Cam Newton wants to be a captain in Carolina

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The man who has an “S” under his shirt would like to put a “C” on the front of it.

According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said Thursday that he’d like to eventually be a team captain.

“I recognize – and everyone knows around the league – when you’re a team captain that’s not just a patch on the jersey.  You’re holding yourself to a higher standard with being accountable,” Newton said.  “I’m going about it each and every day and trying to make that happen.”

It’s unclear when it will happen.  Tackle Jordan Gross and receiver Steve Smith have had a hammerlock on the honor in recent years.

“You’ve got to look at the team as a whole,” center Ryan Kalil said.  “I just think there’s guys who have been with the organization a lot longer that have been in that role for a long time.  So it’s hard.  There’s only two of them.  I would say there’s a couple other guys that would be in that mix.

“But it’ll be a while before it transitions to somebody else.”

That’s hardly a ringing endorsement for Newton’s candidacy.  Also, Gross recognizes that wanting it won’t necessarily result in getting it.

“I never came in saying I’m going to be a captain,” Gross said.  “You look who it’s been and it’s usually . . . like [Julius Peppers] was a captain and he’s not a vocal guy.  But he’s somebody that I loved looking at during games because it made me feel better.”

It’s unclear whether Newton inspires similar feelings during games.  Newton has been criticized at times because, when things aren’t going well, he often seems sullen and withdrawn.  Per Person, coach Ron Rivera called Newton “Mr. Mopeyhead” during his rookie season.

Maybe Newton can get an “M” on his jersey instead.

67 responses to “Cam Newton wants to be a captain in Carolina

  1. If you have to ask to be team captain, you probably are not qualified to be team captain. Kobe Bryant told Phil Jackson he wanted to captain the Lakers. Jackson told him “You cant be a leader if no one will follow you.” Cam should grow up a little bit, quit pouting when things go bad, and quit worrying about building his “brand”. Maybe it’ll come to him when he’s ready for it.

  2. Once he fully matures and stops having those post-game attitudes, then maybe he’ll be considered. Leader is someone that teammates try to resemble (work ethic, attitude, responsibility); I just don’t see Cam possessing everything to earn that title.

    Until then though, just worry about being a QB and doing everything needed to get to the playoffs.

  3. Earn it. That’s all.

    I know a lot of mean things will be commented on here, Cam. But just earn it. Take the leap and it will 100% be yours next year.

  4. Nothing like being the “Future of the franchise” and starting QB, yet your team doesn’t even recognize you as a leader and captain.

    This guy has alot of growing up to do.

    Hell, breaking the .500 mark might help.

  5. What is it now…..2 seasons too late? Keep showboating while your team is down 21 points Cam and you greedily take it in from 1 yard out. Also continue to pout on the bench.

  6. Well he is almost worthy however his ability to control his emotions when things go sour would certainly delay that honor. A true captain leads you through the good times but more importantly through the bad times.

  7. Does he think like captain of a ship where he can steer once in a while? Captains don’t mope with a towel over their head 20 feet down the bench after throwing their 2nd pick

  8. C’mon Cam! Ya gotta hold yourself to a higher standard and wear a smile 24-7.

    Show me 1 team in this league that doesn’t have dejected and downtrodden players late in a game during a loss.

    Lets be real.

  9. He’s gotta be joking. I think the team would look more to the kid in that commercial (who will make cams mom forget about him) to be captain first.

  10. And people in hell want ice water. Both are about as likely to happen. The guy has none of the qualities of a leader. Let smith and gross keep it. Besides, if he’s a captain, people might not make all of those excuses for him such as “well he just needs a better supporting cast”.

  11. Earn it. Concentrate on inspiring a team first attitude, stop the “look at me” superman garbage and LEAD THE TEAM.

  12. Captains don’t sit around moping, feeling sorry for themselves on the bench, hiding with a towel over their head.

    I’m pretty sure that’s the exact opposite of what a leader does.

  13. you have to start acting like a captain young man, no pouting, no throwing teammates under the bus…hopefully that will come with experience and maturity

  14. Umm, captains are leaders and I forget how long you have been in the NFL but you are not a leader. What’s your record again?

  15. And Carolina wants you to play like the #1 over all pick. If Andrew Luck didn’t return to college, you wouldn’t have been the first over all pick. You only got it by default. Truth hurts. Thumb me down homers!

  16. Poor Cam. Just now realizing that in “real life”
    every kid does NOT get a trophy!

    Can there be anyone who epitomizes this more?
    End of the bench… all alone… head hung down…
    covered with a towel…

  17. Just because he thinks it would be cool to have his first initial on a patch…so vain

  18. Why did it make Gross feel better to see Peppers during games? What does that mean? That made him feel ok about taking a few plays off per game? I kid!!

  19. Worse nicknames have been given to motivate players.

    When Terry Glenn set the record for the most catches for a rookie, Bill Parcells referred to him as “she” during press conferences.

    Seriously. “M” is better on the jersey than “She.”

  20. Rivera’s pathetic nickname aside, he’s correct. Newton has shown talent, but not leadership to this point in his career. If he stops being such a sideline whiner when things are less than perfect, maybe he gets the patch. As of right now? No chance in hell.

  21. Pretty sure he will be a fine example for his teammates to look up to him when things don’t go his way and be sulky etc….

  22. yet another sign of more growth needed. leaders don’t say they want to lead. you never heard a Favre, Brady, Manning or Ray Lewis say they WANTED to be a leader. they just did it. if I was Carolina, I would stick with Gross and Smith.

  23. Maybe if you’d stop acting like an jerkoff and doing your stupidman impression when your team is down by 3 tds your team mates might think of you as someone who is team oriented and not a self centered li’l biotch who has done nothing in NFL but lead his to team to two losing seasons…

  24. And Justin Bieber wants to be respected as an artist, too.

    First rule of art and sports: if you have to ask for accolades…you don’t deserve them in the first place.

  25. Ditch the pouty towel and the gum and you will be well on your way. As a fan of the Bucs, I’m happy with the way you are right now.

  26. You mean sitting on the bench pouting doesn’t automatically make you a leader? What an idiot, he’ll never be a leader and he’ll never lead anyone to the SB let alone a playoff win.

  27. You can’t be a leader by putting a C on your jersey….it’s something you do by example. The fact that Gross said other guys have been here longer speaks volumes about what the players think. There are lots of guys that have been here longer than Luke! Hey Cam….maybe you should try pulling your head out of your tail long enough to sign a few autographs and make eye contact with the fans. For once in your life put someone else first! It’s not always about you!

  28. Most teams have their QB as one of the captains. Even average to bad QB’s like Fitzpatrick, Cutler, Cassel, Bradford, and Locker were captains on their team last year.

  29. Step #1:

    Get into the film room at 6 AM like a certain other QB we know.

    Step #2:

    Don’t ask.

    On a side note:

    Didn’t the Jets try and make Santonio Holmes a “C”, thinking it would aid his growth, with the added responsibility? Maybe that’s how they plan to go…

  30. smdh…. my goodness why is the hate so serious ??! no way these are Carolina fans… I dont like the superman bit… but really how can yall really justify so much hate because a man says he wants to be a leader on his team???

  31. A lot of people want to be a captain. Just gotta wait til your teammates and coaches think you are a leader. You don’t become a captain for PR purposes.

  32. Every single one of you haters are being too rough on Cam. This isn’t some pathetic, look-at-me ploy to try to elevate himself undeservedly. This is a demonstration of maturity. He WANTS to be a leader. He WANTS to mend his ways. Can’t you people see that?

    Oh wait…BAZINGA!!!

  33. All he said was that he would like to be a captain in the future.. Where does it say he asked to be one?

  34. cam see RGIII if you want to be a captain. other wise just stay like the PUNK YOU ARE. PLEASE I want to be a captain pathetic like the team you play on as well.

  35. 84sgl…

    it doesnt say that. he said he wants to be in the future and thats all. meaning he wants to earn it, is what i took from this. great author to this piece and an even better audience, thats all.

    Cam, year 3…I wont hate like everyone else because i am truly excited. Take note.

  36. Entitlement, entitlement, entitlement.

    As usual with Cam Newton, it’s all about ME and not about TEAM.

    Boy, this guy needs to get out of the NFL and concentrate on his clothing line and cultural icon building.

    A lot of commenters have been writing about Cam being more mature. Well, this latest vocalization about wanting to be captain shows a summer studying sociology hasn’t helped him mature one bit.

    I feel a really bad season coming on for the Cats.

  37. and if we look into who said the comments…a center, if his predictions stick to a pattern, Cam may be in a for a Captain spot quicker than we think. (kalil put ad for super bowl in paper) jussst sayin

  38. Funny thing is, the title is a little misleading, Cam was asked if he wanted to be a team Captain, which he replied that he would, but there are guys like Gross and Smith who are 10 plus year vets, the last of the Super Bowl players, and then Kalil who would be next in line.

    Panthers only have 5 Captains, 2 Offense 2 Defense and 1 ST.

  39. How very uncaptain-like to request to be a captain. It’s an honorary designation Cam. You earn the honor by gaining the respect, not by asking for the honor.

  40. Omg!! Hahahaha!!! Give it to him like he wants, soon we’ll have the J-E-T-S of the south.

  41. The team has already formalized their opinion of him – if he hasn’t been given the C yet, he never will.

    The other players know him much better than the press or fans – and they don’t want him as their leader. That speaks volumes to me.

    Looks like they have some serious problems inside this locker room…

  42. Not a carolina fan, but I really do like Cam and I think he’s doing resoundingly well in a tough situation (kind of like Lebron in Cleveland in the early parts of his career). Cam has what it takes to bring the panthers out of the basement and it seems like he feels the same, AND is conducting himself in that way. Lets be honest, old souls on a team are important for identity, but football is special in that the QB is so incredibly fundamental to success that it serves a team well if the QB is also a team leader.

    Go Cam.

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