Boldin making solid impression with 49ers


Regardless of whether the Ravens were or weren’t dumb in rolling the dice on the contract of quarterback Joe Flacco, they weren’t able to keep receiver Anquan Boldin for 2013.

Sure, he told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN he’d play for the Ravens or no one.  But when the Ravens wanted to cut his pay for the coming season from $6 million to $4 million, Boldin opted to continue his career in the division where it began, with the 49ers.

And the Niners now need him, due to the ruptured Achilles tendon suffered by receiver Michael Crabtree.  While Boldin doesn’t have the speed to duplicate Crabtree, Boldin gives quarterback Colin Kaepernick something that he had found in Crabtree:  Reliability.

The team already has gotten a glimpse of that during OTAs, and coach Jim Harbaugh has noticed.

“Well, very impressed,” Harbaugh told reporters on Tuesday regarding Boldin.  “Today, you got a good look at what he’s been doing.  Really picked up the system fast and making plays.  Big catches in tight areas.  You saw what we’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks now, very good.”

It’s what the Niners and Kaepernick saw in the Super Bowl.  When in doubt, throw it in Boldin’s general direction, and he’ll go get it.  As Kaepernick tries to adapt to life (for at least six months) without Boldin, that’s an important skill to have.

Harbaugh acknowledged that, in Tuesday’s practice, the ball went to Boldin a lot, via plays designed for him.  That could be a hint of what’s to come.

For now, the 49ers are letting younger players compete at the “X” position, with Boldin and other more experienced players lining up in the “Z” position.

When it’s time to play games that count, look for Boldin to regularly be on the field, and to regularly be getting the ball thrown in his direction.

66 responses to “Boldin making solid impression with 49ers

  1. Anquan is a true professional. Never holds out, just takes it in stride and plays his hardest no matter what colors he is wearing.

  2. And that’s a perfect pic of Boldin going up and bailing out Jump Ball Joe….

  3. Crabtree doesn’t have deep threat speed so I do t see a huge drop off from Crabtree to Boldin in terms of speed. Don’t forget Boldin has old man strength somewhere in there.

  4. As if his performance in the playoffs last year didn’t speak for itself. So glad this guy is out of the AFC north. Without Boldin muscling jump balls away from DBs, Flacco will be back to throwing INTs when pressured.

  5. Boldin will be a good Flanker. At the Flanker spot running precise routes is more important than raw speed. Long as he runs precise routes he’ll be good.

    Those cats just need to worry about their Split End spot.

    AJ Jenkins = Bust
    Ricardo Lockette = Journeyman until proven otherwise
    Kyle Williams = Coming back from a major knee injury
    Manningham = Coming back from a major knee injury
    Quinton Patton = Unproven.

    Who’s gonna take the top off the defense? DBs could sit on their routes like a sumo wrestler.

  6. I’m sure they were already impressed, watching him carry and bail-out the Ravens offense during their SB run.

  7. Whoever writes these needs to proof read first. I hope they don’t paid for this lol

  8. Mr. Richard Sherman will shut that old man down both this year. He would be wise to fake an injury and sit out both massacres against Thee Legion Of Doom while the Seahawks stampede thru the league on their way to the Super Bowl title

  9. I think the solid impression he made on the Niners started back in Feb when they played each other in that pretty important game.

  10. “As Kaepernick tries to adapt to life (for at least six months) without Boldin, that’s an important skill to have.”

    Nice job mike. Boldin making a solid impression while they adapt to 6 months with Boldin aka Crabtree

  11. 1st of all Crabtree’s not that fast, he’s a “Possession” Receiver. In a foot race between Boldin and Crabtree it would either be a Tie or Crabtree winning by no more than 1 step, 2nd… both players are the same type of receivers but #IMO Boldin’s got “WAY” better Hands and Florio don’t delete my comment!

  12. I think it’s foolish that niner and Seahawks fans would be calling for a superbowl at this point.

  13. I feel sorry for Boldin, he left the greatest franchise in NFL history and has to now play for the donkey of a coach the 49ers have

  14. Boldin can’t get separation these day’s but as long as you have a quarterback who take’s advantage of Boldins superior route running a makes tight throws in small windows at the exact right time… Boldin will be very effective. Of course that’s what Flacco did to a perfection with Boldin but because he’s ole boring Joe Flacco people wanna just call him “jump ball Joe” to make themselves feel better. Question for all the people who call him that…why if they were “lolli-pops” did not one of his 11 playoff TD’s get intercepted?? Did the league ban interceptions and bat downs last year???? Did Champ Bailey, Dashon Goldson, and many other All-Pro defensive players just lay down out of fear to my unibrow rocking QB?? I love this whole perception that top tier defenses like Denver and SF just allowed Flacco to walk all over them.

  15. I’ve always admired Boldin, how hard he works, and how you never hear anything bad about the guy.

    Excited to see what he can do, playing for my team for once.

  16. Boldin was only decent here in Baltimore because Joe could throw him a perfect pass so that he could catch without getting any separation on the DB, Kaepernick is not that accurate as Joe (we all saw his pass to Ed Reed in the SB)

  17. This guy is the consummate professional, he’s always ready on game day. The thing that impresses me is his passion for blocking, I’m not sure there is a better blocking reciever in the NFL, that in itself will make my Niners better. Even though this report is encouraging I don’t want my older vet to have to shoulder the load too long, I’d prefer to give em 65 touches at the most and put more on Vernon Davis and the other receivers.

  18. Someone please tell dick sherman that after 5 yards you cant keep pulling on the wr jersey because it is defensive holdig.dick sherman without adderall.quit it please

  19. Can’t wait to see the 9ers ground and pound those overhyped, hyped up, Seahags! Boldin has mad skills, may not be as fast as Crabtree but can catch anything that comes his way and the skills to be the difference maker. Boldin may be the “old man” but makes some of the younger Seahags look like amatures and in need of performance enhancing “helpers” to keep pace. Have never been a 9ers fan but look forward to seeing the talent they’ve put together, with one of the best coaches in the NFL, top notch organization, run away with the NFC West Championship and cruise easily into the SB once again. Sad the Ravens made this trade but the Harbaugh’s kept it within the family!

  20. I’m a Ravens Fan.

    And I love Anquan.

    But he’s not a tradition #1 type WR. He’s more like a #2 or 1b type reciever. He’s best when across from a guy like Fitzgerald, or on the Ravens, best when Torrey Smith was commanding additional attention.

    He is physical, has great hands, and will outwork anyone. But he isn’t fast and doesn’t create separation. You just have to trust he’ll catch the ball even when covered.

    Flacco did that last year with good results in the postseason. But it also causes incompletions and, sometimes, interceptions when you throw to a guy who’s covered, no matter how physical.

    I wish Q the best, but ideally he would have been the option next to or behind Crabtree.

  21. Love Ozzie and Decosta and all things Ravens, and understand that separating emotion from cap oriented roster decisions is what make the Ravens the Ravens and not the Raiders over the long-term, but this will be a decision the Ravens will regret. Can’t get them all right I guess.

  22. What an expensive trade too! Wasn’t it a 12 pack of off brand cola, a 30 day Nexflix subscription and a taco bell $10 gift card? The Ravens drove a hard bargain!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Boldin in Red and Gold. He has been a favorite player of mine for a long time.

  23. Q is an absolute beast. While I will miss him a lot as a Ravens fan, I do look forward to watching him embarrass Richard Sherman twice a year.

  24. Dude’s just another year older and slower. Anyone notice what his regular season stats were last year? Something to the tune of 60 catches 800 yards and 4 TDs. They’re gonna need a bit more than that out of a 34 year old receiver if they’re expecting to just up and forget about Crabtree’s production.

  25. Quan said Joe F is the best QB he’s ever played with. That includes Kurt Warner. Cpunk has some pretty big shoes to fill if he expects to play like the great Joe Flacco. We’ll miss Quan in Baltimore but we’ll be fine with Joe and the boys just quietly dominating and leading the team to the playoffs year after year!

    Black and Purple

  26. Considering how quickly the Steeler fans rise to troll, one has to assume they wish Boldin was on their roster to be able to bail out Big Ben on his unplanned “heave it downfield” scrambles.

  27. Should not be surprising.
    Boldin has always been a great receiver and a rough blocker as well.

  28. No surprise there! He was awesome in Arizona and he was awesome in Baltimore. The dude has been great his whole career. He needs to be given the opportunity to be a number one on someone’s team.

  29. out of all the mistakes ravens had this year- losing boldin is up there with reed as the biggest. i mean the guy personally got you thru the playoffs and won the SB- then you trade him..

    im sure its big brother saying ok i just won one let me send my 2nd best offensive weapon to san fran and helphim get one.. theres noone in the world outside baltimore that believes smith can be more than a deep treat aka legit number 1

  30. So Balty opts to NOT give Joe Flacco his money last off-season because they KNEW Flacco is an average QB AT BEST. They get lucky like any team can in the post-season, give Flacco an INSANE deal that he is nowhere CLOSE to being worth but trade the guy that made all those jump balls that forced you to pay Flacco all that money and then claim “we need a veteran wideout?” Lmao. Good luck, jump-ball Joe. You won’t see that entire contract without Boldin bailing you out every 3rd and 15.

  31. Good to see Ravens fan give kudos and wish Boldin well. Typically fans say he was not that good anyway when a player leaves.

    He’s a professional and should do well. As a niners fan, one can only hope another good receiver emerges and Crabtree can make a comeback this year.

  32. I’ve loved the 9ers since Patrick Willis was drafted. But I can’t stand Kapaernick. The dude kisses his muscles when he scores a touchdown, I can’t think of anything more egotistical than that.

  33. The Cardinals dropped the ball when they didn’t pay him. They’ve never been able to find that WR to play opposite Fitz since then. Would have had their WR spot locked in fo years. Ravens will experience the same thing although they are ligh years ahead of the cardinals in talent evaluation. So they may actually have someone on the roster that can replace him. But I’ve always thought Boldin was a hell of a receiver and the 9ers made a great move to get him. IMO

  34. Boldin had 65 catches in the regular season. That can definitely be replaced. Bolden isn’t a Wes Welker. Boldin had a tough time getting open unless he muscled the DBs.

    Boldin was a quality individual, that will be hard to replace. However, I trust the Ravens will find another quality individual that can catch at least 65 passes and not cost $6M/year.

  35. good luck to anquan…he was a great raven. and to all the so called clever folks who enjoy calling flacco “jump ball joe” please explain how he only threw 8 ints all year. every pass didnt go to q so..hey…joe must be good. and he has the ring the contract and the mvp to prove it. gonna be great winning the division again

  36. “Anyone who calls Flacco “Jump Ball Joe” doesn’t really know much about football”

    What if I call him “Uni brow Joe” or “moron who drops the F bomb in front of kids Joe”?

    Can I still know about football then?

  37. schmitty2 says:
    May 29, 2013 9:45 AM
    I think the solid impression he made on the Niners started back in Feb when they played each other in that pretty important game.

    I believe the impression was made immediately after he was drafted. He put a hurting on us twice a year for many years with the Cards.

  38. I love that people can attack Joe and say his games in the playoffs were pure luck and not indicative of who he is as a player, but at the same time, feel that Q is a beast because of how he played in the playoffs and not look at the big picture. Let me break it down for you.

    Before Torrey, there was Q and D-Mace. Q was average at best when he should have had much better production, avergaing about 600 yds and 4 TD’s a year. Not good at all. Mason leaves and in comes Torrey Smith. All of the sudden, Q’s numbers jump up in the regular season. Why? Because Torrey gave the Ravens a deep threat that stretched the DB’s and opened up the middle of the field for Q. And in 2012, adding Jacoby who is another burner and Pitta having a breakout year really opened things up for Q, and yet 800yds and 4TD’s is not earth shattering numbers…

    When it comes down to it- The Ravens were able to supplement Boldin with 2 burners and a great TE (not to mention Rice in the backfield, a top 3 RB who is far better than Gore). While the 9ers do have Vernon Davis (who is big but not the same type of receiver as Pitta), they really don’t have much else in terms of receivers (that are not coming back from major injuries). Boldin will be the absolute focus of defenses, which to me? Means we should expect a drop off in numbers this year. I give him 600yds, 6TD’s. Good but not great.

  39. please explain how he only threw 8 ints all year. every pass didnt go to q so..hey…joe must be good. and he has the ring the contract and the mvp to prove it. gonna be great winning the division again


    Well, it’s not too difficult to throw only 8 interceptions on the season when 80% of your playbook are hailmarry’s 15 times a game that are littered with yellow-laundry on the opposite end.

    If Joe wasn’t getting bailed out in big portions of the game with Boldin fighting for leverage, he was heaving it 60 yards downfield getting calls left and right while Ray Rice did the heavy lifting completing 3rd and 19’s on screen-pass’s.

    Baltimore had no business beating Denver in Mile High that came down to a 70 yard bomb (go figure) with seconds remaining. That luck won’t last forever!


  40. Boldin proved he was the man last post season. Always been a big Boldin fan. Baltimore is gonna get a painful wakeup call this season. The Niners lucked out.

  41. Boldin is a great 3rd down, hands receiver.
    but he is NOT a #1.
    He will be missed in Baltimore as he was tough as nails and a fan fave.
    SF, it was a great pickup for you guys. You’ve got a great 3rd down receiver for at least a couple years that will help bring along Kaepernick. Boldin should do for Kaepernick’s development what Mason did for Flacco. It will teach him to have faith in WRs and start placing those hard back shoulder throws to the sidelines.
    Safety blankets are a good thing for young QBs.
    Kaepernick got a good one.

  42. As Kaepernick tries to adapt to life (for at least six months) without Boldin….
    without Boldin? Where’s Boldin going? What do you mean by that?

  43. so now you are familiar with the ravens playbook and watch enough games to know their game plan? ridiculous.


    It’s called the eyeball test. It doesn’t take a rocket-science to know that once Baltimore’s offense gets stuck in the mud and when Ray Rice doesn’t carry the load, Flacco resorts to deep bomb after deep bomb. Regardless, I don’t blame you for failing to see the moldiness because Balty did win the Super Bowl. However, once the Kool-aid runs out from a new seasons kickoff, Ravens fans will find out real quickly that defending the title won’t be as luck-infested as last year appeared to be. Ravens 7-9.

  44. please explain how he only threw 8 ints all year. every pass didnt go to q so..hey…joe must be good. and he has the ring the contract and the mvp to prove it. gonna be great winning the division again


    He had 22 TD’s and 10 INT’s not 8, good enough to be the 12th rated passer after 16 games.

    Yeah yeah yeah we know, he had a good 3 game playoff run with some luck involved.

    But oh how reality will slap him in the face without Boldin to bail out!

    Jump Ball Joe throws another pick!

  45. my eyeballs told me that once cam was fired and caldwell took off joe and the offense took off culminating in a historic post season run and a super bowl title. my eyeballs also tell me that the raven offense is a lot better then the roethlisberger led steeler offense which could only break 23 pts once. at the end of the day wins and losses are all that matter and under joe the ravens do nothing but win. is he the best? no. but hes a lot better then the jump ball joe you all want him to be

  46. and as far as having no business beating denver, thats as lame as your other arguements. the fact is they beat denver and put up 38 on them. i love steeler fans arguement for a team having no reason to win when pitt was given sb 40 and the greatest play in their history is the immaculate reception

  47. explosionsauce says: May 29, 2013 9:17 AM

    Crabtree doesn’t have deep threat speed so I do t see a huge drop off from Crabtree to Boldin in terms of speed. Don’t forget Boldin has old man strength somewhere in there.

    Crabtree has very game speed. He also has good acceleration to create separation. So the difference is pretty big, Q doesn’t have that luxury. The drop off is bigger than people think in the speed department.

  48. Joe flacco had the greatest playoff run in history. Not because he threw jump balls but because he was accurate snd throws it only where his receivers can catch it.

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