Seahawks waive-injured Anthony McCoy

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Apparently, the Seahawks needed an extra man, and weren’t afraid of getting the Jake Ballard treatment.

The team announced they had waived/injured tight end Anthony McCoy, who suffered a torn Achilles last week in OTAs. He’d revert to their injured reserve list if no one puts in a claim on him. The Seahawks filled the roster spot with tackle Jake Bscherer.

While it’s unlikely another team would claim McCoy so shortly after such an injury, no one expected the Patriots to claim Giants tight end Jake Ballard last year after a torn ACL. But Ballard was on the field with the Patriots last week, apparently recovered and ready to contribute.

13 responses to “Seahawks waive-injured Anthony McCoy

  1. He was potentially going to be cut anyways, this is how professional football works. If your a borderline player, on a talented team YOU CAN GET CUT.

    They drafted his replacement and are impressed thus far and have 4 TE’s on the roster, the writing was already on the wall, if anything his injury was something that made the majority of Hawks fans feel stuck with him.

  2. makes sense. on his last year of his rookie deal, season ending injury, need a roster spot while he recovers.

    no team is going to reserve a spot for an injured player, especially a back-up tight end.

    once he passes waivers he’ll go on IR just like usual. this just expedites the process.

  3. Anthony is a semi-regular poker player (during the off-season – $20/$40 hold ’em limit) and I have played at the same table with him a number of times (he once won the “bad beat” and took in over $10K). He’s a very good guy, humble, and always has a smile on his face. A lot of athletes have big egos and are gruff to fans, but Anthony is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Good luck Anthony wherever you go.

  4. Bummer. He was emerging, had a few key plays in key spots last year. I hope he gets back.

  5. Have you seen how many TEs are on that team right now?
    Miller, Willson, McCoy, Helfet, McGrath, Marshall, Fells.

    There is no team who would keep an average backup TE who is headed to IR when they have that many options.

    Miller and Willson are 1 and 2. I’d like to see Fells take that third spot if he develops well enough. My guess is he’s stuck on the practice squad this year but will at least stick around.

  6. McCoy had a few great plays last year, but he also had too many botched catches. There comes a point when you have to look beyond what you have, and hope for something better. In the PC scheme of things, versatility counts big and McCoy just didn’t show that.

    I wish him the best for the future, as he is still better than many TE’s I’ve seen on other teams.

  7. Tough Business….but it is a business. He was likely going to have a tough time competing for a starting spot or even the roster, so this makes sense.

    Good luck on recovery McCoy. Hope you actually don’t get claimed and come back to compete next year for the Hawks.

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