Namath blasts Jets for misleading fans

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It was a heartwarming moment, sort of, on Wednesday, when new Browns owner Jimmy Haslam welcomed Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown back into the organization.

Don’t count on that happening with the Jets.

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath has had plenty of criticism in recent years for his former team, and he took it up a notch on Thursday, during a visit with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton of WFAN.

Specifically, Namath accused the Jets of being “deceptive” when talking about the quality of the football organization.

“The team’s declined while we fans are being told how good they are constantly, how this new player’s so good,” Namath said.  “They haven’t played up to how they’ve been touted.  And so I think they’ve misled the fans more or less.  They’ve made some bad decisions on personnel the last couple of years.”

The Jets have had a strong incentive to tout and hype players; the team needs to sell tickets and PSLs in its still-new stadium.

Namath admits that his criticism of the team has resulted in a less-than-loving relationship.

“I wouldn’t say bad terms, you know?” Namath said. “Uncomfortable.  Because I was saying earlier, you don’t like to hear negative things, negative vibes, and Woody I’m sure doesn’t like the criticism.  I mean, when we’ve brushed shoulders in the past it hasn’t been the same as it was originally.  We don’t talk — ‘Hi, how are ya?'”

Actually, owner Woody Johnson doesn’t hear nearly the criticism some think he deserves.  In New York of all markets, Johnson somehow has avoided taking the brunt of the blame for the team’s constant state of dysfunction, or a slew of bad decisions that at a minimum he allowed and at worst he ordered.

From signing Brett Favre (and handing Chad Pennington to the Dolphins) to trading for Tim Tebow to signing Mark Sanchez to an extension to keeping Santonio Holmes after he essentially quit on the team in 2011 to sending Darrelle Revis to Tampa, it seems as if every fork in the road has resulted in the Jets making the wrong turn.

And the guy ultimately driving the bus never gets called out for it.

Whatever Namath’s agenda, it’s good that he’s willing to stand up and speak his mind.

66 responses to “Namath blasts Jets for misleading fans

  1. I love Joe Namath, but he needs to go away. I like that he speaks his mind, and I don’t think he has an agenda, but he’s gotta shut up already. All he does is add to the dysfunction.

  2. Joe Namath record: 77 wins, 108 losses, 3 ties and the Super Bowl.

    Joe Namath: TD to INT ratio: 173-220.

    One of the most over rated players of all time. If Namath played for the Colts and not in NY, he would not be in the HOF.

  3. I listened to the whole interview this morning. Namath wasn’t blasting anyone. He said he has respect for Rex, and says he doesn’t have a good relationship with Woody because he has come out and been truthful in the media in regards to the perception of this team. The guy has no agenda, he just said the truth when asked some questions.

  4. .

    Spot on analysis….. It appears that the Patriots, Bills, and Dolphins have enhanced their rosters. The Jets not so much.


  5. It will get no better anytime soon. As a Cowboy fan, I am all too aware of the ramifications of a series of bad decisions that result in years of futility. The decision to pick Geno Smith will further set this franchise back another 5-7 years at minimum. From his steep decline in play last year to his inability to handle not being drafted higher to his unbelievable decision to join Roc Nation, there is nothing that points towards anything but a fragile and emotionally weak rookie QB who will be forced into action too soon and will crumble quickly.

    2013 outlook for the Jets is bleak, to say the least. If Ryan even survives the season it will be a miracle.

  6. You are correct, Sir Namath.

    Seeing namath makes me think of the Jets’ Mount Rushmore…and how sad and shallow the selection pool of players is compared to the cowboys one just posted. Uh…namath for sure…al toon? Curtis Martin I guess? Vinny? He had them 14-2 that one year… yuck lol

  7. Why so much talk with over 3 months before the season? I hated it when they said we’d win the superbowl in July of 10′ and I hate it when they say were gonna go 0-16 in May of 13′. Let the chips fall where they lie and watch the team do its thing. I know you need to write stories but sheesh

  8. Namaths agenda? Are you kidding? Its alcohol,,,Im surprised he didn’t lean over and give Boomer a kiss, or at least ask for one.

  9. Namath Namath Namath. AMEN Brother now maybe they just might listen to you.!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Woody is where the buck stops, no doubt. That said, maybe the reason he doesn’t get a lot of backlash is that for the past several years there has been other drama for the media to concentrate on. If he were more of a front and center owner like Jerry Jones, he probably would get more backlash. And he defintely does get some with some of the comments he’s made.

    Namath seems to have been mostly correct with his critical comments. I appreciate it when a former player can be objective. It’s one reason I love when Rodney Harrison talks about the Pats. He loves them but he’s not afraid to tell it as he sees it even if it isn’t flattering. Troy Brown too. Mangini is more of a Pats homer on tv than either of them are.

  11. Trading for Tebow wasn’t the mistake, doing absolutely nothing with someone you traded for is boneheaded bordering on criminal.

  12. I like the idea that Namath’s comments are part of a master plan by Namath to get paid. It worked for Jim Brown… just insult your former team enough, and eventually that team will hire you to do PR. You’ll have to eat those words, but you can laugh that off all the way to the bank.

    Or to put it another way:

    1) Become Hall Of Famer.
    2) Insult your former team as much as possible.
    3) Keep insulting the team until they hire you for their PR department.
    4) PROFIT!

  13. Namath is the first one who should be on the Jet’s Rushmore. He was a leader. I like that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, either. Maybe the Jets front office should listen to him a little more instead of covering up their mistakes with PR bull.

  14. You keep tellin’ them Joe ! Your stats might not have been the greatest but you could throw the best spiral I have ever seen. That pass that NFL Films always shows of you hitting Maynard on a 50 yard post pattern against KC is (still) the best pass I’ve ever seen thrown. And ya still have been the (only) QB to lead this sorry franchise to the big one and win it, and that means a great deal !

    And next time, try and see if Erin Andrews will give ya’ a kiss, probably not, she’d call out the cops, and have ya arrested, the overrated little tease !

    And my Mt Rushmore picks would be Namath, Maynard, Snell, and Gerry Philbin. Old school guy but the best the Jets ever had !

  15. Why so much talk with over 3 months before the season. I hated it when they said we’d win the superbowl in July of 10′ and I hate it when they say were gonna go 0-16 in May of 13′. Let the chips fall where they lie and watch the team do its thing.. gonna be a surprise for a lotta people

  16. Woody is a walking stereotype with that young blonde trophy wife.

    Unfortunately it’s the only trophy he’ll ever see…..

  17. I’m sorry, but doesn’t EVERY team in the league try to sell their fans on how good their team is and how they’ve improved since the last season .. I mean, unless you win the Super Bowl.. that should pretty much be your mantra.

  18. @spharrgcs

    I wouldn’t say the drafting of Geno will set the team back any more than two years tops. He wasn’t drafted in the first round, isn’t owed huge money, and will only probably be in Green in 2016 if he pans out. They’re not handcuffed to him like they are to Sanchez because of the old rookie wage scale.

    Realistically, Geno, if he’s terrible, will be a minor hiccup that can be moved on from at any time.

    Anyone who feels like the kid is a big investment (as a 2nd round pick) has no idea how to prioritize and probably reads the articles on this site with a naive, juvenile, unquestioning eye.

  19. The only thing Namath’s stats tell you is that stats are not necessarily indicative of anything meaningful……Too many great coaches and players speak too highly of him for him to be anything but what he is…a HoF QB…..some bad teams and injuries did his numbers no good,as well as a much different game under much different rules….making the tired recitation of his numbers less than meaningful….Sid Gillman and Bill Walsh knew a little bit about QB play and they praised Namath to no end….as did so many of his glory days AFL opponents…..

  20. Now if all of these anonymous Jets sources would put their names to their quotes like Namath does.

  21. It’s times like this I wish the Dolphins had their own untouchable alcoholic icon on file to call them out on all their big talking and crappy play.

    Maybe I should mail Dan Marino a bottle of Johnny Walker and hope that the things that need to be said get said.

  22. Why are folks critical of Geno Smith?
    His choice of representatives?
    Because he was upset he was picked in the second round?
    If the Jets didn’t pick him, the best he could do was still to be picked in the second round if not worse.

    I love how they knock his performance when he is yet to take a snap that counts.
    Manning and Aikman both # 1 picks won a combined 6 games in their rookie years. The Jets are in such a downward spiral, we don’t even know if he’ll start.
    Screw this season and Woody.

  23. When a washed up old alcoholic can see the truth it just goes to show how pathetic the Ownership of this team is.

    Im a believer in Joe Namath. Everything he says about the Jets is spot on.

  24. Namath… Does he have an agenda? I don’t care. Even if he does, it doesn’t mean everything he says is wrong or right. An alcoholic? Yes. But again, just because one has an agenda, is an alcoholic or many other things, it doesn’t mean what they say is automatically wrong. His statements need to be judged on their own merits… This time, he is spot on… The team wants money… The team is overselling their product to their fans… It’s OK not to like a person, Namath, but many people I don’t like or care for still say things that are correct, kind of like a broken clock is still correct twice a day…

  25. nyyjetsknicks says:May 30, 2013 10:38 AM

    Joe Namath record: 77 wins, 108 losses, 3 ties and the Super Bowl.

    Joe Namath: TD to INT ratio: 173-220.

    One of the most over rated players of all time. If Namath played for the Colts and not in NY, he would not be in the HOF.
    You were spot on with that post……….been sayinig that for years and years………I believe he is the only QB in the HOF that has more INT’s than TD’s. He was way overrated. He is in only because of the guaranteed SB victory, nothing else.

  26. Every time an owner involves himself in on-field personnel decisions, it generally goes wrong or at worse is disastrous. Owners should rely on the judgment of the people they have chosen to run the club. The successful franchises do that-Pittsburgh, Baltimore, San Francisco, New Endgland et al. That is why they are in the playoffs each year or nearly each year. It’s not rocket science.

  27. I agree that the Jets are an absolute mess right now. And I am not a Jets fan. But I think we need to dial back the “constant state of dysfunction” talk just a smidge.

    The Jets are 43-37 over the last 5 seasons with 4 playoff wins in 2 playoff appearances.

    There are probably 20 teams in the NFL who love to be that “dysfunctional”.

  28. I love Namath’s attitude, especially compared to the other end of the spectrum, where you’ve got Aikman STILL calling Romo a great QB and defending him any chance he gets.

  29. The Jets are garbage just waiting to be dumped. Ryan has lost any credibility he may or may not of had before, but this team and organization as a whole is a bad joke. Glad I’m not a Jets fan. The Redskins took enough toll on me for 20 years. I feel for the Jet fans for being miss lead into believing they have a chance in hell of being a very good team. Geno is a joke and that attitude expression on his face when he finally was picked in the draft was enough for me to realize the guy is a loser and is going to be a bad pick for the Jets.

  30. Sad that so many criticize Namath for being an alcoholic.
    It’s a disease!
    He still accomplished more in his life for himself and others (players, coaches, team owners, the merger), in his twenties than most would accomplish in 20 lifetimes.

    I bet the stone throwers here …..well you know.

  31. SO one former player criticizes the owner and the sky is fall on Woody? He should try being Jerry Jones for a day. And no, I’m not a Cowboys’ fan.

  32. Chad Pennington should have stayed in NY. the whole favre thing wasn’t a surprise as he screwed up the season. Pennington was a good QB for the Jets. nevet really had a long arm but he was top in accuracy. Revis trade all for it. see ya later Revis. great player but not a team player at all. also, people think its something you can fix overnight. there’s a lot of problems that needs to be fixed. can’t cut Sanchez or Holmes, just can’t so get over it. Next season they won’t be there. Jets are rebuilding so give it a few years

  33. if the owner can’t pick capable people to run the team chances of those people picking good players is not good .namath is right .everything starts at the top .

  34. The only thing that went wrong with Favre was him tearing his bicep. They were 8-4 at the time, having just beaten the Patriots and undefeated Titans, and on pace for the playoffs, and if anything the only issue was not having a suitable backup in place so injured Favre played anyway which is where all the INT’s came from.

  35. Namath is rarely correct about anything, and I find it hilarious for him to be lecturing anyone about staying out of trouble off the field, and making sure they are mentally prepared. He was none of that.

    Woody took over a joke of a franchise, has invested a considerable amount of money, and has fielded a team that has made the playoffs multiple times, under multiple coaches, in the past decade, which over half of the NFL cannot say. The notion that he doesn’t get enough criticism, or that this team doesn’t get enough criticism, is laughable, as a high percentage of posts by this site alone do just that.

    While it is entirely too early to pass judgement on Idzik, the man signed a bunch of high risk, low cost, free agents, and given the nature of those signings alone, some were going to fail.

  36. Note: In 2007, Forbes listed the Jets as the 10th most financially valuable team in the NFL. Since signing Favre in 2008 and making all the football decisions above, they’ve jumped to 5th/6th. The 2010 opening of MetLife Stadium didn’t even produce a comparable jump in profitability. Owner Woody Johnson thinks he’s doing just fine.

    Of course, we all think he could do better with a ring.

  37. shouldnt have done a deal with the giants to remain in stinky new jersey either, if he waited a few more years he couldve gotten a queens stadium. now queens will have soccer, yay!

  38. Don’t most teams who aren’t playoff caliber teams “mislead fans”? They have to keep hope alive so they can sell tickets and fill the stands. I don’t know of any team that gives a money back guarantee if the team doesn’t play up to fan expectations and hopes.
    It’s the entertainment industry and people choose whether or not they feel the entertainment is worth spending the money…kinda like the movies; satisfaction is not guaranteed and usually only the best parts are shown in the trailers!

  39. The real issue here is whether or not Namath’s critics are accurate and fair. If they are , .. which I’m thinking they are, .. then what’s the issue?

    All these cracks about his drinking only underscores that you’ve no counter argument, .. so thanks for the input.

    And, his career stats are what they are. I’ve seen Namath in interviews and he was also brutally honest about his stats. But, the guy could play! Ask Johnny Unitas. Aside from that Superbowl game he whipped the Colts asses in one game throwing for nearly 500 yards and 6 TDs. I’d love to see what his stats would have been with today’s rules about pass interference and roughing the QB. With0ut Bubba Smith or Ben Davidson committing assault and battery on you about three times a game. Without Jack Tatum and Jake Scott mugging your receivers on every pass play. Joe Namath won one of the biggest football games in the history of the NFL in spectacular fashion. That’s why he’s in the HoF.

    And, for the record, .. Jet MT Rushmore;

    Namath, Maynard, Klecko and Martin.

  40. The jets historical record means nothing, as most of it was under a different owner. The Jets record under Woody (since 2000) is 105-103, with 8 winning years, one .500 year, and 4 losing years.

  41. Joe Namath speaks a lot, but he’s right, the owner is responsible for all this rubbish going on in his organization. It’s a circus act, has been for a while, and it continues today with the Sanchez/Tebow/Smith saga.

  42. Joe isn’t saying anything that isn’t true.

    And Woody is grasping for straws, always seeking the spotlight (take it, the Giants seem to always falter when the media loves them), and pulling this Bill Veeck stuff in the name of PSLs and walk up sales. It’s still not working. They are lagging very far behind the Giants as well as the league average. Even the pathetic teams with no large market sell more PSLs than the Jets.

  43. Pot meet kettle. Namath’s HoF bust might mislead you into thinking he was actually a good football player. Seems like Jets(organization and players) have been misleading fans for years.

  44. He had the forum and just said what we all would have said put in that position because it is the truth!! As much as I root for the Jets I won’t put a dime in Woody Johnson’s pocket

  45. multiplemiggs says: May 30, 2013 12:56 PM

    shouldnt have done a deal with the giants to remain in stinky new jersey either, if he waited a few more years he couldve gotten a queens stadium. now queens will have soccer, yay!

    Woody was being cheap. I wish they had gotten that stadium on the west side, but Dolan and his coveted air rights wouldn’t allow it. All they had to do was be patient and they could have worked something out with the Wilpons. They have that area near the Flushing Marina carved out and it would have been a great place for a stadium. Here’s to hoping that the Jets get out of OUR Giants Stadium in the next decade.

  46. Those who criticize Namath’s stats compared to what we expect now are comparing apples and oranges. In his day, the dinky checkdowns and three-yard patterns to wide receivers didn’t exist. It was the era of running the ball and the vertical passing game, with a 50% completion rate considered average and interceptions often being as good as a punt because they happened far downfield.

    Is Namath overrated? Yes. His time as a top quarterback was indeed brief. However, he was an ELECTRIC ballplayer, a true leader and a swashbuckler on (and, sadly, off) the field. He was one of the most fearless QBs ever. Even when he was in decline and the team around him not good, you could not ignore the man.

  47. I hope all of you fair-minded experts are not forgetting that Joe, played for an owner who was basically a cheapskate. Hess built the team up and signed Namath, the top draft pick, to quickly build a contender in the fledgling AFL. Not much different than the Seahawks have done in the last three years. In three years time the Jets were atop the AFL, and went on to beat the Colts in SB III.

    That’s when the money began to dry up. Hess had his trophy, his championship, and that’s all that he really wanted. From that next season on, the Jets struggled, and by the early 80’s, had been written off every expert’s sheet as being possible contenders.

    Namath might have put up better numbers during his career, if he’d had a consistently good team around him. But he didn’t. Far as I’m concerned he has every right to criticize this team, because he paid his dues. He gave at the office.

  48. Namath might still be on the jug, proof being that he feels Mark Sanchez should be the starting quarterback. Your sobriety, and your sanity would come into question with a remark like that. I don’t know, maybe he likes Markies head band, and wants to kiss him, but seriously Sanchez has to go, if he’s the starter, you watch the fans revolt immediately, the Jet fans have had enough of Mark Sanchez

  49. nyyjetsknicks says:
    May 30, 2013 10:38 AM
    Joe Namath record: 77 wins, 108 losses, 3 ties and the Super Bowl.

    Joe Namath: TD to INT ratio: 173-220.

    One of the most over rated players of all time.

    Namath wasn’t Joe Montana, but he was clearly one of the premier quarterbacks of his era.

    Using statistics to compare quarterbacks from the 60s and 70s with players in today’s QB-friendly, WCO-influenced offenses full of wide-receiver screens and dump-offs to running backs is absurd.

    Bobby Layne, HOF: 196 TD, 243 INT
    George Blanda, HOF 236 TD, 277 INT
    Terry Bradshaw, HOF 212TD, 210 INT
    Norm Van Brocklin HOF 173 TD, 178 TD
    YA Tittle, HOF 242 TD, 248 INT
    Dan Fouts, HOF 254 TD, 242 INT

    The list goes on and on.

    Johnny Unitas’s career INT percentage (percentage of passes intercepted) was 4.9. Mark Sanchez’s is 3.7.

    Wake up.

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