Colts expecting a much bigger year from Coby Fleener


Colts tight end Coby Fleener admits he was frustrated as a rookie last season, as a shoulder injury slowed him down after a promising start and limited him to just five catches over the Colts’ final nine regular-season games. But Indianapolis can expect a lot more from Fleener this year.

Coach Chuck Pagano said he thinks Fleener will be twice as productive in 2013.

“You saw today, he made some outstanding catches so he’s making progress every day,” Pagano said of Fleener, in comments distributed by the team. “What did he have, 20, 30-some catches last year? That should double.”

For the record, Fleener had 26 catches last year. Doubling that total would get him to 52, which is almost exactly the pace he was on through the Colts’ first six games, before getting hurt in the seventh game. If Fleener can stay healthy and play like he was at the start of his rookie season, it would make him the kind of difference-maker the Colts thought they were getting with the 34th overall pick in last year’s draft.

It would also please Fleener, who said he hated the way last season turned out.

“It’s brutal. Trying to cheer on your team from the sideline, I was a well-paid cheerleader at that point. It’s rough,” Fleener said.

Fleener should be much more than a well-paid cheerleader this year.

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  1. The Colts drafted Fleener.

    Then they drafted Dwayne Allen, and then Justice Cunningham, and they just brought in Randy McMicheal and Dante Rosario for work outs.

    What this means is that they probably weren’t sold on Fleener to begin with and drafted him to make Andrew Luck ‘comfortable’.

    As the season wore on, Luck went to Fleener less and less and trusted Allen more and more. I think this speaks volumes for Fleener’s long term value.

    Finally, In a power running, ‘no coast’ offense, I doubt the 5th receiving option would NOT gather 52 catches, especially since our FOURTH receiving option (Allen) only had 45 catches last year.

  2. I certainly hope he improves this year. Watching him last season was brutal. ‘Stone Hands’ Fleenor was drafted as Luck’s security blanket – clearly not needed.

  3. I think people who see the Colts working out other TEs and drafting Cunningham as a lack of faith in Fleener are missing the point. Have you ever heard of “depth” at a position? If you really had a clue as to how a football team operates, you would know that depth at a skill position is needed.

    If anything, the number of TEs that Indy is building a rapport with shows something about Pep Hamilton’s new system. The TE will play a very pivotal role in the new offensive scheme this year. Watch Stanford highlights from 2011 to get a taste of that. Therefore, you need a contingency plan if something happens to a starter at that position.

  4. exactly conbro8, some players need time, and the other 2 poster above are already giving up on fleener after his rookie year? some colts fans u are!! i think he will bounce back, arians offense was better for WR’s not TE’s as u seen when he was with pittsburgh, but Peps offense is geared for the TE’s, thats why fleener had big numbers at stanford before he was drafted

  5. Conbro there’s depth and then there is waste.

    The Colts carried three TE’s last year. Saunders, the third TE barely saw the field and ended the year with a whopping three catches.

    If the Colts like Fleener, Allen, Saunders, and Justice I can’t why we are kicking the tires on any more TEs… especially that wouldn’t even see the field if Fleener gets it together.

    I don’t think Saunders is guaranteed a spot because he was an Arians guy, but I also don’t think they’d be looking at other TE’s if Fleener was impressing in OTA’s.

    Also, I don’t see us carrying 4 TE this year.

  6. Some people on here think they know what the final roster is going to look like. Relax, it’s barely the OTA. We won’t know who will make the roster and who will be cut.

  7. Devildog911

    Exactly. It’s just the OTA’s people. The most important thing to remember is that its the COLTS baby, we will be OK!!! SuperBowl bound in 14!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  8. Dwayne Allen – pleasant surprise. Coby Fleener – disappointment. I was not a big fan of the Fleener pick from the start. Don’t think the Colts moves at the position show a lack of faith in him. But I do think he needs to show something this year.

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