Police said Jones-Drew was charged, then said he wasn’t

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On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew had been charged with battery.  The Florida Times-Union later reported that Jones-Drew hasn’t been charged with battery.

The Jaguars eventually issued the perfunctory statement explaining that they are “aware of the situation,” which is good because no one else knew what the hell was going on.

According to TMZ, the report of a battery charge came from a statement issued by police in St. Augustine that Jones-Drew had indeed been charged.  Then, police said he wasn’t charged.

Jones-Drew is still considered to be a person of interest.  Per TMZ, prosecutors eventually will decide whether to charge Jones-Drew.

And since TMZ ultimately wasn’t to blame for the battery-charge blunder, TMZ opted to post a photo of MJD from the day in question, with a scintillating discussion as to whether he is currently fat.

8 responses to “Police said Jones-Drew was charged, then said he wasn’t

  1. This is why I withheld any comments yesterday. We don’t know, and apparently the police don’t either, what happened at this time. If MJD did leave, then good for him to escape a bad situation he doesn’t need to be in. You want to help “your boys”, but high profile guys should NOT be the ones jumping into a fight. Maybe you need to pick your posses better if they’re causing trouble all the time by groping women and fighting with security.

  2. Maybe the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t rely on a total garbage show/website like TMZ for information that you turn around and print as fact.
    What happened to writers confirming their sources before publishing information? And how hard could it possibly have been for you to just pick up the phone and call the St. Augestine police department and have them confirm or deny that he was charged? This is nothing but lazy, sloppy journalism.

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