Greg Schiano: 99.9 percent of practice plays are permissible

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A report of hitting during OTAs has made its way to Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano and Schiano responded Wednesday by saying that he and his coaches teach the players the right way to practice in the offseason.

Mike Florio shared what Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune said during a radio appearance about what Cumming saw — “I’ll tell you what, Greg Schiano is right on the border of getting investigated and possibly — I don’t know if they would fine him, I don’t know what the penalty is — but these guys are out there, they’re hitting.” — during a portion of practice open to the media that included a fight between tackle Jeremy Zuttah and defensive tackle Akeem Spence. OTA practices are non-contact and teams that violate that rule can lose practice days or incur fines from the league.

Schiano stressed that the team is shown training videos about the right way to practice and that the coaching staff does everything it can to enforce them. He also admitted that there are moments when players trying to make an impression cross the line, referencing the Zuttah-Spence fight, but that isn’t because the team isn’t playing by the rules. .

“I’m very confident that our practice tempo is 99.9 percent the plays are permissible. … So we’re playing 11-on-11 football but you use your hands and you use your feet and what we try to do is stay on edges and work with our hands and feet and then everything is tag tempo, so we tag off on ballcarriers,” Schiano said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “To say with 22 people on the field, they try to get out of the way when they tag off, do they sometimes run into each other? Yeah, it happens. But clearly in watching the training videos, I feel confident that we’re doing it the right way. I’m very big on (how) I expect them to do things on and off the field and it’s no different for me. There are rules set by the NFL and I’m expected to follow them and I do everything I can to.”

The Seahawks were stripped of two practice days last year for violating the rules on contact. We’ll likely find out soon if the league decides the Buccaneers are deserving of the same punishment.

27 responses to “Greg Schiano: 99.9 percent of practice plays are permissible

  1. How’s Revis Pevis doing???
    Did he at least show up for the OTA as a sideline visitor or is he already acting up???

  2. Hey Swash—behind one score with seconds on the clock @ their 30 is a good reason to blow up the Victory…nice try though.

  3. Fine them 500,000 $, take away 2 draft picks, and hand out 77+ suspensions. That will teach them to obey the great RG.

  4. Schiano always comes off as a schmuck. I can’t buy into the idea that he can establish a winning culture in Tampa Bay, when he presents himself as a common meat head like he always does.

    I feel the pain of the Bucs players.

  5. Why doesn’t the league just hire people to monitor each team’s practices? It’s not like they can’t afford it.

  6. That’s like saying, 99.9% of the women he sleeps with are of age. Not much of a defense there Schiano.

  7. So since he seems to have such a profound understanding of what’s going on, please make that percentage more specific and accurate and tell us what number would go into the 2nd decimal position considering it sounds like you have already done the math and determined which players were ok and which ones were not?

  8. hedleykow says:
    “Schiano always comes off as a schmuck.”

    With all due respect, you are wrong. Greg Schiano is earning the respect of his players while trying to turn the team around. If you knew anything you would be aware that the OTAs have been very impressive this off season.

    The player are more sure and have a win now attitude. That’s why they are so aggressive. You fans of other teams will deserve what you get if your team plays the Bucs this year.

    And nothing at all wrong with the Schiano policy with Victory Formations. After the first time teams accept it and it has become the norm with the Bucs.

    Eat crow, suckers.

  9. Cummings is a snitch. Why would a local reporter drop that on a radio show? Rat. He prob won’t be allowed to visit Bucs practices anymore and not only that may have ruined it for his own colleagues as well as far as being allowed to watch OTA’s etc. It’s not a right. It’s a privilege, and he should be thankful that the Bucs allow rats like him to even watch practice.

  10. I thought the victory formation blow up was ridiculous. I hope it does not happen ( I am a panthers fan, but hate to see anyone get hurt ) but someone is gonna get hurt if they keep playing dirty. I am sure it the coach telling them to do it. It shows a lack of class.

  11. Last year,

    They managed to beat:

    Falcons (Final week which Atlanta secured playoff spot and had no effort in the meaningless game)

    This year they Play Carolina, Miami and Buffalo. They could get a few wins there!

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