Joe Flacco “obviously” disagrees with Joe Linta


The agent for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco made some headlines this weekend when he said that he’d never “seen a dumber move” than Baltimore’s decision not to sign Flacco to a contract extension before the 2012 season.

Joe Linta said later that his comments were based on talk that Flacco’s greed led to a contract that forced the Ravens to jettison several veteran members of the team and that he has “tremendous respect” for the members of the team’s front office. Flacco was asked about his agent’s comments on Wednesday and joined the damage control effort by making it clear that he doesn’t share Linta’s feelings about the way things went down.

“Obviously I don’t feel that way,” Flacco said, via the team’s website. “I think he probably got a little excited about it. I like Joe’s fire, and I like that he’s trying to protect me in any way. But in no way do I have those feelings towards the organization. I thought the whole time there was respect on both sides and there will continue to be.”

Flacco also said that he doesn’t think Linta’s comments will have any effect on future negotiations with the team. We’ll find out soon enough as Flacco’s contract will almost certainly be reworked in three years because of a looming $28.55 million cap charge in the 2016 season. If Flacco keeps producing playoff wins and/or Super Bowl rings, it will probably be hard to find any ill will about Linta’s candid appraisal of the Ravens’ decisions.

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  1. scoobie, you must be drinking heavily. You think the Ravens are 5 games better than the Steelers? When you sober up, I’m sure you’ll remember that a Batch-lead squad recently smoked your team, not to mention the great post-flacco-contract roster purge. And I cannot think of one position the Ravens got stronger at.

  2. hey crown. you arent the only one who can type ridiculous things on a message board. glad to see you and the rest of steeler nation are hanging on the the batch win like its your 7th ring or something. i dont ever recall the steelers having a perfect season. losses happen. as far as where we got better…we won the super bowl so we are pretty good to start. pash rush is much better for one. and all of the younger stars(flacco, rice, torrey, pitta, osemilie, etc) are all now a year wiser. but as far as me drinking…you are the one who refuses to accept the ravens and flacco as an elite team and the steelers as a team in decline

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