Marrone: C.J. Spiller can be more than situational player

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When C.J. Spiller has had the ball in his hands he’s proven to be a pretty special player for the Buffalo Bills the last two seasons.

Spiller has averaged more than five yards a carry in each of the last two seasons and has become a weapon in the passing game as well. The biggest complaint regarding Spiller was that he wasn’t being used enough by former head coach Chan Gailey. Spiller averaged just 13 carries a game last season for the Bills.

New Bills head coach Doug Marrone thinks Spiller can have more of an impact for the Bills. According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, if Spiller is the guy being effective he fully intends to give him opportunities to produce.

“My philosophy’s always been if someone starts off and they’re running well, keep feeding them the ball,” Marrone said.

With Fred Jackson still a productive option as well, Marrone will still have to figure out the best way to split carries between the two backs. Marrone said he likes his running backs to be complete players and believes both Jackson and Spiller can fit that bill.

“We have two backs that can produce results,” Marrone said.

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  1. Just watch Demarco Murray videos when he is healthy. You can learn a lot from him. Dallas’ back field this up coming season will set the standard for everyone to follow as usual. #jerryjonesisthebestGM

  2. Best backfield in the AFC, and when 100% healthy will prove to be the best backfield in the league in 2013. CJ should be a top five fantasy back and Freddy will be a touchdown machine. With great value in the tenth round

  3. It will be nice to see this guy get more PT, hopefully the Bills will be better than previous years, but I know the are no where close to competing with this years media darling Dolphins…since they are just going to be dominant this year as per their players!

  4. Spiller proved last year that he can be a complete back, I watched him many times run over a Linebacker instead of running around them.

    Now the only question left to find out is can he consistantly handle the ball 25 times per game (which I think he can).

    Don’t be surprised if Spiller is in the top 5 in total yards from scrimmage this season.

  5. This should be CJ’s breakout year now that he has a coach who actually knows how to use him. One of Gailey’s biggest faults is his refusal to use CJ like he should of for who knows what reason. That as much as anything is what cost him his job.

  6. Spiller is the better running back between him and Jackson, but Jackson is the better all around player. FJ has extremely good QB protection, great vision, a stiff-arm from hell and can run, pass or catch with the best of them, Its just his below average speed that holds him back a bit. Spiller has very good vision, extreme speed and always finds ways to break tackles. CJ’s knock is his pass protection and shoddy screen plays, he doesn’t wait long enough to let his blockers get into position and has to use his speed instead of following the play how it was designed.

    If I were Marrone, I’d try my best to get both of these guys on the field at the same time, lining up in the I-formation, split-back or in the slot with a possibility that one of the two will end up with the ball. The more touches CJ and FJ get, the greater the chance gets of Buffalo scoring 6 points.

  7. As much as I love Jackson, it’s apparent Spiller needs starter reps from now on… Jackson has proven he can’t stay healthy and should only receive 5-10 touches a game… Spiller can be one of the best RB’s in the league… The Bills and the NFL need to see it…

  8. Buffalo is going to be an interesting study this year. They have some nice pieces scattered around, but Chan Gailey never had a cohesive plan (or a QB) that got them anywhere. With the Dolphins on the rise and Jets fading, Buffalo could be more productive than a lot of people give them credit for, though they still have a long way to go. Their long-time fans deserve a break.

  9. Dougie’s about to find out why CJ “wasn’t being used enough”. He can’t block.

    FJ averages the most yards-after-contact, and is the best pass protector in the league.

    Also, look at the Jacksonville game: CJ gets 2 yards, 2 yards, -2 yards, etc, etc, etc, then breaks off a 40 yard run to get a five yard average for the game. You want to move the sticks, feed FJ.

    I like CJ. He will be a great RB, but the reason he can’t stay on the field isn’t because Chan Gailey’s an idiot, it’s that Fred is a much better back than anybody in the national media give him credit for.

    6 yards a carry made an easy storyline for a team that was going nowhere fast last year, but when he gets 20-30 carries instead of 13, his average starts to drop quick. That’s why Jim Brown is still one of the greatest players ever.

  10. What type of fool sat CJ to begin with ?? An unemployed fool, that will never find a job.

  11. I have to disagree with anyone who says Fred is a better back… He is a very good back. CJ is a game breaker .. Yes he had a couple negative runs but Barry Sanders had more runs for a loss than any back in NFL history( I’m not saying he is Barry or near that level)… and his pass protection can improve. But any ideas that Fred should get equal carries is ridiculous.

  12. Those outside Western NY consistently underestimate Fred Jackson. He was head and shoulders above Marshawn Lynch when they played together. People forget he was putting up MVP numbers (> 900 yds in 10 games; 5.5 avg./carry) before he got hurt in 2011. He is also an excellent blocker and receiver. Let’s hope the Bills’ braintrust can figure out a way to get FJ and CJ lots of carries (and keep the ball out of the QBs hands).

  13. The carries should be split about 60/40 with Spiller getting the majority. Jackson can still pound the rock and this will help keep Spiller fresh.

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