Tyson Jackson impressing new Chiefs regime

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Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson has struggled to live up to his billing as a top 5 draft pick during his first four seasons in the NFL. Jackson has seen two different head coaches and two different defensive coordinators with two different ideas of how to utilize the No. 3 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Now with yet another change in the coaching staff of the Chiefs, Jackson is having to adapt to a new defensive scheme all over again. However, this time, Jackson is leaving an impression for all the right reasons.

According to Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star, Jackson is making a mark with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey.

“I’m very impressed with Tyson,” Reid said. “I’ve been impressed since we’ve been together here. Not many guys are going to outwork him on the field.”

Jackson had to learn how to play in a 3-4 defense after being a 4-3 defensive end during his time at LSU. His role changed again with the change in coordinators from Clancy Pendergast to Romeo Crennel after his first season. Now he’s being asked to adapt again with new techniques under defensive coordinator Brian Sutton and defensive line coach Tommy Brasher.

So far, the Chiefs like they way he’s handled the changes.

“I like how guys gravitate to him,” Dorsey said. “He’s looked upon as one of the leaders of this team. I can’t wait to see him get in pads and actually play in this defense. I think this defense will help him. I see a guy who has a chance to do some things in this defense.”

9 responses to “Tyson Jackson impressing new Chiefs regime

  1. what so few seem to know is that t-jax is well liked in KC. really, he is another one of those players who was definitely drafted too high, and everyone knew this at the time, and because of it, he gets thrown in as a “draft bust”

    Id be really happy if he signed a long term deal at the end of the season with the chiefs.

  2. The fact he was drafted by Scott Pioli puts the odds against him. Pioli makes Matt Millen look like a genius at running drafts. Chiefs are going to need TJ for a good 40 snaps a game this year.

  3. Maybe he will finally do something this year. 2009 NFL Draft is full of busts, sad to see the best players be Harvin and that overrated LB Matthews.

  4. Um, Tyson has played 1 role in the same system every game of his career… 3-4 Patriots style DE… Crennel had coached him every year yet the articles imply that he’s switching schemes a lot… Ask Alex Smith about switching schemes.

    Anyway, hes been a very good player for a couple years now I guess the media is a little slow

  5. If TJ had been drafted anywhere but the 1st rlund he would be considered as making good progress. SInce he was drafted in the 1st rd everyone labels him a bust. But he is still on the team and the guy that over-drafted him isn’t.

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