Frazier says Vikings want to get Joe Webb on the field


The Vikings have a simple motivation for moving Joe Webb from quarterback to receiver.  They want him to play.

“[W]e wanted to get him on the field rather than on Sundays having him stand on the sideline with me as a third quarterback or not dressed with the addition of Matt [Cassell] and Christian [Ponder] being our starter and this is a way to utilize his gifts so we wanted to take a look at it,” coach Leslie Frazier told reporters on Wednesday, via quotes distributed by the team.

“There are some things that Joe does very well, we’ve seen him put on a highlight show in some ball games.”

Eventually, the Vikings won’t just put Webb on the field; they’ll move him around on it.  “Right now we have him in one spot but we do have ideas about some things we want to do with him beyond just lining him up at the X or the Z position,” Frazier said.

Still, the change will take plenty of work.  “[O]ne of the toughest parts of the transition is just the route running part,” Frazier said.  “He has very good hands, he knows the offense very well.  He’s actually helping some of the young guys in where to line up.  Just that he’ll be able to grasp the route running part of it fast enough to give himself the best chance to go out and really have a chance to make the transition smoothly when we get to training camp.  Knowing how hard he works and knowing how much he wants to succeed as a receiver, he’ll have a very good chance of getting that done.”

Webb has a clear incentive to get it done.  He’s changing positions in a contract year, which means he has limited time to prove his worth as a receiver after three NFL seasons at quarterback.

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  1. Only took 2 coaches and 4 years for someone to wake up and say, “you know what, maybe we should try to put the ball in his hands every now and then.” Seriously inept coaching/decision making since Webb has been in Minnesota.

  2. I still think they held him back in that playoff game. They started out with some read option stuff and it worked then for no reason they just gave up and tried to force him to be a pocket passer.

    As we saw at the beginning of the game and the next week the Pack had no clue how to handle the read option. Either the Viking coaches are flat out morons or they purposely stunted the kid to protect the joke that is Ponder.

    Maybe they don’t win the game but it would have at least been competitive had they put Webb in situations that match up with his skills.

  3. Damnit Leslie the fans have wanted to see him on the field as something other than QB for quite some time now!

  4. The playoff game after he went 11/30 for 180 yds and his 54 passer rating ended the qb experiment.

  5. Webb has some similarities as an athlete to Cordarelle Patterson in that they both are fairly nimble for big guys and are fast. They are both fairly raw technically. Both have decent hands from what I’ve seen.

  6. @hutch119 Totally agree. After the first drive Musgrave didn’t call another read-option until the fourth quarter; an absolute head-scratcher.

  7. What is it about the Vikings that make them so lousy when drafting QB’s? John David Booty, T Jack-Off, Joe Webb and now girly throwing Ponder?

    I can understand wanting to get some value from Webb but somehow this is not going to end well. Sort like the last 52 seasons in Viking land.

  8. Understand the thinking but it is sad that the only game that is being reviewed is his last game. He has had good games. His percentage of good to bad games is the same if not better than Ponder’s. When Ponder was bad he had Percy to bail him out. WEBB was Percyless and the offensive call did not help especially not calling a single screen when the pressure started getting there and no quick easy passes. 1/2 the blame for that loss should go to the staff and it is all being laid WEBB arms & head which also deserves about 1/2. (Oh and Cassel had never had horrid games either?)

    If he does get cut look for the 49’s or skins to pick him up and make him a good backup QB. Love the VIKES not sold on the QB coach or offensive head coach.

  9. Since he arrived, I have been saying to do this. For the love of god what is wrong with the quarterbacks coaches in Minnesota? Same with Marquis gray, gophers qb. I could have told you after seeing him throw the ball just twice that he would never, ever be remotely good. He sucked.

    Better late than never, but god what awful decision makers minnesota is with quarterbacks.

  10. He’s got better receivers hands than Jerome Simpson. If the Vikings give him a chance, and coach him well enough, he’ll be a dangerous receiver before the end of the season.

    At 6-4 and 220 lbs, he may be a great red-zone weapon the Vikings have lacked for years now. If he gets the route running down, he’ll relegate Jerome Simpson to the bench.

  11. Why they kept this guy at QB and not at WR I’ll never know. Maybe he “wanted” to play QB but I watched the same playoff game you did. He stunk. But he does have talent and could be a nice weapon in the slot.

  12. Coach Bum Childress dropped the ball on Webb.
    You can’t teach the natural athleticism that he has. I think he can make the transition, but could have already developed into a solid 3 receiver. I could see the team carrying 6 wr’s on the roster to buy him some time. They will try to manufacture touches for him, but if he can successfully convert to wr he will add to create mismatches for defenses.

  13. Joe Webb is a great guy and has a lot of talent as a football player. The trouble is getting him experience at a position. He’s played both QB and WR off and on since he started in college, but never had much playing time at QB in the NFL, and is showed last year. The Vikings tried him briefly at WR, but they had more guys on the roster at WR at that time, and I think that was the year of the lockout so there was no preseason for him to learn the WR position.

    Now, he has a full off-season to learn the WR position and get the reps and learn the route running aspect. He has great hands. He has great speed and YAC ability. He has length. He has outstanding vertical ability.

    I think Joe Webb can be a great situational/red zone WR for the Vikings. With his length and vertical, a high throw to him in the corner of the end-zone in unstoppable if well executed.

  14. I was sick and tired of seeing Joe Webb standing on the sidelines year after year after year what a waste of a talent. I don’t understand this team with such talent that they can make it to the playoffs but then this was their choice as a backup to the already unreliable

    Christian ponder. Really? That was terrible planning on the coaches part.

  15. Musgrave made a colossal blunder by not sticking with the read/option that is Webb’s strength and having him attempt to pass from the pocket. Webb is atrocious at pocket passing and it cost the Vikings any chance of winning. Musgrave later said it was because Green Bay left so many people wide open. That may be true but it was a error in judgement. Musgrave is the one to blame for that game. Look at what the 49ers did the next week running the same plays. He also stopped handing off to AP. Musstake had earned Gary Anderson, Darren Nelson level of hatred from me after that.

  16. Just face it you were beat by the better team as you have been the last 3 years.

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