Red Bryant promises return to form in 2013

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Last season looked like it was shaping up to be a good one for Seahawks defensive end Red Bryant.

He signed a five-year contract with the team during the offseason and many predicted an even bigger breakout season than the one Bryant had in 2011 when he became the linchpin of the Seahawks’ defensive line. Things didn’t wind up working out that way, however. Bryant hurt his foot and found that former defensive coordinator Gus Bradley had him in a role that wasn’t a good fit for his abilities.

Bryant finished the year with 24 tackles and no sacks, but says that he’s now back to health and that he’s excited to be playing for Bradley’s replacement Dan Quinn. Quinn was Bryant’s defensive line coach before moving to the University of Florida and Bryant explains that Quinn’s return has also meant Bryant’s return to a role he thinks will make him the “top five technique” defensive end in the NFL.

“It’s been great getting DQ (Dan Quinn) back because there’s familiarity there,” Bryant said, via Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. “There’s just some subtle changes in terms of how he’s going to play me. He’s basically putting me back to where I’m going to be on the tackle the majority of the time, in a phone booth and just getting back to the basics of playing heavy on a guy and just being disruptive.”

A return of the disruptive and effective Bryant would be a big plus early in the season for the Seahawks. With Bruce Irvin suspended and Chris Clemons’ status uncertain due to a torn ACL, the team will need a better Bryant than they got last season. Bryant believes they’ll be getting one.

10 responses to “Red Bryant promises return to form in 2013

  1. RED, AVRIL, BENNETT, JESSIE WILLIAMS, and MEBANE… Throw in rotational depth and the City will be fine…

    IRVIN AND CLEMENS will also be back eventually. They easily have the most depth and and one of the top 3 most talented defensive lineman and ends in all the league.

    Not many are afforded that privilege, usually loosing a potential premier pass rusher and leading sack man would cripple a team. Not in this case because they signed 2 of the time period DE in free agency.

    The list above combined for over 35 sacks. With a defensive scheme that didn’t use pressure..

  2. I’m a Skins fan, and let me tell you; that dude is a run stuffing, pocket collapsing, field goal blocking machine. Heck of a player…

  3. Big Red was hurt all year. We would’ve been in a lot more trouble had ‘Bane not played lights out the first half of the season.

    At the very least, the fact that he’s acknowledged that he’s 100% healthy now is good enough for me.

  4. Man my Grammer was down right shameful up their. Anyway Hawks are good. They are very deep defensively and especially at d line.

    Honestly Irvin was expected to play outside Lb and some Leo. So his 4 game suspension isn’t all that bad.

  5. Having Big Red back at 100% and chomping at the bit for big disruptive plays? Yes, please! Go Hawks!

  6. Sounds like the veterans held quite a productive meeting! I’m sure Red will re-discover his old form soon enough.

    Seahawks Mt. Rushmore

    1.Steve Largent
    2.Shawn Springs
    3.Cortez Kennedy
    4.Choh Hao Li*

    *Chinese scientist responsible for isolating Human Growth Hormone

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