J.J. Watt: We have the Super Bowl on our minds

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Texans defensive linemen J.J. Watt had one of the best seasons that any defensive player has ever had in 2012. But it wasn’t good enough.

Watt said in an interview with Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network that the only way this season can be good enough for the Texans is if they win the Super Bowl, and that’s what he and his teammates expect.

“We won another division championship, we won one playoff game, but we’re not satisfied,” Watt said. “Around here we have much higher expectations than that and going into this season, it’s Super Bowl. We have Super Bowl on our mind around here.”

Watt says there’s nothing he would consider an acceptable result from this season other than holding the Lombardi Trophy on February 2, 2014.

“No. Every team in the league will tell you that, but that’s legitimately our expectation. We want to win a championship. We want to bring a championship to this city,” Watt said.

That’s a tall order, but Houston fans know they can count on Watt to do his part.

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  1. Any team/player that DOESN’T think they’re going to the Super Bowl does not deserve to be in the NFL. Even the Chiefs, Jags, Raiders, Phillies, etc. should believe, in their heart of hearts, that it’s all going to come together.

    Every team is 0-0 with the chance at the big one.

  2. Another overrated flash in the pan who disappeared late last season pops his mouth off. Redskins don’t do that. They just dominate the NFL quietly and with class.

  3. As talented as the Houston Texans may be, it’s their quarterback that will always prevent that from happening.

    Matt Schaub, in my opinion, is a product of how immersed fans are in fantasy football.

    He has been provided with a lot of weapons, more than most quarterbacks if not all and the Texans haven’t been able to show anything from it.

    I understand they won their division but it was a down year considering how poor the Jaguars and Titans played and that a rookie quarterback was calling the shots for an up-and-comer in Indianapolis.

    This year Schaub has no excuses, he has the weapons and the defense. I hope for the sake of J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing, and Andre Johnson that Schaub is ready to make improvements.

  4. watts your not going far with that whimp of a QB. Never again will I pick him for fantasy football. This clown killed me so I picked up Palmer and did much better. This guy is a LOSER.!!!!!!!

  5. Man I love Alcon smith, but can u imagine if we would’ve picke jj watt instead, tems would forfeit….

  6. Hope they have their minds on trading for a real starting quarterback then.

  7. J.J. Watt is a brilliant defensive end and of course each team’s dream is to play in the Super Bowl and win it but I just can’t see them winning it this season.

    Maybe it’s the QB or the fact they have just 2 playoff appearance since 2002 and the higher they got is the Divisional round.

    They certainly have a good team and I can certainly say they’re getting there though.

  8. Realistically about 10 teams have a shot at the superbowl. I keep hearing all this crap about parody but since the turn of the millenium its the same teams winning.

    Patriots 3
    Ravens 2
    Steelers 2
    Giants 2
    Colts and a few nfc teams got 1.

    If your not the texans, saints, packers, broncos, niners, seahawks, falcons, or one of the big 4 above you have no shot, sorry.

  9. Here’s a thought (or 6) for you Texans:
    1) Get the division championship on your mind.
    2) Then concentrate on not pissing away home field advantage
    3) Try to think about winning more than 1 playoff game.
    4) Make it to the AFC Championship
    5) Focus on winning the AFC Championship

    After you accomplish all of the above, then you can dwell about the Superbowl.

  10. Its okay jj..jacksonville,cleveland,the chiefs,have the super bowl on their minds,its something natural jj…

  11. I bet they would’ve won last year if they had a better QB but then again they got beat by some of the better teams. The only above average team they beat was the Ravens.

  12. Reality check time:

    The Texans started out great last season and then the wheels fell off late ( as per usual).

    When you need OT to beat the 2-14 Jaguars at home in November, it speaks volumes about how far the Texans are actually away from a superbowl victory.

    The team should make the playoffs, but they are also one Arian Foster injury away from a 7-9 season.

  13. I love it when a player’s goals are team oriented. Whenever players have goals such as All Pro, defensive player of the year, etc. It’s always a cause for concern.

  14. chalkruz1989 is correct. Schaub, Dalton, Romo, Rivers and a few others need to step up their games to win an SB. They have weapons. They have had chances. Enough-just do it! As for the Redskins, they have had 21 years of chances, 4 presidents, 5 speakers of the house and three popes and still no SB.

  15. Ask Ed Reed if he can get you two tickets to paradise. He”ll also have some pictures of what it’s like to play and win the superbowl but thats about as close as the texans will get to being in a superbowl.

  16. Yeah, I have to agree that Schaub probably can’t get it done. And the team isn’t good enough in other areas that they can overcome an average QB and win the Super Bowl.

  17. thesteelers says:
    May 30, 2013 7:09 AM
    We have rings and you may or may not.

    What does that even mean?

    JJ Watt is a star in this league now, the leader of his team, and if he had his sights set any lower than the Super Bowl he wouldn’t be doing his job… simple as that.

  18. baltimoresnativeson says: May 30, 2013 8:24 AM

    Realistically about 10 teams have a shot at the superbowl. I keep hearing all this crap about parody but since the turn of the millenium its the same teams winning.


    I think you meant “parity.”

    10 teams with a legitimate shot at the Championship is better than any other sport. That’s as close to parity as you’ll get.

  19. I love how unrealistic the Texans and their fans are. None of them seem to be able to admit how fat they’ve gotten off easy schedules the past two years. Their record against above .500 teams is laughable. They’ve won two playoff games against the same team which has been usually the worst team in the AFC playoffs both years. They’ve gotten trounced on multiple occasions by superior teams. Their division comes with 4 wins practically built in for a decent team. In any other division they’d be fighting for a playoff spot and Watt literally won them 2 games last year HIMSELF (Jags, Jets). Substitute any other player for him and they sit around 9-7/10-6. Its about that year where the heralded Wade Phillips defense takes the major step backwards as the signs started to show last year. And the organization is dumb enough to think that a 1st round WR is what they needed to get them over the hump.

  20. As long as Gary Kubiak is the head coach of this team, they will continually collapse at the end of the year. That guy plays not to lose instead of playing to win.

  21. Right parity, good catch. But if you look at the other major sports, the NFL has just as much or more repeat champs since 2000.

    And this notion the league keeps pushing that any team can win it in a given year is nuts.

  22. “Another overrated flash in the pan who disappeared late last season pops his mouth off. Redskins don’t do that. They just dominate the NFL quietly and with class.”

    Get real. You’re talking about a team employing a racial epithet as its name.

  23. I love folks like Phil who considers the expected high hopes and high expectations of a high performing athlete to be excessive bravado of an entire city and/or that team’s fans.

    Displaced aggression leads to overt stupidity, Phil.

  24. Whats every ones problem with schaub? I agree hes not the best QB in the league but he isn’t as bad as you all say he is. Schaub makes his fair share of mistakes but players like Andre Johnson or Owen Daniels wouldn’t even have a chance if he wasn’t doing his job. Also some of you forget the Texans have a All Star RB, WR, and DE plus an All Pro TE, QB, LT, MLB, and CB. If all the Texans players do their jobs, they can be some serious contenders.

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