Lions waive QB Alex Carder


One day after claiming ex-Browns passer Thaddeus Lewis on waivers, the Lions waived undrafted rookie quarterback Alex Carder, who played collegiately at Western Michigan. The roster move was disclosed in the NFL’s Wednesday transactions.

The departure of Carder leaves Lewis and second-year Kellen Moore essentially competing for one spot if Detroit keeps a third quarterback behind Matthew Stafford and Shaun Hill.

The Lions are again down to four quarterbacks — the same number of passers the vast majority of NFL teams carry, according to depth charts. Only two clubs — the Jets and Eagles — have five passers, per Ourlads. Even in the offseason, there are only so many practice snaps for NFL teams to divide among their quarterbacks.

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  1. Teams like to carry players from local schools, just for camp bodies. Sounds like Lewis represents a significant upgrade over Carder, and a possible backup QB next year (assuming they don’t re-sign Hill).

    From what I’ve heard, I’d rather have Lewis than Moore, whose smarts can’t hide the popgun arm.

  2. Oh there are the Carder supporters. They are all disliking my post, yet have nothing to say now. The guy wasn’t even good enough to get a shot to play or even approach the preseason. But they were all so sure that he must be better than Tebow. Yep 100% sure.

  3. Ho boy, here goes the ‘expert’ again. how can someone egomaniacal enough to call themselves an expert, be so utterly awash with deluded visions of Tebow’s ‘talent’ as a qb that even the release of a 4th string qb getting released makes said person just VOMIT the name Teeeeeebow? Oh! I know! Because Timmy isn’t as talented as most 4th string guys and that fills the ‘expert’ with such utter rage that even Urban Meyer has to tell them to tone it down a bit.
    How to make friends with football fans: never mention Sister Christian (Tebow ) again. Ever.

  4. I saw a couple of comments that came in late that I’m not sure if they will be approved or not, but a couple people keep blasting me for my Tebow comments, and each of you seem to misunderstand my position on the matter, so I’m going to try and clear it up.

    If this is up to me, then I do not want Tebow on the team. I advocate only carrying 2 QBs, not 3, and I think we should easily have 2 QBs much better than Tebow. I only suggest Tebow for THIS team because he is deserving to have a chance for the 3rd ranked spot as of right now, and Shaun Hill’s one year left on his contract doesn’t mean much to me. So if the Lions can’t figure out how to get a starting QB that I like or have solid QB depth, then I think it makes sense for THEM to sign Tebow.

    Just because I suggest Tebow for a team, of which I have suggested him for multiple NFL teams, doesn’t mean that I think Tebow is a great QB. I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to evaluating QBs and Tebow is not the kind of guy that I personally would be looking for. But for a situation out of my control where we have only Stafford whom I do not care for as a “value” player, I think it makes sense for the Lions to trade both Stafford AND Hill, and they are extremely void at the QB position in terms of potential “value” players that make sense to eat up roster spots.

    So disagree with me if you think Tebow doesn’t fit on THIS Lion’s team, but stop questioning my QB evaluation skills because you have not investigated them as of yet! None of you have done that, and to suggest the overpaid Stafford is a proven “value” player I continue to reject as being indisputable. I believe in the long run more and more people will start to change their minds about how great Stafford is when it becomes more obvious in hindsight.

    But hindsight doesn’t win football championships.

  5. thestrategyexpert says:
    May 29, 2013 6:43 PM
    So where are the supporters of Carder that were telling me he was so clearly better than Tebow? Now neither of them have a job.

    Just because he got cut doesn’t mean he’s not better than Tebow.

  6. Wouldn’t it suck if Carder becomes the next Tom Brady? Highly doubtful, but it would be the Lions’ luck. Good thing we have Stafford though. I think he will become a stud in and of himself.

  7. eatitfanboy:

    That goes without saying as this is by default an opinion-based disagreement. But before he was cut there was stronger credibility in your argument that he could be better than Tebow. It’s a change from previous known information and status, and a change that nevertheless fits with my contention that Tebow deserves a shot before Carder does. I didn’t say this was clear cut evidence to prove it to all that liked Carder more, but it might be enough for some to have a change of opinion.

  8. The Jets only have 4 QBs. OurLads still shows David Garrard, who is obviously not there. They have Sanchez, Smith, McElroy, and Matt Simms.

    The Eagles are the only team with 5….until they trade Vick to Jacksonville.

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