Mornhinweg: Sanchez accuracy has been “sky high”


New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had an awful day during the Jets’ OTAs last week. Sanchez threw three interceptions on 11 passes and drew the ire of head coach Rex Ryan who called the performance “unacceptable.”

However, Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg doesn’t view Sanchez’s performance in nearly the same light. According to Rich Cimini of, Mornhinweg said Sanchez has graded out very well in accuracy during the Jets’ workouts so far this offseason.

Mornhinweg said Sanchez’s “completion percentage and accuracy percentage have been sky-high up to date.”

Mornhinweg grades both areas separately when evaluating quarterbacks. The comments to Cimini came after Sanchez threw three interceptions in practice last Wednesday. No confirmation, however, if any pass that doesn’t touch the ground goes into the plus-column on the grade sheet.

That being said, even if Sanchez was completing every pass during OTAs the skepticism of his ability would still be out in full force until he proves he’s capable of being effective in actual NFL games. The poor performances in OTAs won’t ultimately be significant either if Sanchez plays well this fall but if three interceptions in 11 passes sits well with Mornhinweg, the bar really isn’t set very high for Sanchez.

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  1. just look at his accuracy numbers over 4 seasons of 15 plus games. hes under 57%. twice at 54. there is just no way he improves to a point where it matters. 18 INT, 9 fumbles over 16 games are how he rolls.

  2. This probably means Geno Smith will get a free pass to stink things up being that he’s a rookie. He’s already on a roll with his agent debacle.

    Poor Fireman Ed. I feel sorry for the guy.

  3. I’m not a sanchez fan, but i will say this: This story is more about Rexy than it is about Sanchez.

    -What it proves about Sanchez statistically is basically worthless since it’s a miniscule sampling size at literally the first practices of the season. But in the court of public opinion it shows that the heat has been turned up to defcon 5 on Sanchez from all angles. I mean i feel bad for the guy, give him a break for a second. We know the media and fans are going to rake him over the coals, that can’t be avoided. But what can be avoided is the team adding to the pressure. Which leads me to my next point…

    -What it proves about Rex Ryan is that he’s a bad coach or in a bad situation or both. At this point he’s sacrificing his “I’m a players’ coach. I go to bat for my boys” mentality that had the Baltimore defenses of yore operating like blood brothers a-la Bondock Saints on the field for his job security. I can understand that. This season is shaping up to be (forcasted to be) the final nail in the Sanchez era’s coffin and heads may roll of some execs in the Jets organization in connection with the Sanchez debacle. It’s not in Tebow zone where the people involved should have had to see a court mandated psychiatrist among the other punishments for their crimes against football, but in some ways it may have worked out worse for the Jets with the Sanchize. I mean how many years have been spent on this endeavor, should it fail? Rex knows what it’s like to lose years of a decent defense (aged quicker by the excessive field time) to an inept offense from his aforementioned time in Baltimore during the Kyle Boller saga. He also knows what happened in its wake to the people deemed responsible. So getting tough on the QB that has been preordained by every sports fan with a heartbeat to top off the end of a disappointing career in horrible fashion, it makes sense from a job perspective. But being so against Rex’s character of being one of the guys makes it seem mean and disingenuous, and i think it sullies his image that he and his brother have spent years developing in their parents basement in between jelly donut eating contests. In the end though, its an understandable move that i could somewhat get behind.

    And truth be told, I don’t know if that’s actually his thought process. That’s best case scenario. To me it seems that Rex is acting emotionally and basically immaturely. If he wanted to play up the “Im the coach, I gotta make the tough decisions, I gotta be responsible for the team, not for grown men’s feelings” angle, it’d look a lot more professional and a lot less like he’s just joining in the fracas of taking pot shots at guy so down he has his own fans rooting against him (stay classy, New York) if he could control his own team. I mean dear lord! The open season he’s tolerating (encouraging; enabling; operating) on Sanchez is absurd, there could never be any possible reason to allow that. What could be the possible pros? What? It’s completely and entirely detrimental to a team, and a good coach tries to eliminate those types of things, especially when its something the coach should be able to have control of. Rex does nothing, allows it to happen. He has sealed Sanchez’s fate if he lets this continue. No one could thrive in that environment, where you’re supposed to trust and work hard for your teammates.

    So Rex has decided to move on from Sanchez. Whether he simply calculated this year was to be written off, the tab picked up by the “This was Sanchez’s last chance, darn he blew it even though no one gave him a shot and everyone knew he was terrible. Cant believe that didn’t work” line, or he just is not very professional and kind of is not a good personell manager, I don’t know. But neither of them bode very well for him, making him seem like either a poor coach, or somewhat disingenuous, willing to breech his “i live for my guys” mantra. If I’m an owner, both make me think he’s not suited for head coaching.

  4. This is the same wacky OC who gave Mike Goodson a job. Somebody give Marty a piss test; I bet it comes up hotter than the sun.

  5. Cue the circus music… … now! Thank god my team doesn’t have QB issues at this time. (which in NY can change in 2 years) Eli isn’t great but atleast I know there won’t be any controversy going into camp or the season

  6. maintaining a positive outlook/approach will no doubt be the most difficult thing for sanchez and his coaches. good job turning this small positive into a negative. you’re probably right. if something good is happening, that must mean there’s something wrong with mornhinweg.

  7. And you would expect an offensive coordinator to evaluate his starting quarterback negatively? Tell the press maybe we should have kept Tebow? It is called a vote of confidence. He is all you have to work with . Live or die with what you have. Dying can be ugly and very painful.

  8. Sanchez steadily improved his first two seasons. Unfortunately the NY Jets are run by gentlemen (Rex Ryan included) who have NO IDEA what they are doing. That is why the Jets are only two years removed from two title games to competing for the first pick in the 2014 draft.

  9. Something inside of me wants to see Mark Sanchez rebound in some freakish way.

    but on the other hand I wanna know what Geno Smith can do at the same time.

  10. For some reason I wanna see Mark Sanchez freakishly comeback and put up good numbers, but at the same time I wanna know what the JETS have in Geno Smith.

  11. Wow. Look at that. A coach actually trying to build his quarterback’s confidence instead of tearing it apart. Watch out, Mornhinweg! This may be frowned upon in the Jets organization.

  12. An obvious attempt to create trade value. On his best day, Sanchez is mediocre.

  13. Aiming 3 or 4 yards down the field tends to bring your completion percentage up.

    Just ask Blaine Gabbert.

  14. Monhinweg then added: “He almost completed a pass the other day, and believe you me, that’s an improvement.”

  15. I think that was a transcription error. Mornhinweg actually said, “Dude, I’m so high”.

  16. Great, now 31 NFL teams are waiting to hear Sanchez will be the 2013 Jets starting quarterback. LOL

  17. He’s right. For Sanchez, 3 INT’s in 11 passes IS sky high accuracy.

  18. You can throw 65% but if you throw 3 picks a game, it just meas the ball isn’t hitting the ground and you aren’t winning.

  19. Marty says, “give’em the ball, we’ll take the wind!”

    Rex doesn’t like it when Sanchez is ‘windy.’

  20. The difference between completion percentage and accuracy is: a completed pass is not necessarily an accurately thrown ball. Let’s say I hit you un stride on a slant, leading you on a long catch and run for a TD. That’s accurate. Now, suppose on that same slant I threw it behind you, but you adjusted and caught it but got tackled right away. That’s complete, but not accurate.

  21. Because Mornhinweg is using his recent experience with Vick as a benchmark for accuracy, any QB he encounters from this point forward will be off-the-charts great.

  22. Is Mornhingweg going into the black hole too. I hope he is not joining the circus.

  23. Note to Marty, Its easy to have great accuracy when you aren’t concerned which color jersey catches the pass.

  24. Wow. Really? He must be “sky high” as well. I always forget how good the jets are………

  25. Man, must be nice to be Mark Sanchez. He has been a failure at QB, turned the ball over 52 times over the last two seasons, and has led a team that’s regressed badly. Despite failin time after time, he still gets 8 million guaranteed and has the coach still starting him. Must be nice.

    I wouldn’t take this clown as my fifth-string QB!

  26. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. For those fo you who doubt Rexy is married to Sanchez, and is willing to be run out of town with him after this season.

  27. Sanchez has become a stop gap for Geno Smith. The Jets obviously hope Smith will be the guy at some point soon. Sanchez is their best option for at least the start of this year, so I don’t think Morninweg wants to talk badly about him and then put him out there anyway.

  28. Well, the people getting the interceptions also play for the Jets, so in a way it’s a step in the right direction for Sanchez. It’s reasonable that Mornhinwood is confused by this phenomenon.

  29. Mad Marty has zero credibility. Jets are headed for a classic train wreck season. Rex will fire Marty by mid year when they start out 1-8 and then the new gm will fire Rex by year end.
    couldn’t happen to a nice fan base….J….E….T….S….jets, jets, jets

  30. This is the kind of “news” that tends to come out when teams are seeking to hype a player they want to move (and move some cap too).

    How many times have the Jets pimped the sheer awesomeness of Sanchez, Tebow, Aaron Maybin, Vernon Gholston, the team overall — only to look like absolute fools later?

  31. Sanchez threw 12 passes and all 12 were caught!

    Well, yeah, 3 of them were caught by the other team, but still, 12-12 is great!

    Good cop, bad cop?

  32. Actually, when he said “sky high”, he meant “over-throwing everyone where only the sky could catch it”


    cut him a break.
    he’s been watching Donovan and Vick for the past 7 years.
    He’s got no benchmark to compare Sanchez to,, well other than Joey Harrington and the other Lions’ QB mistakes.

  34. Geez. Give everyone a break. It’s only May! I’m no big Sanchez fan, but he has to be given a chance to win the starting job. The alternative is to toss it all away and go with a rookie. So he throws a couple interceptions in an early practice. It’s not the end of the world. Let’s see how the entire pre-season plays out before we declare our new offensive coordinator a buffoon and Geno the new savior.

  35. thought the question on him was decision making, not accuracy. can be accurate but still make a bonehead decision and throw a pick. seems like Marty might be tossing out a little spin

  36. Wait, isn’t Marty the guy who said recently that accuracy is overrated? “Atta babe” Marty.

  37. Seriously speaking, (as if any opinion about MS could be considered serious) I wonder that if, like Charlie Sheen’s character in “Major League”, Sanchez might need glasses? Or contacts? We know he can pass, but not accurately. We also know he’s a lady killa, which means an abundance of vanity. Accuracy depends on vision to a large degree, and maybe, just maybe, his vision isn’t all that good?

  38. Is “sky high” a description for short defenders and tall receivers? Good thing the Jets WRs can jump high to catch those inaccurate passes.

  39. Old Dog – New Tricks (amazingly in the 5th year) yada yada yada. Yeah right.

    All they’re trying to do is create some trade value for Sadsackchez.

  40. If they want to see the Jets season-ticket holder sales drop, keep talking that talk on Sanchez, and watch how many vacant seats you will see. I’ll tell you something, the Jets fans have had it with Mark Sanchez, he’s finished in New York, the best thing the Jets can do is have this guy carry around a clipboard until the season’s over and dump him like a bad habit.

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