Jammer signs with Broncos

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Veteran cornerback Quentin Jammer, a top-10 pick in 2002 who spent 11 seasons with the Chargers, is staying in the AFC West.

Jammer has signed a one-year deal with the Broncos, per a source with knowledge.

Details aren’t currently available, but the contract is believed to be worth more than the veteran minimum salary.

Earlier this offseason, the Broncos added Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, another former first-round pick.  And the cornerstone of the secondary continues to be cornerback Champ Bailey, a first-rounder of the Redskins in 1999.

Speaking of the Redskins, they had interest in Jammer, but only via the minimum-salary benefit.

Jammer’s arrival surely will spark speculation that the Broncos are considering sliding Bailey to safety, despite an insistence that they won’t.  Or maybe that’s where Jammer will end up.

Either way, the Broncos have taken significant steps to improve the back end of their defense in 2013.

45 responses to “Jammer signs with Broncos

  1. Gheez. Broncos becomming The Denver Chargers. That’s like the 6th player they’ve signed from us. Lets be real here though… that’s not such a good thing for them.

  2. I would guess Jammer will play the same role Woodson would have (assuming he makes the team) he’ll play 10-15 plays most games as the third safety when the Broncos show that, he’ll likely matchup against receiving tight ends, .

  3. Champ Bailey should move to free safety. Such a move could extend his career. Look at what it did for Rod Woodson. If Bailey is adamant about moving then Jammer is the best choice. Rodgers-Chromartie takes too many risks to be a good safety. Anyway this signing represents a move to solidify the defensive backfield that failed them against Baltimore. They are gearing up for a another SB run because they know the window is closing.

  4. The Broncos have pushed all their chips in with the signings the last two years. This is no way to build a long term winner but that was out the window when they got Manning. Not saying its a bad strategy but after the next two seasons this team will be in a world of hurt. Elway should be able to weather that rebuilding but I prefer the draft and develop philosophy, prevents long stints of losing.

  5. Everyone is saying this team is to old, every team needs the right mix of veterans and youth.. Denver has that perfect blend with the likes of Bailey,Manning,welker and numerous up and coming players like Von fricken miller, Thomas,decker, a very young oline/dline and I think they have one of the best and up and coming CBs in Chris HarrisJr.. That guy can straight out ball.. Yes they have been adding veterans but they are also pieces that can help them win.. Elway definitley has a handle on this team… 3 years ago I thought it would be 20 years before Denver was relevant again..

  6. deathonwings410 says:
    May 29, 2013 8:34 PM
    Bailey, DRC and Jammer? Wow their secondary is a weakness for them, when it was a strength last year.


    I guess you forgot about Chris Harris and Tony Carter. But carry on, you know more about the Broncos than anyone else. Chris Harris is a rising star in the league.

  7. Keep trying to buy that SuperBowl horse face…ain’t gonna happen.

  8. I’m glad Jammer found a home, even if it’s with the Broncos. I’m sure they already know that his days as a starting CB are over. Safety is the only possibility for him. Wish him well…for 14 games.

  9. deathonwings410 says:
    May 29, 2013 8:34 PM
    Bailey, DRC and Jammer? Wow their secondary is a weakness for them, when it was a strength last year.

    You’re forgetting about Chris Harris.

  10. He spent his entire career in San Diego and now bam selling out to jump on the superbowl train

    Can’t blame him one bit, im sad to lose him, he’s always been underrated

    Peyton better get it done, because a lot of guys are going all in with him this year.

  11. This team is being built for now but these players which everyone says is old are being signed for 1-2year contracts. They are being infused with the young players who have little experience. Last year this year and next year Denver will still add through the draft to build this team. As they do this they will have to use veterans to add depth or leadership. Manning has this year and next. After that who knows. The qbs they have will have a chance to learn from one of the best teachers of that position. They will learn how to study and practice. In the mean time Elway who has not been in Denver all that long will continue to build through the draft and yes for now add seasoned players. Seems like he is making the best with what he has in the short time in Denver.

  12. melkipershero says:
    May 29, 2013 7:24 PM
    Champ can still play CB. Didnt know Jammer was still playing.


    Obviously you missed the Playoffs…Champ got torched.

    Great CB in his time, but you can’t beat Father Time

  13. I love how Elways is stacking this roster. Bailey, DRC, Harris and now Hammer with Quenton Carter coming back. Mike Adams was solid when called on, Rahim Moore is better than that infamous play and we still have Tony Carter.Hammer is physical and I see him inside helping on opposing TEs which killed us all season. Woodyard underneath Jammer on top. With Von Miller and some new beef in the middle, it Ayers it Smith can step up even a little that pass rush is gonna be even better than with Dumervil. Add the offense lighting up boards. this team is scary.

  14. Shaun Phillips and Quentin Jammer are both shells of their former selves. I enjoyed and appreciated what they gave to the Chargers (especially Jammer). But if Denver has to give SP95 and QJ23 significant playing time, they will see a drop off in their defense. Louis Vasquez is the only guy I wish Denver didn’t sign.

  15. Good pick up for the broncos. Jammer started as a SS at Texas before becoming an all American CB. He can play S and be productive.

  16. A lot of haters in here. Obviously, he’s not starting. In fact its been reported that he’ll make the switch to S and he’ll most likely be playing around 10 snaps a game in the dime package. Chris Harris is clearly the teams best CB (Rated #64th player by PFF, ahead of Bailey) and it wouldn’t surprise me if he started in there base formation, then making the switch to nickel corner once the dime and nickel formations come in (making DRC the outside man). MLB isn’t an issue either considering they played in the nickel formation 64% of the time and they were still successful with a 37 year old slug last year in there base formation….

  17. Charger fans are smiling. Jammer has lost a step or two. Maybe three. All teams have to do is line any WR with moderate speed up against him and it’ll be a TD or PI call.

  18. jammer is not the answer, but he does provide depth. champ is still one of the best corners in the game. no need to move him just yet, and not without someone to step in and play at a high level in his place.

  19. melkipershero says: May 29, 2013 7:24 PM

    Champ can still play CB. Didnt know Jammer was still playing.
    I guess those three TD’s thrown over Bailey’s head by Joe Flacco were just a figment of our imagination, eh?

  20. sdb0ltz says: May 29, 2013 7:35 PM

    Gheez. Broncos becomming The Denver Chargers. That’s like the 6th player they’ve signed from us. Lets be real here though… that’s not such a good thing for them.
    I think you’re forgetting one team has a Top 5 QB and the other has a INT problem hurling the pigskin. Now is not the time for Denver to be experimenting with young players. Now is the time to bring in veterans, good players but not great, who will get the job done without making rookie mistakes.

  21. Chargers fan here, Jammer is well past his his prime but still is a veteran, scrappy player who finds a way to hold his own. That said, the notion that signing him to bump Champ to safety is ridiculous. I would take Champ at CB now over Jammer 2 years ago…

  22. We can never tell when a player is done or still has a little gas left in the tank – that’s a solid signing. Wonder why C. Woodson couldn’t sign anywhere but the Raiders – wonder what they are even Raiding anymore …

  23. The denverpost reported that jammer will convert to safety and will be asked to cover tight ends. Seeing as that was denver’s biggest weakness in the secondary all season I like the signing.

  24. Doesn’t matter who is in the secondary if you have drc. Truth is as an eagles fan he was my favourite signing in a long time. However he is awful. And I mean terrible. It doesn’t matter the scheme. Zone. Man to man. He can be part of a double team and he will still get burned

  25. He was the most burned CB in the league last year statistically. Good luck with that.

  26. Q is a fine family man and great for the community but his coverage skills have deteriorated. Furthermore, he has ALWAYS had hands of stone. Most would trade some PI calls for INTs but he isn’t and has never been a ball hawk. That just leaves INTs when he’s thrown to.

  27. Another guy who can end his career with a SB ring in Denver…congrats.
    just a shame the Bolts wont make the playoffs .
    could have sweet for some of these ex-chargers to get revenge by ending the season of their former team.
    I guess a reg season sweep will have to do…..again

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