Chip Kelly in no hurry to name a starting quarterback


New Eagles coach Chip Kelly does everything fast.  Everything, that is, except name a starting quarterback.

When Mike Vick re-worked his contract into a one-year deal worth up to $10 million earlier this year, Kelly said the starting quarterback position would be determined on the practice field.  We interpreted that to mean a starter would be named before the first preseason game.

While that could still happen, the harried head coach is exercising uncharacteristic patience.

“It’s can we get a ton of reps, get them on tape, that will go through training camp and what not,” Kelly recently told reporters, via quotes distributed by the team.  “When you have to make an important decision on who a starter is going to be in some position, I don’t think it’s why should we jump to conclusions?  Why do we need to name a starting quarterback in May?  I mean, we’re going to take the full amount of time that we have to make a thorough evaluation of what we do.  When you make big decisions like that, I don’t think you want to make a rash decision. You want to give everybody the opportunity to see what they do.

“Right now we haven’t done a thing in front of officials.  We haven’t done anything except we’ve had three days of voluntary minicamp before the draft, and today was our seventh OTA.  So none of us have had any thoughts of ‘Hey, we’ve got to get a guy named by a certain point in time.’  It will play itself out.  It will play itself out over the course of time when we’ve had an opportunity to make a thorough evaluation.  It is a big decision.  When you make a big decision, you have to take your time and let it play itself out on the field.  So we’re not looking at it like that.  They rotate on a daily basis.”

While Kelly’s assessment of the gravity of the decision remains accurate, the problem becomes using a rotation to the point where it keeps the eventual starter from getting prepared for Week One.  It also creates an environment in which the starter feels extra pressure to perform, lest he be benched for a backup who has had extra prep during a protracted competition.

Making the stakes even higher for Kelly and the Eagles is that, depending on who wins the job, someone may literally lose their job.  Whether by trade or release, the Eagles could decide, for example, not to keep Vick around if Vick isn’t going to be the starter, since he surely wouldn’t be happy about being benched.

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  1. sep 9 2013 is d-day for the redmen. shanny and his kid will abuse r g the terd.
    eagles 45
    redmen 0
    and thats the bottom line.

  2. Last season Pete Carrol in Seattle got a lot of flack for not naming Matt Flynn starter before camp started. The decision to let Russel Wilson compete for the job worked out pretty well for the Seahawks.

  3. When you don’t have a starting caliber QB on your roster what else would you expect?


    That’s one way to look at it. Or there backups are better than a third of the leagues starters.

  4. I think vick got 3.5 to sign and there’s a 3.5 roster bonus when’s that bonus kick in that’s when he’ll have to decide i hope they get rid of him I can’t watch him anymore

  5. Hey ozymandias121…nobody thought Seattle or SanFran had starting caliber QBs on their rosters last year. Young guys can come out of nowhere and surprise the NFL world quickly….don’t count out Foles and/or Barkley until they prove otherwise.

  6. The people who watch the games for a living think he should hurry up…why, to generate a story?
    The people who have played the game understand that due diligence is requisite to success, and agree with Kelly’s comments.

    These players have grown up performing well under pressure or they wouldn’t be in the league. Saying this creates “extra pressure to perform” is laughable.

  7. The only reason for naming a starter would be for a bunch of media and know nothing fans to tear the decision apart. there is NO downside to keeping the competition going as long as possible. competition breeds excellence and the thought of somebody taking your job if you don’t perform should be a way of life in the N.F.L.

  8. It’s May for crying out loud AND a totally new philosophy.

    Get a grip. Besides Mike is a turnover machine and that will ultimately doom him and put him on the bench or cut.

    Still throws a pretty ball BUT too often to the other team. It killed The Bird’s last year

  9. From what I hear in the Philly area, the QB position is up for grabs. Vick is not a lock for the starting position…trust me on this.

  10. After over a decade of watching the Eagles being run by a stubborn fool of a coach who refused to run the football, and who hired a guy WHO CHOSE TO KICK THE BALL AWAY IN OT!!! as his offensive coordinator, who the QB is is actually a secondary concern for me, behind “just tell me whoever it is is going to be handing the ball off to a RB half the time!”.

  11. I was very reserved about Chip when the first hired him. I admit, I was a fan of the Gus Bus. But the more he handles himself with players, coaches and media, the more I like this guy.
    The only thing I wished he had done was exit Mike Vick and bring in a quality vet to compete with Foles and Barkley.

  12. >>>”It also creates an environment in which the starter feels extra pressure to perform, lest he be benched for a backup who has had extra prep during a protracted competition.”<<<

    This is exactly what he's doing at every position…. and I like it.

    For everybody who complained about "Andy being Andy" and cried into their keyboards for change, here it is.

    New coach. New system. Competition at every position. Survival of the fittest.

    Go Eagles!

  13. I’m really rooting for Nick Foles but he has to earn it.

    Nothing should just be given to any of them. I think Mike Vick is a joke and shouldn’t even be on the team but if he earns the nod than I guess I have to accept it.

  14. I’m starting to come around on Chip Kelly.

    I was a big fan of Andy Reid as any Eagles fan who witnessed the Kotite and Rhodes era would be.

    I thought keeping Vick on the team was a huge mistake and still feel that way.

    I think switching to a 3-4 defense is an even bigger mistake and will be amazed if our defense finishes in the top 25 in the league.

    But, Chip is a man of his word and I commend him for it. He said he would conduct a true QB competition and he appears to be doing just that.

    I admire him for it.

  15. Chip’s apparently a “chip” off the old block….Andy Reid’s block that is………”time’s yours”!

  16. There’s no way in he double hockey sticks its not Vick. Vicks talent n experience is like a moon ride difference from the other 2.

  17. I keep seeing articles like this one, and I can’t help but scratch my head. I don’t care if Chip Kelly has announced it or not…VICK IS GOING TO START WEEK 1.

    Given the system Kelly has introduced, and the money owed to Vick…THIS IS A NO-BRAINER. If/when Vick does get supplanted as starter, it will be after he gets the 1st shot at the job…or after he gets destroyed…one of the two.

  18. with the up tempo pace of practice, each potential starter, Barkley / Vick / Foles, is splitting the reps equally.

    Until training camp comes, and the team can get game tape of a player, nothing will be settled.

    As a fan, i’m supporting this process.
    The QB of our team needs to earn it through performance, not contract or name notoriety.

  19. The flaw in your argument is we are not even close to week one. If we get close and Chip still has not declared a QB then there’s a problem.

  20. This is how far outside the box / ballsy / whacked “Chippah” is:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he rolled through the entire season starting a different guy each week — Vick, Foles, and then eventually Barkley, too — and not revealing who his starter would be during each week of preparation, and having different playbooks for each guy, with enough overlap to keep defenses guessing.

  21. Philly Media: “Chip we need to know who the starter is…….so we can put him under the micr-scope and destroy him”…….

  22. There’s no benefit to anyone to name Vick the starter right now, I understand what Chip’s doing. I’m just being realistic at this point, and set aside the fact that YOU DON’T WANT Vick to start, and accept the fact that in all likelihood he will be doing exactly that.

    However unlikely…I sincerely believe that Vick gives the Eagles their best chance to win a Super Bowl at this very moment…not the other 2 youngins’ with 1 year of experience between them.

  23. Who cares who is the starter. In the NBA it is all about finishing the game.

    Look at the scrub in Atlanta that is about to get a big 100 million dollar contract for 1 playoff win.

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