Reporter says there’s contact at Buccaneers’ OTA sessions

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While perusing through some of the emails that made their way through the pipeline over the past few days to make sure I hadn’t missed anything interesting, I realized that I’d missed something interesting.

Last week, in the aftermath of a first-day-of-OTAs fight between Buccaneers defensive tackle Akeem Spence and center Jeremy Zuttah, Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune said on 98.7 The Fan that contact was indeed occurring at the team’s offseason practices.

“It’s football practice, without pads,” Cummings said.  “I’ll tell you what, Greg Schiano is right on the border of getting investigated and possibly — I don’t know if they would fine him, I don’t know what the penalty is — but these guys are out there, they’re hitting. . . .  There’s no pads on, but I’m telling you, the linemen, these guys are hitting.  People are going down on the ground.  And it’s interesting.  I mean, most of this was second- and third-team guys, it wasn’t the front-line guys.  So there’s a little bit of what Jon Gruden used to call ‘practice etiquette’ that I think has to be learned here, but they’re going at it pretty good.”

Cummings pointed to the Zuttah-Spence fight, and said it was a 22-man “melee” that “went on for a while” — all due to the fact that there was contact between the linemen.

“I can’t imagine it’s being ordered, I think it’s just guys being a little overzealous, trying to earn a spot,” Cummings added.  “And that’s part of what this part of the season is about.”

It is, but it isn’t.  Contact has been prohibited, at least on paper, since the no-pads offseason practices began.  In the aftermath of the 2011 labor deal, contact was supposed to truly be eradicated from OTAs, thanks to beefed-up penalties that include the loss of practice time and fines for head coaches.

We don’t know whether contact continued over the past week or so, but it’s the kind of thing that coaches should have ensured wouldn’t occur before the sessions began — and that they should have immediately nipped in the bud.  Young players always will want to prove themselves; it’s on the coaches to ensure that they know the limits before they’re put in position to test them.

24 responses to “Reporter says there’s contact at Buccaneers’ OTA sessions

  1. Bill Belichek is Schiano’s mentor. So naturally I think most people already assumed there was some cheating going on over there too…

  2. Schiano a cheater? I would have never guessed. (Insert sarcasm here) Early projections have us over the Cowboys for the 11th best team in the NFC for 2013. Moving on up!

    Seahawks* (Division Winner)
    49ers (Wildcard)
    Falcons* (Division Winner)
    Packers* (Division Winner)
    Redskins* (Division Winner)
    Giants (Wildcard)

    Bears (First team out)
    Saints (Second team out)
    Rams (Third team out)
    Vikings (Fourth Team out)
    Buccaneers (Fifth team out)
    Cowboys (Sixth team out)
    Panthers (Seventh team out)
    Lions (Eight team out)
    Eagles (Ninth team out)
    Cardinals (Tenth team out)

  3. Roy shut up you want the Bucs to get fined. Their is hitting with all teams. Hope the Bucs keep you out stupid ass. Go report fir some other team. Oh wait all the other teams reporters would of stay hush.

  4. I have a feeling that Greg Schiano will be the downfall of this franchise in the next year or two. I hope not, but I have a sense that drama will eventually envelope this team so long as he is in charge.

  5. Yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwn…let’s just go back to the Jets because this isn’t even story!

  6. I’m not sure what happens in other towns but our media here is constantly doing shi! to sabotage our team. We have websites sending radio interviews to national news. We have articles being written that stretch the truth and we have guys like Cummings reporting illegal activity. Between, Pewter Report, and Cummings.. The team really gets all the negative publicity it can deal with. It’s one thing to report the news but the media here seems to constantly want to be the news. It’s embarrassing and ridiculous. One can see why teams take the attitude of not saying or doing anything in front of the media.

  7. And why is this surprising? Schiano encourages contact on kneel downs at the end of the game, why not in OTAs? He makes the rules for his team anyways.

  8. Hey, this has nothing to do with Goodell. It does have everything to do with the NFLPA and collective bargaining agreement. The contact was one of the concessions made by the NFL to get the players to sign. Like it or not if they are doing it they should and will be fined otr penalized. Schiano has to realize this isn’t the college game anymore.

  9. This kind of stuff is why the media needs to be responsible with their power. They write something and 90% of people think it’s true. When they are wrong, they should have to print very public retractions on the first page of the paper as well as apologize to the teams and people involved publicly. You know, like the standards players, coaches, front office people and owners are held to.

  10. Since Schiano has been in the league he’s show he doesn’t care about NFL rules written or unwritten.

  11. cheapglazers says:
    May 29, 2013 1:13 PM
    The Glazers are so unethical, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the next Flying J style scandal and all got locked up.


    Nothing unethical about the Glazers. You may not like them and I certainly think they play hard ball with the county. That said, they have been hands off when it comes to the Bucs except when they asked Shula to be fired (glad they did) and personally fired Dungy and negotiated the price for Gruden(again, we got a Superbowl out of the deal).

  12. Buc’s fans, just be happy Schiano doesn’t follow Pete Carroll’s version of OTA. Else everyone would just Only Take Adderall.

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