Steve Smith (the other one) retires

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A few years ago, another receiver named Steve Smith arrived on the scene, making it difficult to distinguish one receiver named Steve Smith from the more established Steve Smith in Carolina.

Now, the other Steve Smith has retired.

Not the Carolina Steve Smith, but the one who emerged as a standout slot receiver for the Giants in 2009.  Indeed, for a while it looked like the new Steve Smith would supplant the old Steve Smith, via 1,220 receiving yards and a Pro Bowl berth.

Instead, the new Steve Smith is done after six NFL seasons.

“I’ve been blessed to play the game that I love at the highest level for the past six years,” Smith said in a release issued by the Buccaneers, whom Smith joined as a free agent earlier this year.  “I will always cherish my time with the New York Giants and our Super Bowl victory in 2007.  I also want to thank the Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers organizations for the opportunities they gave me.  This was not an easy decision, but it’s the right decision for me at this time.”

Smith hasn’t been the same since a knee injury in 2010.  The injury came at a time when the Giants and Smith were trying to work out a new contract, and he ended up leaving on the table a bunch of money he never was able to earn.

His experiences highlight the risks assumed by any player who opts to turn down the bird in the hand and roll the dice on a bigger contract later.  Until the long-term deal is signed, the player bears the full risk of the consequences of a serious injury; in Smith’s case, that kept him from ever getting the contract he wanted.

Meanwhile, the original Steve Smith just keeps rolling along.

45 responses to “Steve Smith (the other one) retires

  1. Charger fan here, and I still hate Eli… but I respect him. Take note Victor Cruz, Eli made this guy a star and is having the same effect on you. Take the money while you can because you may not have the same success with another QB.

  2. He can thank his agent for this. He would still be here if his greedy agent hadn’t pulled that DARYL MOREY nonsense. Told cats at the time that he would be out of the league within 3 years.

  3. I love how so many Giants fans attribute this player’s rapid fall to his leaving the Almighty Giants–as if his knee woes played no role.

    It’s sad to see such a promising player have his career cut short, but it’s the nature of the game. He deserves some credit for having the sense to realize that it’s over.

    I wish him good luck with his future.

  4. I was really hoping he could be that slot receiver the Bucs have yet to find.

    At least Fantasy Football drafts will be a little less confusing this year.

  5. There has been and will ever remain to be one Steve Smith. This is just another failure from USC, though at least it wasn’t Smith’s inability to perform but his injuries that did him in. He never came close to being the real deal, but it’s more of a shame than a “take that” statement.

  6. By trying to stick it to the Giants, the Eagles clearly helped ruin this guy’s career.

  7. hes the example for anyone who uses a 1000 yard season as proof of being a good WR. Eli really did a lot with this guy, was a big step up from the franchise tying drop squad of 07

  8. Remember when, after a single 1,000-yard season, people began to call the real Steve Smith (#89) “the other Steve Smith?”

    Now, if the real Steve Smith hauls in 2,300 more yards, he’ll be a top-10 yardage receiver of all time.

  9. Calling it quit after only six years of football? He’s not retiring, he’s quitting!

  10. Just a shame.

    Take note NFL players and take the money while you can.

    Good luck with the rest of your life Steve you were/are a great Trojan.

  11. Steve Smith, Kevin Boss and Mario Manningham. What’s in common? Oh everyone is going to say injury but really it’s just becoming a non factor on their teams. Soon you can add Martellus Bennett. Go ahead Cruz don’t take the 3 year 7.5 per with 15 million guaranteed in the NY market and all the endorsements. No one is going to pay you #1 receiver money for a slot. Perhaps hold out and see where you end up.

  12. Mr. Cruz should take note. If not for Smith’s injury the Giants probably would never have signed him. Football careers can end in a hurry. Smith was very clutch and one of Eli’s go-to guys. It’s hard not to see the comparison’s to Cruz’s career at this point…

  13. Still made a bigger catch than the Panthers’ Smith will ever make. 07 SB, 3rd and 11 catch and run for the 1st down on the last drive. Next play, TD Burress.

  14. Just another guy like Boss and Shocky who thought the grass was greener and found out it was not them but Eli who is the great one. Victor take note.

    Now this Steve Smith unlike the guy in Charlotte has a Super Bowl Ring.

  15. We’ll always cherish his great contribution to the SB team that beat the “unbeatable” Pats.

  16. true this guy may have a Super Bowl ring and the real Steve Smith does not, but so does the no-name ST guy, the long snapper, maybe even the water boy. he will never be remembered unlike #89 Steve Smith who will continue to move up on the all-time list and remain to be the pound-for-pound and inch-for-inch best receiver in football.

  17. “Meanwhile, the original Steve Smith just keeps rolling along.”

    Except, no ring. Sure he’ll roll up the stats and no one will care. But is he ever going to be called by anyone for a reunion of the Panthers team that did nothing?

  18. At least this Steve Smith (the other one) never seriously injured one of his own teammates in a fit of midget rage.

  19. wow, he broke the guy’s nose, so serious. at least Steve Smith has fire and isn’t going “oh, I’m hurt, I’m going to quit now”

  20. weekendatberniemadoffs says: May 29, 2013 8:48 PM

    Remember when Steve Smith caught a pass, broke his arm, then scored a touchdown… in Giants Stadium…. the real Steve Smith.

    Remember when he won a Super Bowl?

    Me neither.

  21. 89 is the best receiver of all time. Sorry people, it is true. Get past his fiery attitude, and the guy is simply the best. Ever.

    Good luck to Steve in his future endeavors tho, was a solid player for his brief career.

    BTW, all the people saying “well the real Steve Smith doesn’t have a ring”… well let me share some information with you.

    Steve Smith is the greatest receiver of all time, and these were his quarterbacks he had during his “prime”.

    -Rodney Peete
    -Chris Weinke
    -Jake Delhomme (for a decade)
    -Matt Moore
    -Vinny Testeverde
    -Brian St. Pierre
    -Jimmy Clausen

    I wonder how 89 would have done with Eli Manning throwing him the rock?

  22. We always have 07. I’m a true fan. Wish the man the best. Football doesn’t take care of their players so sometimes you have to roll the dice in this case it didnt pan out. Ask Chris Johnson what his bank account looks like. He had two good seasons. Get your money when you can, you will forever be changed by the game of football. For good and bad!

  23. Shame he got injured. He ran the most precise routes I’ve ever seen. He feasted on those short routes all day long. Had great heart and always moved the chains. Loved him.

  24. briang123 says: May 29, 2013 6:53 PM

    I thought he retired a few years ago. I watch every Eagles game and can’t recall him playing a down.

    I remember when he was a eagle, one snap, a pass was thrown to him, he tipped it and I think it was run back for a pick 6!!


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