Michael Jordan tells Dez Bryant to behave


Michael Jordan didn’t have many words for Dez Bryant, after the NBA legend signed the Cowboys wide receiver to represent his sneaker brand.

But the few words he said resonated with Bryant.

“The only thing he told me was ‘Stay out of trouble,’ ” Bryant said, via Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com. “Hearing it come from him, . . . He is a strong voice. His opinion matters.”

By all accounts, Bryant has done what he’s supposed to do this offseason, but his checkered past made him a risky proposition for an endorsement deal.

Then again, the Charlotte Bobcats owner has never been afraid of a wager, and hedged his bets on Bryant by signing a deal that withheld payment from for a year, so Bryant can prove to Jordan he can keep his nose clean. If Bryant does, he’ll get his money in the second year of the deal.

“It just adds fuel to trying to do things great at all times,” Bryant said. “That’s something you don’t want to mess up. Now, I do pay attention to that, just because of the fact of who he is and what he is about. Everybody knows Michael Jordan is about his business, so that makes you want to be about yours.”

Perhaps in exchange, Bryant offered to tell Jordan about what it felt like to get to .500, something Jordan wouldn’t know much about since leaving the basketball court as a player.

29 responses to “Michael Jordan tells Dez Bryant to behave

  1. Says the guy who was thrown out of the NBA for his gambling addiction.

  2. The Michael Jordon who got so deep in gambling debt that his bookie murdered his Dad? The Michael Jordan that cheated on his wife constantly? The Michael Jordan that had a suite at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City when the Bulls played the Knicks or Nets?

    Thanks for the advice MJ.

  3. So MJ has a gambling problem. So what? He’s got near limitless resources!
    So he’ll keep gambling and living like a king while you keep hating and being a nobody on the Internet.

  4. Did he also tell him not to gamble, cheat on his wife, and hang on to long. Dez’s issues should have been addressed by his dad long ago. Words from a man, no matter how great his career was, don’t change the character that was developed before the age of 12 .

  5. Greatest NBA player ever, 6 Championship rings…No surpriselesser mortals feel the need to take cheap shots at him.

  6. Holding back salary until the second year, begs the question, why would a person hire such a risk in the first place? Are there no great players who are also decent people somewhere in the NFL? This approach not only doesn’t make common sense, it sets up a person like DEZ as some kind of role model, and whatever path he selects going forth does not expunge his numerous prior poor decisions and behaviors. Forgiving behavior is one thing, lionizing someone like this is truly another.

  7. Well to be fair he has been fairly well behaved since he layed the smacketh down on hi momma

  8. “Perhaps in exchange, Bryant offered to tell Jordan about what it felt like to get to .500, something Jordan wouldn’t know much about since leaving the basketball court as a player.”

    Seriously, Darin Gantt? Jordan’s first two years with the Bulls were below a .500 record – 38-44, and 30-52 respectively. But to put that last line as a jab at Dez shows that you are nothing but a hater. Both Basketball and Football are team sports, but when the Bulls were winning all those championships several years into Jordan’s career, the team had few weaknesses. The Cowboys have had a horrible O-line, terrible secondary, and pretty poor running game ever since Dez arrived. This year will be the first year with marked improvement in all 3 areas.

    But since you bring it up, let’s look at Jordan’s Bobcats and ow they have fared since he purchased the majority stake in the team in 2010 (the same year dez came into the NFL). Here are win-loss numbers for you 34-48, 7-59, 21-61. 41-41 (which is .500 for basketball) would have been very solid relative to the above win-loss records.

    Just another mediocre article to draw readers with little in the way of substance, creativity, or tact.

  9. Under the mentorship of Mr. Jones, Dez is maturing into a fine young man. He is building another dynasty by stocking his team with high character individuals who can play at a Super Bowl level for years to come.

  10. Jordan can say what he wants. His entire platform became less popular when he left. There isn’t one person in the NFL that will ever effect the game that much.

  11. This means that tomorrow, colin cowherd will spend an entire show argueing that Lebron could tell Dez Bryan to behave every bit as well, if not better, than Jordan could.

  12. Gambling is only a “problem” if it causes you to run OUT of money. That never was, isn’t currently, & never will be the case. And it could’ve been the biggest problem in the world & the NBA would’ve never “kicked him out”. lol What a joke. EVERYBODY was makin more money because of MJ. Like Tiger & other golfers And hey kd75…were you MJ’s personal assistant or just some idiot blogger who knows 5% of what he thinks he knows?

  13. Gantt was a talentless hack when he wrote for the Herald. He knows it, that’s why he relies on pointless jabs to sell a story. Too bad I’m growing a distaste for PFT because of that brand of reporting. Keep up the garbage work Darin, it’s what you do best.

  14. say what you want about MJ, but it is no denying he is the greatest professional athlete and competitor of all time.

    most of you tools wouldn’t be able to last 15 minutes as Michael Jordan.

  15. MJ was one of if not the best player in nba history he still is not a role model with off court gambling problems and womenizing….and why is he the voice of reason??

  16. Yes!!! Its the same Jordan who’s shoes you bought for your kids last month. That extrememly rich guy, who apparently is very good at gambling (hes still rich). That’s why he’s taking a gamble on another Star. the one you root for on Sunday. Don’t you want a kid (forget that it’s Dez) to turn his life around? or do you enjoy kicking someone while their down.
    “You Hippos”

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