DeMarco Murray vows to play all 16 games for Cowboys


Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is still sidelined from participating in the team’s offseason program as he battles a hamstring strain. It’s just the latest issue Murray has had to deal with that has kept him off the practice field.

Murray has missed nine games in his two seasons with the Cowboys including six games last season alone. Yet, Murray vows to be more durable in 2013. According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, fully intends to play in every game for the Cowboys this season.

“I am going to play all 16 (games) this year, and I’m excited. It’s going to be a great year for us,” Murray said.

Murray hasn’t struggled to produce when he’s been able to play. Murray averaged 5.5 yards per carry in his rookie season and still averaged 4.1 yards a carry last season. If he can put together a full season for Dallas, it should be a big boost for the Cowboys offense.

22 responses to “DeMarco Murray vows to play all 16 games for Cowboys

  1. That’s cool that he already knows that they are only going to play in 16 games this year.

  2. This is funny…only because he thinks there are only 16 games to be played. Give him credit though…at least he did not guarantee a super bowl.

  3. best runningbacks in the NFL

    5)C.J Spiller
    4)Adrian Peterson
    3)Joique Bell
    2)Mikell Leshoure
    1)Reggie Bush

  4. He isn’t going to be the best player on the field… Dez Bryant will be in Beast Mode this year… Dude got bigger and faster….

  5. Doesn’t surprise me none. Nothin from the circus show called jerry jones and the cowboys surprises me. What a shame, DeMarco can’t even talk about playoffs or super bowl cuz he knows he won’t last the entire season much less into the playoffs. Oh yea, the cowboys don’t make the playoffs anyway. They cant get past the Giants or the Redskins! And the Eagles have Chip Kelly and they mite sweep the cowboys this year. Ha ha. Too funny. Cant wait till Nov 10th when the Saints scorch the cowboys in the Mercedes Benz Super Dome. Geaux Saints!

  6. This dude hasn’t had an injury free season since his senior season in high school….and that I’m really not sure of….

    He missed time in every season of his college career except his senior season but he still had questions about his knee. Then he goes into the NFL and starts camp on the injured list, misses games in that season due to injury, misses practices leading up to last season and ends up not playing in 6 games due to injury. NOW as the season starts he’s already missing OTA time due to the same ole injury and we are supposed to believe he’ll make it through all 16 regular season games?

    How about we go prove it on the field? I can tell you I’m a millionaire all day but when it comes time to spend some money my great stories aren’t gonna make it appear.

  7. Maybe I’d feel better about this statement if Murray wasn’t already nursing a sore hamstring before real practice sessions even start. This current generation of Cowboys players are just like their owner/GM…. all talk (hype) and no action (results).

  8. Of course he says he’s going to play in all the games; what running back would say, “Yeah, I’m only going to play in 8 games tops this year. One of those other backs had better be ready to go”?

  9. I am getting tired of listening to day to day news, press conferences, lip service and some utter non-sense and disasterous news; guys taking 50% pay cuts and “we’re excited” about their prospects; mistakes are being made, huge ones, uterly titanic ones

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