Dennis Allen: Matt Flynn’s our starter right now


Raiders rookie quarterback Tyler Wilson got some rave reviews for his first work with the team earlier this month and there was more praise for his work during Tuesday’s OTA session.

Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group reports that people around the Raiders were talking about Wilson looking better than Matt Flynn and that Corkran agreed with them after watching both players work during the practice. That led to a question for coach Dennis Allen about whether or not Flynn was being considered the team’s starting quarterback.

“Yeah, right now that’s the way we’re going. Just like we’ve said before, we want to try to create as much competition as we can on this football team,” Allen said, via the team’s website. “That’s how you get better. When everybody competes and they compete in a way that they want to do what’s best for the football team, the cream always rises to the top. So Matt is our starting quarterback as we go forward right now. Until the competition dictates otherwise, that’s the way we’re going.”

There’s no reason for Allen to close the door on the competition in May, although we wonder how much competition really is going on in Oakland. Flynn is being considered the starter,  so it isn’t an open job the way it is with the Jets, and that means he’ll have to lose the job as much as either Wilson or Terrelle Pryor will be able to win it. That’s pretty hard to do before there’s any opposition on the other side of the field, which makes it feel like Flynn’s going to have to flop in game action before anyone else gets a real shot with the Raiders.

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  1. If Wilson the better player he should start if Pryor is the better player he should start, same for Flynn…but I hope we do not go back to the old ways of the higest paid QB gets the starting job!!!

  2. A playoff season would be an act of god so knowledge of what we have needs to be the focus.

    I don’t want to see them come out losing games and giving to much leash to Flynn because he’s putting up solid #’s while not learning what we have in Wilson or Pryor. I’d take 4 wins while learning who we are going into the future with at QB over limping into the playoffs or 8-8 with Flynn at QB putting up average #’s and knowing nothing about the other guys.

    I hope Flynn comes out at 350 yards a game with low int’s and high td’s. I just don’t see it happening and I don’t want time wasted like we did with Palmer last year.

  3. Whelp. If ever there were an accurate assessment of a QBs skills, it’s throwing passes in short and t-shirts in May to receivers running half-speed with no one playing defense. Actual NFL practice and game experience be damned! The Raiders are totally not being fair to Timmy Watson! I mean Tyler Wilson. Dude is on fire!!!! MVP of May.

    When does training camp begin?

  4. Better off going with the rookie. Raiders are young, rebuilding… Why not just go with Tyler Wilson? Is Flynn really going to bring them to the playoffs? Very doubtful.

  5. Is Matt Flynn becoming the Drew Bledsoe of our time? Bledsoe kept losing his starting job to backups who became stars. So far, Flynn seems to keep getting beaten out in camp by rookies. If Wilson ends up taking his job and taking the team to the playoffs, Flynn’s going to be a hot commodity next offseason.

  6. Who cares who starts? We’re talking about the Raiders here. Does anybody really care about them anymore? They’re irrelevant and have been for many many years. They suck so bad that they’ll be up for the first pick in the 2014 draft.

    They should start whoever gives them the best chance to get that first pick because unlike the last few drafts there is a prize worth winning in Jadeveon Clowney, DE So Carolina. Whoever gets the first pick in the draft will get the best defensive end prospect to come out in a generation and the irrelevant Raiders are actually in the running for it. Maybe, just maybe they can then become relevant again.

  7. Drew Brees of our time? Drew got pushed outta SanDiego by management. Marty knew Brees was the man. Miami signed Culpepper instead and Brees has owned Nawleans ever since.

  8. Let’s not confuse Tyler Wilson with Russell Wilson. Tyler would be wise to sit and watch a year. He has a huge learning curve to overcome. Expecting him to start as a rookie is like hoping every ACL injury heals like Adrian Peterson’s.

  9. As he should. Depending on how he plays and where we’re at come halfway point, then play Wilson/Pryor. The game is much faster in the NFL. Sometimes it’s better to sit and watch. Not everyone can come out and play right away.

  10. The media is searching for this year’s version of Russell Wilson. Besides, does it really matter how well someone throws against no defense in OTAs? No use forcing Tyler Wilson in early just because you aren’t a contender. Guys can benefit to getting some seasoning before being thrown in the fire.

  11. ramrene says: May 29, 2013 11:36 AM

    Who cares who starts? We’re talking about the Raiders here. Does anybody really care about them anymore? They’re irrelevant and have been for many many years.
    Yet here you are taking the time to read the article and post a comment.

    Your answers are: You and Yes.

  12. Quarterback assessment has many parts and one them is how they do in OTAs. Sure, shorts, t-shirts, etc. but you can still get a feeling of footwork, arm strength, accuracy, timing, release … there is a lot to be learned. You have to start somewhere.

    If it’s such a waste of time why does every team go through the process? Because it’s a metric for evaluation.

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