Cowboys accidentally reveal their draft board, again


Three years ago, the Cowboys’ draft board became public thanks to owner and General Manager Jerry Jones giving interviews while standing in front of it. Now it has happened again.

Jones gave video interviews while standing in front of the draft board during this year’s draft, and has been able to look at enough different angles to reconstruct the entire draft board.

This may sound like an embarrassing gaffe on the Cowboys’ part, but it’s really not: The images of the Cowboys’ draft board weren’t available until after the draft was over, so it didn’t give any other teams a competitive edge over the Cowboys in draft strategy or trade talks. In fact, one specific piece of information the draft board reveals — that first-round draft pick Travis Frederick was given a second-round grade and was the No. 22 player on the board — had already been revealed by Jones.

Still, the full draft board makes for interesting perusing, because it isn’t often that teams allow this kind of information to go public.

The most interesting aspect might be the players whose names do not appear on the draft board, presumably because of concerns about injuries or off-field problems. The players the Cowboys didn’t consider drafting at all include Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Matt Elam, Christine Michael, Keenan Allen, Marcus Lattimore and Tyrann Mathieu.

It’s also worth mentioning the players chosen far higher than the Cowboys thought they should have been. Dallas had a fourth-round grade on quarterback E.J. Manuel, whom the Bills selected in the first round, as well as third-round grades on first-round picks Kyle Long, Desmond Trufant and Datone Jones.

For football fans, this kind of thing makes for good offseason fun. Here’s hoping Jerry Jones keeps giving interviews in the team’s draft room.

75 responses to “Cowboys accidentally reveal their draft board, again

  1. I was starting to panic when I noticed what kind of grades the Cowboys gave some of my teams picks.

    Then I remembered this is the team that gave Tony Romo 100 million.

  2. Selecting a 7th round center in the 1st round leads me to believe that it was the Cowboys themselves who had scant images of their draft board that needed to be reconstructed prior to the draft.

  3. Definitely interesting insights. Takes some cojones to lay your cards on the table, basically telling the rest of the NFL “Here’s what we thought about everyone.”

    GMs from other teams can use this in the future to make a decent guess at what Jerry might be up to…

  4. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you, Jerry. This is a pretty big place you have here. Where should we conduct this interview?

    Jerry Jones: Right here in front of our draft board is fine.

  5. Given the Cowboys’ stellar record at drafting and on the field, why should anyone really give a hoot where they rank players?

    Well, there may be one exception. If I were the owner or GM of a team whose draft board happened to look exactly like that of Invincible Dallas, I’d be VERY concerned.

  6. What we’ve learned on draft day is that Jerry needs a GM that isn’t himself or his son.

    Its like the Romo thing. When asked “why” you get two answers.

    #1. His stats are amazing and his % are great….without mention of situation moments when a big game late in the season is on the line.

    #2. What other option was there? I think not giving Romo that insane deal was an option. Just because the ’13 draft wanted QB rich like ’12. Doesn’t mean you do this. Now in ’14 when you probably take a QB, you’ll have Romo’s deal hanging around your necks.


  7. I hope the Cowboys know what they’re talking about because the Vikings got 3 of their top 13 players. They also had the Vikings’ fourth-round pick (Gerald Hodges) rated ahead of the Packers’ first-round pick.

    It seems unlikely that they know what they’re talking about, though.

  8. no one is implying other teams will benefit from this….. you ultra defensive Dallas fans……. It’s just another indicator of how foolishly Jones does his business.

  9. Far from a niners fan, but a lot of team screwed up on Lattimore. Kid has the heart to bounce back from his injury and be a beast.

    Cowboys problem the last few years is that they drafted on perceived talent but left out the heart on the equation (Felix Jones, etc) with the possible exception of Sean Lee. While people panned them drafting a center, I would much rather see them draft a solid player at a “need” position that take a big risk.

  10. Well before this reveal everybody was just making fun of the Cowboys for the Travis Frederick pick and not understanding how it makes sense.

    Revealing the board might actually alleviate some of that embarrassment by letting everybody see the logic of how this board was planned and how things played out. It could in a way help him save some face.

    I don’t have hardly any issue with Jerry’s draft board compared to the issues I have with how he would evaluate his current roster. I think that’s where he needs to figure out where the value changes can come from. That’s his biggest problem from a roster standpoint.

  11. Scoobyfl

    You should be banned from pft for that comment since you clearly don’t follow the league close enough to know Romo was am udfa. I guess yal don’t need to keep up w the big boys though. Have fun with whatever job we outsourced to Buffalo for you.

  12. Great story! Must be crunch time to get some articles out to meet monthly quotas.

    The U.S Military also reveals thier plan of attack of AFTER the attack…

    Coaches talk about their game plan AFTER the game…

  13. Here in the Nati it has taken Marvin Lewis about 8 years to squeeze our idiot owner out of the draft room decisions. I wish Cowboy fans the same good fortune but I’m not holding my breath. JJ’s ego dwarfs his football brain.

  14. What you gain after the fact is that they’re scouting is way off. Jones needs to see that in order to improve. He needs to stop getting in his own way. I’m not a cowboys fan…just sayin’

  15. skoobyfl says:
    May 30, 2013 5:14 PM
    EJ in the 4th? Bills had a UDFA on Romo.

    Uhhhhhh, yeah, so did every other team in the NFL…including the Cowboys. Because he wasn’t drafted genius.

    How’s JP Losman working out for ya?

  16. jimbo the Niners had the luxury of a ton of picks to take a flyer on an injured player. Most teams had to build rosters and could not take a chance on a question mark. There is no guaranty that Lattimore will be effective in the future.

  17. A 3rd round grade on Marcus Trufant lol? He basically shut down most big time WRs in the Pac-12 (including Lee at USC – 2 receptions for 32 yards against Trufant) and put up insane combine numbers (4.38 40). The rest of the league has nothing to worry about if that is how Dallas makes draft grades.

  18. Errr.. I mean Desmond Trufant. 🙂 There are 3 Trufants in the NFL already so I get confused. 🙂

  19. I have been a Cowboy fan since 1971 when Jim O’Brian kicked a field goal with time running out and the Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys 16 – 13.
    ….. I just bought my first St. Louis Rams cap……

  20. Based on their boards, I’m still a little befuddled that they didn’t take Sharif Floyd…unless Jerry was bound and determined to take an OL, regardless.

  21. When Jerry and the fans think this isn’t a big deal, just think, “Would the Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Ravens, Colts, Packers allow this to happen?” and you’ll get a no.

    And maybe this isn’t a big deal as far as leaking knowledge, but it’s a clear show of incompetence. I’d be disappointed if this was my beloved franchise’s owner/GM/Coach/QB whatever he is.

  22. Does this shock anyone at this point? Al Davis Raiders part 2. Anyone need a dose of senile? I am pretty sure none of the NFL teams reconstructed this board themselves while the draft was taking place….LMAO

  23. Does it really matter what their board was after the draft is over?

    Interesting to see how their scouting team graded everybody- and yes, they must have liked the Vikings draft as well as just about everyone but Packer fans. All 3 Vikings 1st round picks were #1 graded.

    Packers 1st round pick was graded a 3rd rounder. But hey, Ted Thompson is a genius. We all know how well he can pick linemen based on the trade up last year to pick Jerel Worthy. Genius.

  24. Norseman it appears things do not happen as quickly for you. To enlighten you a little having picks graded high by the Cowboys is the butt of the joke. Based on Jerry’s stellar drafting history and team success….on second thought just forget it. Just continue looking up at the Packers in the standings like you have been with our poor picks and all.

  25. Jerry Jones doesn’t know what he’s doing he even said that if he was the owner he would fire himself for the terrible job he is doing.

  26. All my Cowboy haters. We Are AMERICA’S TEAM
    I think this bothers you more than anything. Sit tight for an exciting ride. “The Boys” will ride into New York on a Silver Horses with blue eyes and grey tails in Feb. Ride out with that 6th Lombardi Trophy and we will SHUT YO MOUTHS! Ha Ha

    PDidit Sent It

  27. pdidit09 says:
    May 30, 2013 8:44 PM
    All my Cowboy haters. We Are AMERICA’S TEAM
    I think this bothers you more than anything. Sit tight for an exciting ride. “The Boys” will ride into New York on a Silver Horses with blue eyes and grey tails in Feb. Ride out with that 6th Lombardi Trophy and we will SHUT YO MOUTHS! Ha Ha

    The only way you get to NY is riding in on a centipede with no eyes during the regular season and riding out with your tail between your legs.

  28. Sure looks like Jerry & Clint Eastwood might be using the same witch doctor to conjure up them both looking so young & vital?

  29. It really doesn’t matter what’s on the board the problem is as always, Jerry J. What other owner just has to have this many interviews. No question mark at the end of that sentence because there isn’t one owner needing that much ego stroking.

    The guy is Donald Trumps long lost brother.

  30. duggyd2001 says:May 30, 2013 6:13 PM

    jimbo the Niners had the luxury of a ton of picks to take a flyer on an injured player. Most teams had to build rosters and could not take a chance on a question mark. There is no guaranty that Lattimore will be effective in the future.
    You are correct on the Niners having a boatload of picks. That being said, any draftee is a question mark-JaWalrus, Ryan Leaf, Gholston, the list goes on and on. Once you get into the late fourth, etc it’s kind of a crapshoot anyway. Just saying if you have a chance to pick up a first round talent (with no character issues) with the 100th pick or whatever then it may be time for a gamble

  31. As a vikings fan I was very excited about our draft, now seeing Jerry had all our guys rated high including the LB we got in the 4th, I’m a little worried, the cowboys don’t have the best drafting track record.

  32. I wish every team would reveal their draft board after the draft.

    As for the Cowboys board…yikes. That thing looks like a fantasy football cheat sheet put together at the last minute after reading a 3 month old magazine. Jonathan Banks in the 6th? And where is Larry Warford?

  33. skoobyfl says:May 30, 2013 5:14 PM

    EJ in the 4th? Bills had a UDFA on Romo.

    Trash Romo all you want, Bills haven’t been to playoffs in over decade, Romo does have 1 win….lol

  34. Its not so much how bad the picks have been or how foolish JJ & crew have looked the past few seasons, what the cowboys are lacking is that killer instinct, the mentality to finish a game in superb fashion, discipline most if all. In my point of view the cowboys should of been champs at least one maybe both the times giants won the superbowl, at least one of the times Pittsburgh won and they also were a better team than the ravens this year however they have no discipline, they get paid to underachieve, romo and teammates out on vacation during playoff bye week, etc we need someone that can lay the law down someone who if you don’t respect there say so your gone

  35. I won’t disagree with horrible draft picks, after seeing who we could of had for example picking Felix Jones instead of Chris Johnson and the list continues yet no matter what the boys have had the capabilities to win just the motivations, guts, Ervin

  36. Did the Giants really “reach” for Justin Pugh at #19?

    – Cowboys had him rated #21 on their board.
    – Bears would have taken him next at #20 if the Giants passed.
    – Packers would have taken him at #26 if he was there.
    – One team in the Top 10 had Pugh rated as the 3rd best OT in the draft and wanted to trade down for him.

  37. Draft Boards are secret for a reason, Jones is an idiot again! Plenty of info other teams will pick over now which will help in future trades AMD predicting moves in FA and future drafts.

  38. Funny how so many people have questioned why this article is relevant. It’s been relevant enough for you to read it and provide your comments…

    We rarely get to see a team’s draft board, so this is an insight in to how teams view players differently and their approach to draft day. I, for one, found it interesting and relevant.

  39. You have it all wrong. Jerry keeps his board upside down. Makes it easier for him to follow, and confuses everyone else.

  40. All NFL teams already have an advantage over the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones , bony ( not bona) fide football genius is GM and makes all personnel decisions. That’s all the advantage all other teams need.

  41. Funny how many people mockingly say “who cares, Dallas sucks at the draft anyways” when they’ve actually made plenty of good picks in recent years…more than a number of terrible teams, to be sure.

    Also, the last time the Dallas board was revealed was in 2010…on that board, they had NaVarro Bowman, a consensus 3rd rounder or lower (and future All Pro) at 20th overall with a first round grade. So maybe Dallas knows what it’s doing when it grades, at least at some positions?

    But don’t let my facts get in the way of your trolling, haters.

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