Rehabbing in Atlanta, Ed Reed will join Texans before minicamp


The Texans got an unexpected surprise from newly-signed safety Ed Reed, in the form of surgery to repair a torn labrum in his hip.

It’s kept him out of the team’s offseason program.  According to the Texans’ official website, Reed is rehabbing the hip in Atlanta, with the goal of joining the team before a mandatory minicamp in June.

“I had a long conversation with Ed yesterday,” coach Gary Kubiak said Wednesday.  “I think he actually got back to Atlanta on Saturday.  We have him in a rehab program there in Atlanta.”

Reed plans to join his former teammates on June 7 as they collect their Super Bowl rings and visit the White House.

“That’s pretty important for him to get that stuff done there, but he will be back here as we approach the mandatory minicamp and be here for the rehab process,” Kubiak said. “So you guys should see him in about a week.”

While Reed will be around, he isn’t expected to practice until training camp.

10 responses to “Rehabbing in Atlanta, Ed Reed will join Texans before minicamp

  1. Smart move – while he does need to understand the new D, this is Ed Reed we’re talking about.

    Even if fully healthy they’d be wise not to tax him in OTAs and keep that much fuel in the tank for the season.

    Even at his advanced age I can’t think of any reason he won’t recover from a torn labrum.

    If healthy there’s no ground lost in the learning curve of a new team that Reed won’t quickly pick up

  2. HOF player obviously but that picture makes it seem that he was found on the side of the freeway

  3. Ed reed hurt? Who woulda thunk it. He will miss most of training camp but magically be ready to start by game 1. Just don’t expect him to tackle.

    I think Ed is the best free safety in league history. He can recognize any offensive formation and is a great leader of the defensive backfield.

    However, he is very quirky and gets into a snit very easily. He is in the late December of his career but perhaps has 1 or 2 years where he can contribute without being too much of a liability.

    Then he can retire a raven, go into our ring of honor and in 5 years go into the HOF as a raven. I would have preferred Ozzie keep him but oz would rather get rid of a guy a year to early than a year too late. We shall see. In either case, I wish Ed the best xcpt when he plays the ravens

  4. Get used to the “will he or won’t he, where is he rehabbing now?” stuff for the next 2 years, Texans fans.

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