Woodson has yet to finagle No. 24 from Tracy Porter


Apparently, Tracy Porter’s newcomer status to the Raiders trumps Charles Woodson’s eight years of Black Hole seniority.

Porter has squatted on No. 24, the jersey Woodson previously wore in Oakland.  And Woodson has yet to get it away from the first-year Raider.

“Right now, negotiations have stalled so we’ll work on that in the upcoming days,” Woodson told NFL Network on Tuesday.

What if the impasse lingers? “Well, I may have to petition to the league to see if I can just wear a blank jersey,” Woodson said, which is precisely what he did on Tuesday.

He won’t be wearing a Broncos jersey because the team and Woodson couldn’t work out a deal.  Though Woodson never came out and said it was about the money, the message between the lines is that, indeed, it was.

“I came into the talks with Denver knowing exactly what I wanted,” Woodson said.  “Even though I want to win a championship, I still want to make the business part of it right.  Everybody talks to me as if they want me to come in and do all of these things but they don’t want to treat me as a guy that is going to do all of those things. Those talks of course broke down, didn’t happen and I left Denver and I got here to Oakland. . . .  You can either take what they give you or you can say, ‘Nah, I’ll do something different,’ and that’s the way it went.”

And so he went to Oakland.  Possibly in No. 24.  Possibly in a different number.  Probably not in no number at all.

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  1. I am amazed but not amused at the things guys dwell on when their minds (or what passes for minds) should be on making the team, playing ball, and winning.

  2. Well Charles it’s probably because you’ll turn 37 this season and you missed more than half the season last year. Also in Denver you’d be a piece to the puzzle but not a piece the team is built around. In Oakland you’re likely to play a bigger role, and be a mentor so you’re worth more to them than you are Denver.

  3. Well he wouldnt have gotten 24 in denver…someone, i forget who (but he may be pretty good) has had it there for about 10 years.

  4. I don’t know why Tracy Porter stalling trying to play hard ball!? All he gonna do is end up on IR anyway. Might as well let that jersey number go to a future HOF’er.

  5. ‘He won’t be wearing a Broncos jersey’ should be music to everyone’s ears.

  6. Should be a whole different team! With only 7 starters out of the 22 it’s a big upgrade!

    The Secondary looks 10x better than last years roster.

    The LB corp is more solid than ever with enough Depth. No R.McClain is a +

    The DLine needs work but at least it’s a lot younger & hungrier than what we had last year.

    New Qbs over INT. Palmer

    Better Oline! New OC. (Gregg Knapp won’t be missed)

    No more Darrius Heyward Bey either

  7. I wish I could hold all the cards once in my life.

    I had a “Real Men Wear Black,” sweatshirt in junior high and all the older kids wanted to buy it. I was setting up a bidding war between three jocks and all of a sudden it was missing from my locker.

    Make him hurt, Tracy!!

  8. C-Wood and Tracy Porter are just waiting for Taiwan Jones to get cut so Porter can get his 22 and Woodson can get his 24.

  9. Give up the number Porter! If C-wood’s in silver and black, number 24 is his. Show some respect or the Raider nation will come down on you hard!

  10. Tracy Porter, I’m glad you’re a raider, but give the man back his number. C’MON MAN!!!

  11. I said this before, on another board….but once T.Jones gets cut, Porter will get 22, The number he wore with N.O. and Denver, I believe.. Woodson will get his number 24… If not he should petition to wear #2 that he wore in college and I believe he tried to petition for the number when we drafted him. Porter is a smart man, if he denies CW his #24 then I wouldn’t go anywhere near the black hole… They will personally deliver the number to CW

  12. Whats wrong with 21 Wood? You won a SB and got yourself into the HOF discussion wearing the Green n Gold 21 jersey not the Silver and Black 24.

  13. It’s arguable who had the greater impact on their respective teams winning SBs. Certainly, it’s hard to beat Porter’s picks of Favre and Manning in the Saints SB season. Woodson didn’t even play the 2nd half of the Pack’s SB win.

    So, keep playing the hardball, Tracy. You will always have a special place in the Big Easy’s history.

  14. “Probably not in no number at all.” Good grammar there. Never understand how all these sports WRITERS can’t write one 200-word, mistake-free article. It can’t be that hard

  15. Porter and Woodson are probably playing a joke on the media. There is absolutely no legitimate reason for Porter to refuse to give Woodson #24. Porter just needs to find a new #. With all the players drafted it could be difficult to get this done.

    Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen will do what needs to be done to avoid any unnecessary issues.

  16. Dear Tracy Porter,
    when the Boston Bruins had a retirement ceremony for Phil Esposito before a Bruins game, they had one problem…Ray Borque was wearing #7 at the time.
    Ray Borque was no slug. He had a 21 year career in the NHL. Bourque’s prowess led him to become one of the most honored players in hockey history. During his career, he was selected to thirteen NHL First Team (the most in history) and six Second Team All-Star squads, second in total in league history only to Gordie Howe and the most amongst defencemen.
    He played in 1,612 games.
    He retired second, and is currently fourth, in all-time assists with 1,169; this is still a record for defencemen.
    Is eleventh in all-time points scored with 1,579.
    Is first in all-time points scored by a defenceman with 1,579.
    Is first in all-time defence goals scored with 410.
    He is a first ballot NHL hall of fame inductee.
    I could go on, but you get the point.
    Phil Esposito is ALSO a Hall of Fame Bruin who had retired as Ray’s career began. He wore #7 before Borque did.
    So, on the night that the Bruins hoisted the “#7 ESPOSITO” jersey up to the rafters in Boston Garden, Ray Borque did an extraordinary, unselfish, un-Porter-ish thing. He skated to center ice, where Espo was standing, he removed his #7 jersey & handed it to Espo. Ray then turned around to show Phil that he had changed his # to 77 out of RESPECT. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

    The fact that Porter would even WANT the number with Woodson on the team is a mystery to everyone except Porter. “Straight cash, homey”

  17. I wasn’t aware until now that it matters all that much what your number is, when you play for a team that will win three games this year (if they’re lucky).

  18. bronco6745, believe me when I tell you I love almost nothing more than giving Florio s–t, but what he wrote there is proper in the context of the story. Reread it.

  19. Time to dump Porter … seriously if he can’t give Woodson the number … he not a team player.

  20. Freeney, Abraham and now Woodson are insane for not wanting to be part of that Denver team. I mean haven’t these lads made enough money where at this stage in their careers it would make way more sense to have one final shot at a Superbowl.
    Im not ragging on the Raiders or Chargers who are actually ball clubs I have a lot of respect for, but I mean there surely cant be playoff hopes for the next couple years by which time these dudes will be gone.

    side note, new blog is up, trolls and thumbs down welcome.

  21. In Tampa Mark Barron sold his 24 to Revis and moved to 23. The bad thing is that his twitter was like MarkBarron24 or something. Note to players, don’t use a number you may sell. Then again he probably got a mil for it.

  22. Tracy porter will give that number up as soon as they cut Tawain Jones which wears #22 Porters old #, and onces again the great Charles Woodson will be wear #24

  23. Don’t worry about what number CWood is wearing. Come the first game he will be in 24. Write it down.

  24. Maybe i’m wrong – but didn’t woodson decide to leave the raiders years ago? If he left by his choice, what rights does he have to a uniform #?
    (i don’t remember if he was traded or left via free agency) If he was traded – my post is wrong

  25. He left because Al Davis didnt even offer him a contract, similiar to Nmandi.

    The comment made about him taking #2 like his college days, he’d have to fight Marquette King for that too.

  26. doggz109 says:
    May 29, 2013 1:19 AM
    He can wear any number he wants…..still isn’t going to be able to cover Thomas, Decker, and Welker.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    thats ok, as a free safety i would rather woodson let those guys catch the ball, and then ring their bell until they see nothing but stars, and then boom boom out go the lights..

  27. doggz109 says:
    May 29, 2013 1:19 AM
    He can wear any number he wants…..still isn’t going to be able to cover Thomas, Decker, and Welker.
    Kind of like how Moore couldnt cover Jacoby Jones?

  28. When the equipment manager throws the #24 to Porter, Woodson should jump the route and try and intercept it. Heck, he’s been attempting that move for years now anyway. Of course, all the manger has to do is pump fake once and Woodson will be completely burned. Again, like he’s been doing for years.

    BTW: always amusing to hear people talk about the “Black Hole” like it’s something to be feared. I’ve been in Oakland. 350 pound fat and unemployed Oakland residents are not to be feared, but to be pitied.

  29. so now we know the real reason why he didn’t sign with the Broncos Champ Bailey wasn’t going to give up his number to Woodson

  30. terrybenjamin7 says: May 29, 2013 1:50 PM

    doggz109 says:
    May 29, 2013 1:19 AM
    He can wear any number he wants…..still isn’t going to be able to cover Thomas, Decker, and Welker.
    Kind of like how Moore couldnt cover Jacoby Jones?
    Where are the Raiders come playoff time? 10 straight seasons without a winning record. Commitment to excrement.

  31. Getting to the playoffs is only bragging rights among divisions because it means nothing in the grand scheme since the broncos lost. So how’s manning working out for them? More wins, yes but manning still could not win a playoff game….funny how tebow did and they got rid of him for manning.

  32. Lets not forget “spellingcops” that the season before it was the Raiders who enabled the broncos to get in the playoffs by losing to San Diego in the final game. Have the Raiders made it to playoffs lately, no but I do believe they still hold the most recent AFC conference title and most recent Super Bowl trip….last time Denver can claim that title…..1998. So really the broncos have been sitting at home watching the other AFC teams compete in the ultimate goal in the nfl, the Super Bowl, longer than what you call dysfunctional Raiders.

  33. spellingcops says: May 29, 2013 2:20 PM

    Where are the Raiders come playoff time? 10 straight seasons without a winning record. Commitment to excrement.
    They haven’t been there in awhile, but when they were, they didn’t get bounced the first time it mattered. The Broncos have won two playoff games since 1999, and one of those was after an 8-8 season with Tebow as the quarterback. Idiot.

  34. He didn’t want to go to Denver because they have a CB with the name Champ, but no championship. Woodson was also thinking about changing his name to Champ Woodson, just to poke fun at Bailey. Woodson has always been the better DB anyway.

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