Don’t expect much injury info out of Chip Kelly


Eagles coach Chip Kelly might be new to the NFL, but he’s already showing some veteran poise when it comes to the injury report.

Specifically, the obfuscation thereof.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Kelly was evasive at best when asked about some of the Eagles missing from yesterday’s voluntary OTA workouts which were open to the media.

For instance, safety Kenny Phillips said last week that coaches were “most definitely” easing him back into practices after a series of knee problems in recent years. Phillips told a team spokesman his absence from a rainy practice was precautionary.

Kelly only said that Phillips was “with the trainers.”

Asked if it was precautionary, Kelly replied: “It’s got nothing to do with the weather.”

Asked if Phillips was injured, he said: “Yeah, he’s had an injury for a couple of years now.”

Asked if Phillips had suffered a setback, Kelly replied: “I don’t ask questions. They [the medical staff] just tell me who’s going and who’s not going.”

Such cat-and-mouse games seem to exist primarily for the entertainment of the coaches themselves, who apparently think that hiding details such as Kenny Phillips’ sore knee in May confers competitive advantage.

Note to Chip: It doesn’t. The league knows Kenny has bad knees. You neither gained yardage, nor won a game by trying to cloud the fact with the local reporters after an OTA.

The Eagles don’t have to release injury information this time of year, so they’re not going to. Which is well within Kelly’s rights.

But for a coach who seems to place such a high value on being efficient with his time, it seems he spent more of it trying to evade a question yesterday than it would have taken to just answer it.

16 responses to “Don’t expect much injury info out of Chip Kelly

  1. Sour grapes reporting by a reporter whose only interest is to scrape up any info? Perfectly efficient use of coaches time, he didn’t tell YOU anything. Get over it.

  2. Good enough for me, Chip answered the question. Hes not a Dr. He said it was NOT weather related, and pretty much conveyed the fact that the guy does have a bad knee that is being worked on.

    Why should a coach have to play Dr with every minor knee flair up?

  3. That last paragraph could be rephrased to say “reporters spent more time asking and re-asking the same question over and over when they knew they weren’t going to get a straight answer than it would have taken to simply realize he wasn’t going to answer it and move on to a meaningful subject that he might actually address”.

  4. Kelly’s responsibility and focus should be on his players who are on the field. In your own admission, it’s not really news that Phillips is injured. I don’t think Kelly was ducking the question. I think on his list of to-do things the question and the status of Kenny Phillips is probably the last thing on his mind. This is not a case of cat and mouse. This is a case of prioritizing. And guess what Kenny Phillips (like it or not) is not high on any NFL teams list of priorities.

  5. By the way it’s not efficient to discuss, in detail, a player who will probably not make the team.

  6. maybe he’s the type of guy who doesn’t like sharing other people’s health issues with the general public. or maybe he really just focuses on the players at the session.

  7. I mean seriously, to follow up my last post, does anyone think the media actually cares where Kenny Phillips is? The guy is a long shot to even make the team.

    The only reason they kept following up is to put Kelly on the spot. Kelly knows this, and didn’t take the bait.

    This should actually be encouraging for Eagles fans. Unlike Greg Schiano, who seems to be struggling to adjust to the media style of the NFL, Kelly seems to have picked up the badgering methods pretty quickly.

  8. Ok, he “doesn’t ask questions.”

    Lol that’s like being in charge of your bank account, getting paid, finding out that some of the dollars you expected in your check aren’t there, but not asking questions cuz you aren’t an accountant, and you have other dollars to use in you bill paying or shopping today.

    He knows. He just doesn’t have to say. I love this guy’s attitude and approach, which is all i have to go on so far.

  9. The NYG media cares where phillips is, cuz they are dying to laugh at us for having picked up Phillips at any turn, and nervous as all H to see him possibly succeed here.

  10. Its the job of the media to ask questions fans (aka “readers”) want to know.

    Maybe the reporter doesnt *truly* care about Phillips knee…but if he thinks the readers of his paper (or maybe listeners of his podcast or something) want to know, its his job to ask it.

  11. Ha. Phillips contract is for $850,000, no signing bonus. $1 million roster bonus paid 1/16 for each game played. No guaranteed money. Win win situation for the Eagles.

  12. It seems another college coach with the Bucs, Greg Schiano, had similar complaints last sesaon. Not wanting to discuss injured players. It takes a little time for these clowns to realize they are not coaching at the college level any longer.

    Duck Dynasty has arrived in philly. Enjoy it media!

  13. Who cares if the readers know or not, it doesn’t matter on Sundays if he plays. Why do we think we have to know everything about everything, whether its the injury report or our plans to conduct war in America?
    Why doesn’t HIPAA apply to the NFL? I personally would like to ask one of these reporters a personal question about their health, only because, “As a reader, I should know this”.

  14. Look, it’s not just injured players… Chip Kelly isn’t answering in detail what type of defense, what style of offense, or which players are highest on the depth chart. He’s got a gift for talking a lot but saying next to nothing we are trying to find out.

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