personally designed the logo of Mr. Roundtree.

    Because then you would have the exact situation that the Redskins team name is in. Although, to be fair, having John Shaft staring down the other team from your helmets would be pretty cool.

  184. And, for my next trick, I will end this argument.

    Just Google “Native American Chief Talks About Redskins”. If PFT would post that, the whole issue could be over. Unfortunately, there’s way too much money in non-Natives BSing around on the internet.
    Stephen Dodson is a hereditary chief of the Aleutian People, here are some of his choice quotes:

    ““People are speaking for Native Americans that aren’t Native American…we had a big problem with all the things that were coming out [of the discussion]…they were basically saying that we were offended, our people were offended, and they were misrepresenting the Native American nation… Redskin’ isn’t something given to us by the white man or the blue eyes, it was something in the Native American community that was taken from us. [It’s] used also as a term of respect, because that’s how we were. We respected each other with that term… It just bothered me that somebody would twist something so negatively when it’s a positive.”

    “[Much of the discussion over the Redskins name is led by non-Natives, and that makes me] Irritated. Irritated is a polite term to say… When you have people trying to represent our nation, you should be from our nation. Don’t represent our nation if you don’t even have an ounce of blood in you.”

    Well, I think that about wraps that up.

    Dodson certainly doesn’t speak for all Natives, but his opinion about who should be speaking for all Natives seems very conclusive.

    Goddamn, does anybody remember when this site was about football?

  185. To all of the folks who claim that the Indians had their country stolen from them do you hold the Turks who stole Constantinople from the Greeks to this same standard or the Arabs who stole Egypt Syria Palestine etc…from the indigenous Christian population ? Maybe they should not be called the red skins but this country was not stolen from them

  186. Will congress go after Compton High School in LA to change their name as well? I read it in a SI article a year or 2 ago. I could see it being quite a sticky situation if a certain race was referred to as that word.
    I’m not offended by the term redskin, but I’m not part of that culture either, so I can’t speak of the term as being possibly racist. I do know the Native American population is very low, so their voice may not be heard as loud as many think it should be.

    In the end, someone will always find a problem with everything, so this round and round debate will never end.

  187. I pride myself on being a black man who doesn’t take offense easily, but I still can’t believe congress is throwing around the term “N-Word” much less discussing it.

    Facts are facts: only one study has ever been done on the issue and it concluded that 92% of Natives are not bothered by the the team calling itself the Redskins. I am not going to even bother looking up a survey of black folks offended by the other word, because I would bet that the number would be the exact opposite.

  188. I’m offended by Cracker Jack snacks and the cracker aisle at the grocery store. Time for a change. Get over it people. It’s not racist.

  189. I keep coming back to a young kid asking how the name Redskins came about. What is the fancy spin I can use to let this kid not know the Owner of the Team who came up with the name was one of the most vile owners in NFL history as a bigot and when he named the team Redskins, he knew perfectly well it was offensive term. The name refers to the blood red straps on skin of scalped Native Americans during a genocide…

  190. When did the American Govt. become so concerned about the feelings of Native Americans? If they spent half as much time focusing on the real issues plaguing reservations as they do the Redskins nickname, someone may actually be better off!

  191. are these the same blowharts in congress that crossed party lines and voted 425-10 to keep their pay and benefits intact before the sequestration took place, but wanted to cut the pay and benefits of all military personnel during a time of war?

    are these the same fools who are making an uproar about the IRS targeting “tea party” groups, but wasted $30M dollars trying to vote down the american medical care act, also known as Obamacare, 37 times?

    Ive never heard of anyone being called a redskin..maybe its because I dont live near an Indian reservation or the fact that American Indians are not a big player in everyday society….but Ive heard the so called “N” word and the “W” word quite often…

    congress should be ashamed of themselves for wasting the peoples time as usual with this non about working on the deficit..working on restoring this country back to glory….and how about John Boehners main promise when he was voted speaker

    where are the freaking jobs? Wall street has record highs everday, making millionaires and billionaires even more rich…

    dayum congress

  192. @v2the4
    While I share most of your opinions about congress, one should keep in mind that the title kind of blows the issue a little out of proportion- “Congress” is not taking action, four individuals (one of whom has no real political power) wrote a letter to Dan Snyder.

    On a less important note, I don’t like John Boehner, but his inability to do anything has a lot more to do with another branch of government refusing to reach across the aisle. And congress has every right to make an uproar over a executive-controlled agency targeting his political opponents with an illegal search of their campaign and voting base funding.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, this is one of the most messed up things an American president has ever done. (By which I obviously don’t mean Barack himself, I mean an appointed member of his staff on behalf of the Democratic Party)

  193. kingpel says:
    May 30, 2013 10:05 AM
    When did the American Govt. become so concerned about the feelings of Native Americans? If they spent half as much time focusing on the real issues plaguing reservations as they do the Redskins nickname, someone may actually be better off!
    One of the better points anybody has made in this debate. We know for a fact that 92% of Natives approve of the name, but I can pretty much guarantee you that 100% of Natives living on reservations agree that reservation life blows.

  194. As a person with Scandinavian heritage I would like to start a petition to change the Vikings name. I find it hurtful that my ancestors are portrayed in such a light. Where can I find my nearest congressman to take up my cause? Also, I’m kinda big so the whole Giants name is also offensive….

  195. lewiscafarella says:
    May 29, 2013 12:22 AM
    I’m a Native American. And to be honest, it don’t offend me as much as it upsets me. U don’t see teams named the Washington Blackies or Washington Polaks do ya? Change it! After what happened to my people I believe we deserve to not have our named dishonored in such a tasteless manor. Just a thought.


    I didn’t think Indians were still around, I learned about you in social studies, you are a hunter gather correct?

    I see the redskins name as a respectful ode to Indians. Honestly if it weren’t for the football team 99% of Americans would not realize Indians still exist.

    Thanks to Dave Chappell for my comedic material.

  196. Attacking a person, rather than the person’s position or argument, is usually easier as well as psychologically more satisfying to those who divide the world into two classes of people—those who agree with them and are therefore good and right, and those who disagree with them and are therefore evil and wrong.

    The ad hominem is attractive to lazy thinkers, who would rather ridicule or belittle a person than seriously examine an opposing viewpoint. The ad hominem is also a tactic of the clever manipulator of crowds, the experienced demagogue who knows how to play on the emotions of people and seduce them into transferring their attitude of disapproval for a person to disagreement with that person’s position.

  197. Ok some thoughts’s, 1.) the Government can send the IRS after Snyder to get their way, that is their new thing recently. 2.) How is R-GIII anything like the N word? 3.) Change the Name to the Washington N-words, and watch the yowls from congress then! The sad thing is the Jerseys would fly off the shelves.
    4.) Ignore the politicians trying to get their face on camera.

  198. Is it bad I don’t even know what the W-word for Latinos is?

    Hmm… or is it indicative that we’re approaching a state in this society where words are just words?

  199. I think it’s quite the opposite. The reason why you probably don’t know what the W-word is either A. You don’t live in California, Arizona or Texas and/or B. if you said the word in the presence of anyone sensitive to it, you could get beaten to a pulp or worse.

    Society is so sensitive to it that it’s dangerous to say those kind of words in public. Racist words are suppressed to the point where you don’t even hear those words anymore. The irony is that the INS created an official program called Operation Wetback in 1954 to combat illegal immigration. Still doesn’t make it okay to call Latinos by that name. A lot’s happened since 1954. Probably for the better.

  200. Ummm this has to be in violation of Freedom of Speech right? My point is if you don’t like the name then don’t root or watch the team! Simple as that!

  201. Memo to Members of Congress:

    You are hereby reminded that there are so many more problems in America that need your undivided attention. The deficit, the IRS, corruption in America at all political levels, Sexual abuse in the military, the new Healthcare system that nobody wanted except Washington, term limits for Senators and Congressmen, I’m sure there are a few hundred other topics that are much more critical than this, So — Get back to work.

  202. congress should be happy that people are talking about the nfl because normally people bitch about all the idiots in congress that dont know how to do their job!!!

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