Report: Jones-Drew not charged yet with battery, may never be


Contrary to a report appearing earlier today in TMZ, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has not been charged with battery.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that formal charges have not yet been filed against Jones-Drew, and that formal charges may not be filed against Jones-Drew.

He’s not getting arrested,” an unnamed source told O’Halloran regarding Jones-Drew.

TMZ reported earlier today that Jones-Drew already has been charged with striking a security guard.

Whatever the situation, the Jaguars have issued the perfunctory non-statement statement.  “We are aware of the situation regarding Maurice Jones-Drew and are in the process of gathering more information,” the team said.  “Due to this being a legal matter, we’ll have no further comment at this time.”

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  1. Report: One thing.

    Report: The other.

    I love it. I tell ya though, this site is what it says it is, in the end. Pro football talk.

  2. You mean that there is a chance TMZ didn’t try to report it so quick that they didn’t check all their facts! No way a bouncer named “Hillbilly” presses charges against a millionaire without 100% proof. Did he catch his face just before getting KO’d, or was he just the only name he knew? My goodness, I’m shocked.

  3. Five bucks says it’s one of those games-of-telephone situations where it’s the friend of MJD who did the punching and gets charged, but when the whispers of the story started leaking out, “friend of MJD” morphed into just “MJD”.

  4. I don’t know what happened, but I do know a lot of security/bouncer guys are major league power-tripping A-holes. Maybe the guy had it coming.

    A lot of posters on this site seem to have an almost sheep-like obedience to authority figures and whenever they hear a story like this they automatically assume that there’s no way the security guy could’ve been in the wrong.

  5. Hrs always seemed like a very likable guy, if this is true then he deserves all that comes his way including suspension. You can not physically assault someone and get off Scott free without penalty.

    You loose your cool even for a second, doesn’t make you the devil, but you certainly deserve the punishment. Punishment is key to get people to stop from repeating stuff like this.

    Hope he’s found innocent, but I fully expect a hefty punishment if he’s guilty.

  6. You guys really need to do a better job of reporting and checking your resources. I come here for news and have supported this site for many years but it’s getting very embarrasing lately with these stories that conflict the previous ones. I’m sure MJD isn’t really going to want to do those interviews either with you putting his name out there falsely like this.

  7. If he is found to be innocent, great, but maybe he needs a better class of friends.

  8. Football players & security guards…
    HGH + steroids + testosterone + low IQ = good times LOL

  9. The fact remains that many security guards routinely assault patrons, and it may not be against the law to defend a patron from a security guard’s assault.

  10. 2 hours before this post TMZ updated their post saying he hadn’t been charged and the PD screwed up.

  11. Please get this man outta Jacksonville! Seriously he’s too good of a running back to wallow on a team that has no hope by the time his career is through. I’m a Bengals fan and I was so happy for Corey Dillon when he went to NE and won a super bowl. If the front office in NE would have paid him the money he deserved the Patriots would’ve had the type of back they needed to win the 1st super bowl against the Giants.

  12. No one knows what the heck is going on.. but MJD has never been in trouble his entire time in Jax. He’s a smart guy.. for him to just punch the guy and leave after he just got through defending Blackmon for stupidity.

    I’m listening to the local sports talk radio and they are looking at police report and read that “a customer on the deck is the one that stated it was maurice jones-drew”.. not “Hillbilly”.. sounds like a bunch of drunkards and someone just wanted to throw out that it was MJD and get their 10 minutes of fame. I could be wrong but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  13. Five bucks says it’s one of those games-of-telephone situations where it’s the friend of MJD who did the punching and gets charged, but when the whispers of the story started leaking out, “friend of MJD” morphed into just “MJD”.


    Just $5.00, that’s all you got on it?
    Shoot, I got a $50.00 bill on that baby!

  14. This is where media/sports media/ entertainment media have it wrong. There was a police report. A witness on the dock said MJD did it…The team is being criticized for making a “perfunctory non-statement statement. Well, yeah… this is being investigated, the more it looks like nothing. What was the team supposed to do?

  15. A: The Conch House is a nice restaurant, not some sleazy nightclub in downtown Jax.

    B: MoJo is an arrogant prima donna millionaire who has again proven that the privileged don’t have to answer for their crimes.

    C: The security guard was paid off and/or threatened Ray Lewis style.

    D: The Jaguars would cut ties with this assclown if they had even a shadow of another option at RB. They do not.

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