It’s Cowboys Mt. Rushmore final voting time

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The time has come.

Yes, I’m talking about the slow time on the NFL calendar.  Which makes it the perfect time for time-filling material.  Especially when the time is filled by the inherently difficult if not downright impossible task of identifying the four most significant figures in each franchise’s history.

So much for warming up with a “young” team, like the Texans.  While we’ll be starting in the Lone Star State, the process commences with the Cowboys, who have a long and storied history of excellence — albeit not recently.

Cast your votes below for the four people you’d put on the Dallas Mt. Rushmore.  The results will be unveiled on Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  The show even may include a call from one of the people who end up on the final list.

76 responses to “It’s Cowboys Mt. Rushmore final voting time

  1. If Randy White isn’t at or near the top of that list, something is very wrong.

  2. wow…just as hard as the Packers, 49ers and Redskins..

    my first four would be Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett and Emmit Smith

    next four: Troy Aikman, Micheal Ervin, Randy White, Bob Lilly

    next four: Tex Schramm, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Bates and Larry Allen

    does not belong ever on any ballot: Jerry Jones

  3. Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett and Emmit Smith. I may be overrating Tony Dorsett a bit, but when I was a kid that guy was fantastic.

    You have the wrong Jones on this list. Switch Jerry for Ed.

  4. Dorsett without a doubt, maybe Jimmy Johnson, Staubach. After that it gets very slim…
    The 90’s Cowboys O-line would be my #1. Without that dominant Offensive line, Aikman, Irvin and Smith would all have been good instead of great. That is why I wouldn’t put Aikman(Didn’t play long enough), Irvin(without that O-line giving Aikman all day to throw… he’d be average) and Smith(who always had a better line than Thomas and Sanders, otherwise very bleak).

  5. If you put Jerrah’s mug up there, you’re going to have to re-do the face every couple years.

  6. Emmit Smith? If Barry Sanders had the O line Smith had he’d have rushed for 30000 yds. Instead of 15000. Smith was a good, not great rb. Plus, he left Dallas just to compile more yardage. Nah, lots of better rbs than this compiler.

  7. How could any true Cowboys fan vote for Jerry Jones? While a good businessman, he has done more harm than good for the team. The best thing Jones can do for the team is shut up and let a real GM run it.

  8. The Cowboys don’t get the moniker of “America’s Team without Schramm. You can’t not put Aikman in as the QB of 3 Super Bowl winning teams. Even though Emmit left Dallas for a year or two, he broke the all-time rushing record as a Cowboy so he has to be on in my book. And Tom Landry’s hat is the most iconic hat in pro sports (Bear Bryant not included).

  9. Staubach and Landry are automatics. The rest is a toss up. I felt compelled to include Emmitt. However Irvin was the heart and soul of those Super Bowl teams. As a cowboys fan, those are my four, but you make a case for any of those guys to take the last two spots I think.

  10. A minor fumble, that endzone INT or that wee bit of an overthrow and thus we have no golfer…

  11. Tex Shramm, Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson,

    The 4th one is the hard one. It would have been Jerry if he didnt get drunk one night and started bad mouthing Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy Johnson and his staff had the NFL in a choke hold.

  12. I still don’t see Neil O’Donnell on this list!?? He deserves to be there for Jerruh…

  13. Tom Landry
    Roger Staubach
    Emmitt Smith
    Bob Lilly

    For those of you too young to know, Bob Lilly was the Cowboys’ first ever draft pick, and is in the Hall of Fame. He was one of the best defensive tackles of all time.

  14. joemammy says:

    If you put Jerrah’s mug up there, you’re going to have to re-do the face every couple years.

    Joe; if I could give your post a hundred likes, I would. You made my day with that. Thank you.

  15. There are soooo many, … bout this. Landry, Triplets, Doomsday, captain Comback, see if u group them like that. its more bang for your buck !!

  16. @ Ed ….Emmitt would have been great regardless..4/5 of the OL they won their first 2 SB’s with had been playing for 5 + years when E came into the league, had never sniffed a pro bowl, and Dallas also had 10 different OL start for them…during E’s prime….guess they were all great? the only HOF caliber O lineman they had was Larry Allen, he didn’t get drafted until 1995, AFTER Dallas had won 2 SB’s and E had led the NFL in rushing…..Smith is what made that team….I agree on Aikman though, they would play a SB contending Packers team and still kick their teeth in with their 3rd string QB, but never won when Smith missed a game…which was rare.


  17. This list is impossible…do you go with new era dominance or old era dominace? Jerry was the catalyst for the new era revival…never seen Roger play but the very fact that I’m aware of his presence and realize it means he was probably one of the greats in his era…you HAVE to put Landry up there right, thats almost mandatory…Emmitt Smith is the all time leading rusher but he did show his hind parts on the way out to Arizona, to me thats the only smudge on his case and if we’re splitting hairs we have to consider everything…Troy is the classiest Cowboy to ever wear the uniform in my opinion, he was always a gamer, a respectable opponent, never drug people’s name through the much, he just performed and was the qb on the new era great teams so I’d probably throw him in there

  18. Jerry Jones
    Dave Campo
    Gary Hogaboom
    Ryan Leaf

    But seriously….

    1. The cheerleaders
    2. The cheerleaders
    3. The cheerleaders
    4. Rowdy

  19. Simple and I heard through the grapevine it’s already in the works. 1. Jerry Jones 2. Jerry Jones 3. Jerry Jones 4. Jerry Jones
    The City of Dallas will be voting this week to approve tax payer funding.

  20. I am a Boys fan, but sorry to say Jerry is the new Al Davis.
    Thank goodness he’s no longer a part of my Raiders.
    You need a real GM Jerry. Read a good CEO book about not letting your ego get in the way.

  21. 1 T Landry
    2 R Staubach
    3 T Aikman
    4 E Smith

    These are the best people that I have rooted against.

  22. Bob Lilly is Mr.Cowboy. Landry enough said. Staubach most famous cowboy of all time. Emmitt the greatest of the 90 pokes. This from a redskins fan.

  23. I voted before looking at the comments and I’m happy to say that there are a lot of smart people here! Basically, that means that they voted the same way I did: Landry, Emmitt, Staubach, and Lilly. Don’t know if just the commenters voted this way or not, but I see this combo a bunch of times in this thread. Hopefully pre-1970s players will be considered throughout this process.

  24. The Cowboys became the “America’s Team” Cowboys in the 1970’s, so I think that era should have the most representation. I went with Landry, Staubach, and White, then put in Emmitt Smith as a nod to the great teams of the 1990’s.

  25. TOO EASY:

    Roger Staubach, Tom Landry (won 2 superbowls together),

    Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen (won 3 superbowls together and big partners in crime in the running game)

  26. Rules should limit to one executive and that is Landry. Lilly and Staubach are a must. I go Dorsett over Smith but can see it the other way too. Limit 4 by definition so that is it!

  27. Landry and rodger are locks, aikman too( won a ring with switzer=lock). Personally I went with Emmit for the final slot, tough as nails and I’ll never forget how much he loved the star.

  28. Like a lot of others on here, I have Staubach, Smith, Landry, Lilly.

    I really wanted to put Tex Schramm, but I couldn’t figure out who to leave off.

  29. Can’t include Jerry Jones for the simple reason that not even the great Michelangelo could sculpt all the wrinkles in that dude’s mug.

  30. I wish you could set aside a spot for Landry, and then add 4 players as well. It makes for an unbalanced proportion between the Landry and Post-Landry years.
    Tom Landry
    Roger Staubach
    Emmitt Smith
    Bob Lilly

    One more player slot would be Aikman. Anybody who thinks Troy was just a guy who just handed the ball off to Emmitt and through a few passes with a lot of time in the pocket is missing the point of a great QB – winning. I remember an interview he gave to ESPN where the reporter asked why he didn’t have as many 4th quarter comebacks as QBs like Elway (he actually had more than you remember). Aikman didn’t skip a beat and said something to the effect of, “I’m not going to apologize for having a big lead in the 4th quarter. The point of the game is winning whether it’s in the 2nd quarter or the 4th”. Perfect.
    Aikman won 90 games in the 90’s – more than any qb had ever done in a single decade up until that point.

  31. agree with joestemme above.

    the cowboys are not the cowboys without LANDRY.

    LILLY, STAUBACH and E. SMITH represent the 3 great eras of cowboys football.

  32. That was tough!!

    I put Landry, Aikman, Staubach & Lilly. God knows I really wanted Tex (instead of Aikman) but I had to put Troy in to represent the 90’s.

    This organization would NOT be what it is today if it wasn’t the the “Original” GM Texas E Schramm!!!

    Tex did the dang thing!! He set this organization on to the path of greatness BEFORE he handed it over to Jerry! I bet he never, ever thought Jerry would pluck up what he created the way he has!!

    Can’t you just see Tex & Tom shaking their heads as they watch the last 20 years????

  33. Staubach, Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Irvin (Irvin over Emmitt because Irvin’s passion was top notch and part of the teams’ success was everyone trying to match his heart)

    Also, Jimmy but no Jerry because it was Jerry’s ego that broke up that team too soon with him forcing Jimmy out.

  34. I would put Hershel Walker on there… not for what he did as a player but for the trade that allowed us to build the great team of the 90’s!

  35. Landry, Roger and Emmitt are locks the last one is a toss up between Irvin, Dorsett, Aikman, White, Liliy, Allen and jimmy, you can make a good case for each one, i choose Dorsett.

  36. Its gotta be Landry, Staubach, Lilly, and Emmitt.. Im not gonna vote for him but i love how all the cowboy haters talk smack about jerry jones.. The dude has 3 rings as an owner and general manager.. The best part of this, is most of you clowns would loveee for jerry to own your team and romo to be your qb.. yea i know theres a lot of browns, jags, seahawks, vikings and whatever fans of other loser franchises out there always ragging on the boys.. lol time to let it go people, sucks to suck.

  37. #1. TEX Schramm, started the franchise, hired Landry, drafted Lilly, Staubach, White, Larry Cole, Ed “too tall” Jones, Jethro Pugh, et al. Put entire NFL into an inovation revolution, from scouting to running the franchise to advertising. In many ways, the father of the Modern NFL.

    #2. Tom Landry, ultimate gentleman, stoic onfield persona. Like Tex, helped to bring NFL up to major sport status.

    #3. Bob Lilly, ABU graduate made good. Really helped put the DOOM in DOOMSDAY Defense. A gentleman and role model on and off the field. A monster on the line of scrimmage.

    #4. Randy White, Lineman to Line backer. Give me a break, wasn’t he the original “experiment”. Could be wrong, but I think so.

    Management and defense on my list. Why couldn’t it be 5, 10, 20. 4 is just too short a list. By the way, I do realize there are only 4 sculptures on Mount Rushmore.

  38. So in reading most of the posts, there are three favorites: Landry, Staubach, and Emmitt.

    I voted for Tex Schramm because of what he meant not only for the team but for the league.

  39. Voted Lilly, White, Staubach, and Tom Landry…

    There’s no way you can vote for Emmet Smith who was average without all the talent around him and would’ve been ‘debacled’ without Larry Allen…

  40. The name that is getting left off too many ballots is Tex Schramm. Without him, the NFL would never be what it is today. He was the marketing genius that made NFL football the TV phenomenon it is today, and he helped cultivate the “America’s Team” image in the early days. The importance of his contributions cannot be overstated.

    Besides Tex, the only other “no brainer” is Landry.

    After that, Lilly and Staubach are great choices for the old guard, and Aikman and Emmitt are the best choices from the 90s’ dynasty. Dorsett and White were awesome in their own right, but the era when they were in their primes did not include the same level of dominance as the bulk of Roger’s time, much less the total ass-kickery of the Triplets’ era.

    So, my final list: Schramm, Landry, Staubach, Smith (Barry Sanders’ greatness notwithstanding, All Time Leading Rusher matters).

  41. Tom Landry
    Roger Staubach
    Jimmy Johnson
    Troy Aikman

    I reckon it would be a heck of a job to carve Jimmy’s hear but he deserves to be there

    Tony Dorsett

  42. Thinking in future terms, DeMarcus Ware should probably be on the list as well. He should stay a Cowboy and finish as one of the NFL’s all time sack leaders. This would vault him ahead of Bob Lilly in my opinion.

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