Maurice Jones-Drew not charged with battery, yet


Contrary to a report appearing earlier today in TMZ, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has not been charged with battery.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union reports that formal charges have not yet been filed against Jones-Drew, and that formal charges may not be filed against Jones-Drew.

He’s not getting arrested,” an unnamed source told O’Halloran regarding Jones-Drew.

TMZ reported earlier today that Jones-Drew already has been charged with striking a security guard.

Whatever the situation, the Jaguars have issued the perfunctory non-statement statement.  “We are aware of the situation regarding Maurice Jones-Drew and are in the process of gathering more information,” the team said.  “Due to this being a legal matter, we’ll have no further comment at this time.”

58 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew not charged with battery, yet

  1. Police tend to side with the security guard. I sense a self-defense claim. As to this somehow evidencing a lack of class, how long has it been since you’ve dealt with a bouncer? Not exactly the most tactful group of people.

  2. MJD might have gone a little overboard with this “Pocket Hercules” thing.

  3. I’ll be waiting to place judgement until after more facts are known. Only last year AP was charged with assaulting a police officer and that all turned out to be bogus.

    MJD hasn’t been in trouble before, so not saying that it’s impossible for him to suddenly assault someone, it’s not likely considering his past. But I’ll wait until all the facts come out before I assume he’s either innocent or guilty.

  4. players blow up their careers constantly…. it’s amazing they can’t control themselves for millions of dollars

  5. This is nothing more than media hype. MJD has no more of a temper or a big mouth than Justin Blackmon has a drinking problem.

  6. Damn, what is happening to football. It’s turning into the National Felony League.

  7. Wasn’t there! But how you belittle yourself and not get your own friend off a girl? Instead you cheap shot a guy just doing his job!
    Hope the guys sues your butt, and the NFL suspends you for multiple games!

  8. Please tell me that he wasn’t at Denny’s. This sounds eeringly similar to the 2006 beat down when another man was beat unconcious in the presence of Maurince “No Disrepect” Jones-Drew.

  9. …how long has it been since you’ve dealt with a bouncer? Not exactly the most tactful group of people.
    I couldn’t agree more. Not ALL bouncers are like that, but plenty of them are. In college it was the job all the football players wanted, as it gave them an excuse to unleash pent up aggression against drunken bar patrons.

    Sometimes the beatings they dished out were well deserved as they were taking on a guy who was as big as they were and was out to fight. Many times they went overboard on a normal sized non-violent drunk kid who’s only crime was being too intoxicated. Lots of cases where they went overboard and hurt people pretty bad, and most of the people who got hurt weren’t picking a fight in the bar and didn’t deserve to get beat down by 4 or more bouncers who are all 6’4″ or taller and weigh about 250 lbs for the smallest ones (larger ones are over 300 lbs). All that against your avg drunk kid who weighs 180 lbs.

  10. “unconscious”? well, at least he got his money’s worth.

    heard the bouncer had an obnoxious stache, and Mighty Mouse mistook him for Kahn. wrong place wring time for the bouncer.

  11. lets me guess that Bouncer went as a UNFA last year….
    who cares, i’m sure he had that punch coming to him. how many dudes has that bouncer Cblocked? good job MJD

  12. Actually it looks like he has not been charged yet…….the police dept in St. Augustine has just asked him to come down to tell his side of the story. No charges as of yet. This may or may not be anything at all. Have to wait to find out more.

  13. If you get past the idea that these guys are millionares, they are no different from players that brawled in the 1930’s & 40’s. I’m sure the likes of “Bronko” Nagurski punched out their share of palookas!

  14. I agree…wait and see the facts but I can’t say I’m surprised anymore by anyone of these guys getting into trouble. Arrest stats on trading cards? lol I found that comment funny. Titus Young and Cliff Harris would be like hitting the jackpot for a really nice autographed card of someone like Brady, Manning, Elway, Montana, etc back when they started doing autos. Now they are done so much along with jersey cards and other inserts, they really aren’t that special or valuable. Anyways, this would be kind of funny.

  15. cctheis says: May 28, 2013 1:46 PM

    Bet ya the Jags wouldn’t have to worry about this with Tebow!

    Lol, Gator players were getting arrested left and right when Tebow was there.

  16. MJD’s friend sounds like a real POS, and yet MJD would rather stick up for him than for a woman being groped against her will? And then he decks someone who was trying to help her?

    Real class, Maurice.

  17. Honestly the NFL needs to start imposing SERIOUS penalties on the players for uncivil conduct. Unbelievable how many of these idiots get arrested.

  18. If you’re really well paid, then you can avoid this kind of incident by simply locking yourself up in your home and isolating yourself from the world. It’s the only “smart” thing to do. That’s what Michael Jackson did.

    Worked out, too, right?

  19. No wonder MJD went out of his way to defend Justin Blackmon…….MJD isn’t the saint that he portrays himself to be. I suppose the media has “blown this out of proportion” too huh MJD.

  20. How soon until trading cards have the players arrest stats on it?

    I’ll trade you my Titus Young for a Rolando McClain and Plaxico Burress card.

  21. It must suck to be a Jags fan….

    Constant rumors about your team moving to LA.
    Local blackouts
    Losing home games to London.
    Blackmon’s issues
    Gabbert’s issues
    Now the face of your franchise literally knocks out a security guard….

    Man the hits just keep on coming in Jacksonville,

    Maybe you’ll get Tebow to be the cherry on top…

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