Tony Romo planning some extra time to work with rookies


The removal of a cyst in his back has left Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on the sideline during OTAs and could continue to keep him out through the team’s June minicamp.

If that should happen, Romo will have to wait until training camp for formal practices with his teammates. Those teammates include the team’s first three picks in last month’s draft — center Travis Frederick, tight end Gavin Escobar and wide receiver Terrance Williams — that Romo has to develop chemistry with because they all are ticketed for big roles on the offense in 2013.

Romo acknowledges that the missed time this spring could impact things on that front, but he’s got a plan in mind to make up for lost time whether or not he winds up sitting out minicamp as well. He explained that plan when asked about what he’s missing by not working with the rookies.

“I think sometimes timing,” Romo said, via Todd Archer of “But at the same time, I’m going to wear that out with them, too. I’m sure they’ll want to get out of here a little bit in June and July but I’ll probably force the hand a little bit to keep them around and it’ll be a good thing for us. It’ll be just a bonus time-wise.”

Jerry Jones wanted Romo to put in Peyton Manning-type time at the office and it seems that the quarterback has taken Jones’ desire to heart on this front. It won’t be organized practices, but every little bit counts when forging new relationships on offense.

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  1. Cool and good to see Romo FINALLY becoming somewhat of a leader. Now can he get the rest of the team to follow?

    It’s gonna be an interesting year in Dallas this season to say the least.

  2. He may be there with them, but his mind will be on the important things–the mirror and the golf course.

  3. I agree…Dallas should be an interesting team this year (as much as I love it when they collapse, choke, miss playoffs etc) but I think they got a good shot. I don’t see Kelly coming in and being Harbaugh with San Fran in year one and the Giants are just too inconsistent and Washington will have a down year this year I think. I don’t think RGIII will be as good and won’t be back until around week 6-8. While Cousins is good, I don’t think he will be solid enough for them to be 4-2, 6-2 etc at that point, which would be needed IMO to try and win the division down the stretch. I say it is between the Cowboys and Giants this season for the NFC East.

  4. So, his big plan is to “probably” play catch with his receivers in a non-practice situation. Wow! This is revolutionary. How did Peyton never think of this?

  5. @blacknole08

    “I’ll probably force the hand a little bit”

    That is not a quote from a leader.

  6. Dallas will be interesting to watch only because it is human nature to watch large wrecks. I sit and watch every year. Still always that “one guy” away from a Superbowl. LMAO

    Russell Wilson has been working with Seattles rookies since draft day. Percy Harvin and RW have been practicing since the trade went down. Sneaky Pete has to run RW3 out of the VMAC just to get him out of the film room. You wonder why he is already a better QB? Seriously?

    This team stinks! The front office stinks! The coaches stink! The GM stinks. But hey at least you guys sell Victoria Secrets bra and panties right at the stadium. Very convienient for all those girly men players…

  7. @ irishgary:

    “I’ll probably force the hand a little bit”

    That is not a quote from a leader.

    Anything else you would like to attempt to cherry pick out of context for a weak argument? Meanwhile, Romo is the QB for one of the world’s most valuable sports franchise, and HE is the one making the big bucks.

    Actions are what dictate leadership, not quotes from the press. Haven’t we all been shown this exceptionally and painfully clear from George Dumbya and Obama the past 12 years?

    “That is not a quote from a leader”. Really? And you are qualified to say this because…..?


  8. jsrdc

    Maybe Irish Gary is a leader and knows em when he sees them. What makes you qualified to know either way? He wasn’t talking about money. Everyone here knows, and it is well documented, that Romo makes alot of $$$ for a lower tier NFL QB.

    Lets drag politics into it you sharp guy you…hah me say Next….I dismiss you…hah based on your lack of leadership. Just cause its valuable doesn’t mean it doesn’t smell like poo

  9. Romo a leader? He is being forced to which has been documented. If he was truly a leader he would have took the reigns years ago.

  10. @seahawk12man,,

    WOW. The Seahawks are finally a legitimate playoff team, and you are on here attempting to talk smack about a 5 time SB champion team?

    Have you seen your trophy case lately? Not a single Lombardi is in there buddy, regardless of your fantasy world task of copying and pasting one in there via photo shop.

    Ok, now Sherman is really really really Really seriously (for real this time) NOT taking PED’s?


  11. Of all the rookies, it may be Escobar that is hurt the most by Romo’s absence. After drafting him in the 2nd rd., Jason wants to find a role for Escobar in the offense but with the absence of Romo, it’s difficult to make progress.

    It hink Escobar could help them in the redzone.

  12. Romo stays in Dallas all off season and works with players, Patrick Crayton used to complain that Romo would drag the receivers out starting in March, during the lockout Romo organized all the workouts…played with broken ribs and a punctured lung……Romo might never win big in Dallas, doesn’t play great in big games……but it won’t be because of lack of leadership

  13. @seahawk12man,

    Politics is a prime & applicable example of talk versus action. What counts in both politics and football is results through action, not talk. If Romo doesn’t come through with his ACTIONS on the field, THEN he can be legitimately criticized for not being a leader for the 2013 season. Until that time, I give him the benefit of the doubt, as he has the stats of a top 5 QB to back up his play. He isn’t as vocal as other QB’s, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a leader of this team.

    “Just cause its valuable doesn’t mean it doesn’t smell like poo”

    Wow. What a brainy attempt at trying to trash another team. An obvious hater statement. Look – Wilson was a great pickup. I like the kid a lot, and he has a bright future. The Seattle D is very good (PED-enhanced or not), and Lynch has been a beast. Having said that, this guarantees NOTHING, and the play of both teams will dictate whether they make the playoffs.

    Trying to “dismiss” anyone on here is your ego attempting to invalidate other people’s opinion. Irishgary has no sound argument in saying Romo isn’t a leader because of a single sentence. The season hasn’t even started, yet the Romo haters are out in droves only because they can be.

    Romo’s play on the field come September will speak a lot louder than anyone’s opinion on whether he is a leader or not 3 months before the season has even started.

  14. “Peyton Manning has been having a pretty golf-heavy offseason. The Broncos quarterback not only made a hole-in-one during a round in Denver, but he got a chance to take on the famed links of Augusta National, and had some darn good success.”

    How about that….

  15. jsrdc,

    Correct! The cowboys were a great team back when I was in kindergarten. Meanwhile I cannot remember them doing anything for basically 2 decades. There is a certain time when you have to let go of the past and see things for what they are.

    He has 8 years of action and this is all we have to deduce opinions from. 8 years of terrible bad/awful QB play. If you watch the game instead of fantasy stats you can see he doesn’t have “it”. He is much better at golf than football. He may be able to compare to Manning in that arena, but football??? Need a fourth quarter interception with the game in the balance? Romo is your guy!

    Ok everyone Romo is going be the line leader now. All the other years were just pretend for real makebelieve. Tony get ready…..set…..GO!!! LMAO

  16. @seahawk12man,

    “Correct! The cowboys were a great team back when I was in kindergarten. Meanwhile I cannot remember them doing anything for basically 2 decades.”
    This is called a legacy, Einstein – yes, they were great, and won 3 SB’s in 5 years as a result. They have 5 Lombardi trophies to show for their legacy.

    The seahawks have been horrible since their NFL debut in 1976. Their Legacy includes ZERO Lombardis, which is common knowledge. It is funny (and ironic) that a fan of a team with ZERO SB winning legacy is bashing the team with 5 Lombardis and a long winning tradition. Did you forget to pay your reality bill recently?

    With regards to Romo, you said he “He has 8 years of action and this is all we have to deduce opinions from. 8 years of terrible bad/awful QB play”.

    REALLY? First of all, he has been the starter for only 6 full seasons, and came in in 2006 to start the second half of the season. That makes 6 full seasons, and one half season, not 8. If you are going to make an argument, you might want to at least get it right. You don’t get characterized as “terrible bad/awful” being the 2nd all-time QB in Dallas Cowboy Franchise history (AS AN UNDRAFTED FA, at that) after only 6 full seasons of play, nor are you in the top 5 of the ALL-TIME NFL regular season passer rating behind only Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Tom Brady, and Payton Manning. (Manning, Brady, and Rodgers will all be HOF QB’s, joining Steve Young). And BTW, Romo is 26th all-time in playoff passer rating, ahead of Donovan McNabb, John Elway, Dan marino, and Phil Simms. Marino and McNabb never won a SB – are they also on your hate list?

    If you were a Pittsburgh fan, or a Giants fan, or a Niners fan, you would at least have a platform to criticize because your team has won it all multiple times. But, no. Pathetically, your team has no SB wins, and even though you currently have a good young QB, you somehow feel justified to bash a very good QB in Romo. It is simple – you are a hater with nothing else to point at.

    Time to get a real argument and grow a pair instead of simply hating. Romo has rarely had a solid O-line or defense helping him to get where the team needed to be during his career. He made his mistakes, but all QB’s do.

    Finally, “There is a certain time when you have to let go of the past and see things for what they are.”
    I can agree with this, but then you end your idiotic post with “Ok everyone Romo is going be the line leader now. All the other years were just pretend for real makebelieve. Tony get ready…set…..GO!!!”

    So which is it? You are telling me as a Cowboy fan I need to “see things for what they are and let go of the past”, but then you are holding Romo to “all his other years”. A Rhodes scholar you are not…..

    You may want to think about PED’s to help your posts – it is obvious you are very weak in this category. Call up Sherman, Browner, or Irvin – your boys will hook you up.

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