Grimm calls public intoxication arrests an “error in judgment”


Buccaneers safety Cody Grimm has been arrested not once but twice for public intoxication since March 10.  On Wednesday, he acknowledged that he made an error in judgment.

Not once, but twice.

I have to learn from my mistakes,” Grimm said, via  “I can’t change anything in the past.  I have to learn and move forward.  [My future with the Buccaneers] is up to [coach Greg Schiano].  All I can control is what I can do from here on out.  I am not going into details about it.  I’m moving forward.  That’s in the past.  It was an error in judgment, clearly.”

Grimm’s situation is complicated by the fact that the first charge was resolved with a deferred disposition, which surely prohibits him from being intoxicated in public for a finite period of time longer than three months.  Also, repeat offenders tend to attract the attention of the league office, under the personal-conduct policy.

Then there’s the question of whether the Buccaneers will make an example out of Grimm.  That’s usually how it goes in sports; the star players get the excuses, the backups become the examples.