MJD situation disrupts otherwise quiet NFL Memorial Day weekend

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The “days without an arrest” meter once again has made its way to double digits, possibly to be reset by one of the last players anyone would have expected to be charged with battery.  Coincidentally, news of Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s battery charges came from TMZ just as I was wrapping up a story applauding all NFL players for a Memorial Day free from criminal charges.

The Florida Times-Union has since reported that Jones-Drew has not been charged, and may never be.

Regardless of what happens with Jones-Drew, 20 players have been charged or arrested since the 2012 regular season ended.  That’s four more than last year’s total through May 27 of 17.

And the NFL’s equivalent of the witching hour is coming.  In the six-week donut hole between the end of offseason workouts and the launch of training camps, players looking to unwind could end up doing so in the backseat of a cruiser, debating the proper amount to tip a chambermaid.

Last year, 15 players were arrested or charged during the months of June and July.  This year, who knows?  In every year, the goal should be zero.

On one hand, people from all walks of life get arrested or charged with crimes.  On the other hand, players have access to greater resources aimed at helping them avoid trouble, and a much stronger incentive to remain out of it.  Here’s hoping that more players realize the best approach is to figure out where the proverbial line is, and to stay as far away from it as possible.

11 responses to “MJD situation disrupts otherwise quiet NFL Memorial Day weekend

  1. Great way to start off your contract year, MJD. Get suspended and that’ll change a lot. Since he’s a first-offender he’ll likely have an easy sentence, but the civil suit that’s coming is a slam-dunk. Call that FL lawyer that was doing the Tebow ads! He’s got it in for the Jags anyway.

  2. Not charged yet. Just wanted by the police dept in St. Augustine, to come down and tell his side of the story. No arrest, and no charges. YET…….

  3. @joejags28:

    When the cops ask you to come down and visit, they have a plan. If any part of the story is “so, I punched him,” then a single battery charge is the least they’ll arrest him for.

    If the rent-a-cop was truly defenseless, then I’m disappointed. I hope he didn’t sucker punch the guy.

  4. johnnyjagfan……

    My point was, he HAS NOT been charged YET. That’s all. Just don’t want misinformation to be played up. He MAY or MAY NOT be charged in the future. But as of now, no charges filed. If he did it, then he should suffer the consequences, and if not, then this story should be in the past.

  5. Wait! You’re applauding grown men for not getting in trouble for 3 consecutive days? What do I get for going a whole year without any trouble, contributing to my local community, going to church and paying my taxes?

  6. First of all there are people out there who target professional athletes for various reasons. MJD has always set a good example off the field and this incident was totally out of character for the man. We were not there, we was misinformed by the report that he was charged and then reported that he was not charged. For all we know, he could have been provoked, or the Security Guard might have shoved MJD and the man was defending himself. So until the investigation is finally, lets not throw the man under the bus. YOU CANNOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ PEOPLE !!!!

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