Rosenhaus says Gronkowski back surgery not serious, doesn’t change timetable for return


It’s alarming, to say the least, to know that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski needs back surgery after a quartet of arm procedures.

His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, downplayed the gravity of the situation on WQAM radio in Miami earlier today.

“This is a lingering problem that Rob’s had for a while that’s he’s been playing with, actually through all of last season,” Rosenhaus told Joe Rose of WQAM.  “The recovery will be very comparable to the amount of time he’ll miss with the arm surgery.  So why not get it down and make sure when he is healthy he’s 100 percent and doesn’t have to address the back down the road?”

Rosenhaus said the back surgery is not “serious,” and that the problem is unrelated to the back issue that caused Gronkowski to miss the entire 2009 college season at Arizona.

“This is a new injury and it’s minor, it’s not as significant [as the prior back injury],” Rosenhaus said.  “I don’t think it’s a big deal, I think it’s more preventive maintenance than anything else.  It’s something that, although he needs it, he’s had it for a while and he’s been able to function.”

Regardless, Pats fans have every reason to be nervous about the short-term and long-term health of Gronkowski, who has been plagued by injuries since putting together an incredible 2011 regular season.  Starting with an ankle injury suffered against the Ravens in the AFC title game (which required surgery after Super Bowl XLVI) and continuing with his broken forearm and, apparently, a back injury that has been lingering for months, it’s fair to wonder just how long he can perform at the NFL level.

34 responses to “Rosenhaus says Gronkowski back surgery not serious, doesn’t change timetable for return

  1. Does anybody know if the share-a-plane-with-Grnkowski to Vegas auction has reopened for bidding yet?

  2. Of course, his agent would say that his surgery is not serious. Problem is surgery is surgery which means cutting into flesh. Gronkowski is a talent. I would prefer to beat the Pats with him. But he better take this seriously.

  3. Of course Drew says its all good, but anybody who knows football knows that’s alotta surgeries. This is like that Pats #1 offensive weapon (sans Brady) so they need to work this guy to win. I just don’t think his body can take it right away.

  4. Will Gronk play Week 1? Drew Rosenhaus: Next Question, as long as I got my money I don’t care what he does lmao

  5. I would argue that he is not actually injury prone. I have seen him take many shots and just keep on going. The ankle was a legit injury, ans was/is the arm. Injury prone people are on the sidelines for every little thing….one after another. It ranges from a pulled hamstring to hurt feelings. As I said, Gronk’s injuries are legit….but I admit that I don’t know anything about the back.

  6. 1. not “serious = if its not you.

    2. Rosenhaus went to what medical school? Hell he doesn’t even have a J.D. let alone an MD.

    3. I can think of very little less relevant to Gronk’s medical/injury situation than Rosenhaus’ opinion. Not worth the band width to print it.

  7. .

    Drew Rosenhaus giving an injury update on a Patriots player?

    It must be very accurate.


  8. As a Pats fan, I admit to some concern over Gronk’s multiple surgeries. However, I am not nearly as concerned as some closet Steelers fan seems to be.

  9. What Rosenhaus fails to mention is that this is the exact same spinal stenosis issue Gronk had at Arizona only this time its in a different vertabre. I wouldn’t be shocked if Gronk starts this season on the PUP list or misses it entirely like he did in 2009.

  10. A JD Seriously-if true then :

    There goes my otherwise fairly high opinion of Duke Law School’

    He should have learned JD not equal an MD and to speak only about those things of which you know-

  11. Rosenhaus is still around? Must’ve done the interview standing outside of a state prison while he was waiting to pick up one of his clients.

  12. As a Pats fan any injury is a concern. But I am glad to see all the MD’s on this site giving their opinion for us fans, especially texaned80 who based on his statement must have seen the Xrays and consulted with Gronk’s MD since living in the Boston area there has been no information about his back except he is having an operation.

    Don’t get too disappointed when the demise of the Patriots doesn’t happen as many wish.

  13. What Rosenhaus fails to mention is that this is the exact same spinal stenosis issue Gronk had at Arizona only this time its in a different vertabre. I wouldn’t be shocked if Gronk starts this season on the PUP list or misses it entirely like he did in 2009.

    So, your MD degree is from……Harvard? Stanford? You’ve seen the mri’s?

  14. Yes pats fans are terrified because you know when one player goes down another one doesn’t step up and fill in seamlessly. Good call that’s what the pats have been missing all these years the ability to overcome the loss of a player

  15. Right Rosenhaus, like anyone is EVER going to believe anything you say.. You’re only concern is getting paid. Client well being a non issue. He gives already scrutinized sports agents even more of a bad name.

  16. Here is why you should not worry.

    “Rob, since you are going to be out for a few weeks anyway with the arm thing, let’s take care of the back thing too. total rehab time will be about the same. Then you’ll be 100% when you get back on the field.”

    No one who has ever chased or blocked the Gronk would dare to call him “fragile”. This is just “haters gonna hate”. He’s going to “go all gronk on you” in a few months and there is nothing that you can do about it.

  17. He’s a China doll. Don’t expect for him to get anymore than a few more seasons in the NFL because some flames just burn out quick.

  18. unionjack1776 says:May 30, 2013 3:31 PM

    He’s a China doll. Don’t expect for him to get anymore than a few more seasons in the NFL because some flames just burn out quick.


    Oh god… That’s just dumb. He’s had one injury that has caused him to miss games… his arm. That’s it. He played in every game for his first two seasons and then in 11 games in 2012.

    That’s better than lots of other guys that have suffered season ending injuries. I think he’ll miss a few games to start the season then he’s back to normal.

  19. Back surgery is always serious for anyone, especially if u play a violent game like football. The back is very susceptible to re-injury.

    And no I’m not a Dr, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  20. I am not a doctor. However, I have experienced the same injury Gronk did while he was at Arizona. While back surgery may seem like the worst thing in the world, this one in particular is small. Google microdiscectomy, which is the procedure he had done at Arizona (this is a fact, you can find it online easily) and is the one he is having done again. Basically, when you herniate a disc in your back (can happen to anyone doing anything, I did it beating out a base hit in high school baseball), the disc protrudes out in an un-normal fashion, sometimes pressing on a nerve. This extra stress on the nerve can cause pain down the lower back and legs. The fix is relatively simple– 1 incision, maybe an inch and a half long in the lower back, go in and shave off the piece of the disc that is pressing on the nerve. 3 months of recovery. I had the surgery at the end of April as a 17 year old, and was back for triple sessions at the beginning of August. I would say I was at full strength again by the end of August. The fact that Gronk is having this surgery again is not really a huge concern, even though the media likes to blow things up. Like I said, I am not a doctor so you don’t have to listen to me. But I am pretty knowledgable about this subject because I asked a lot of questions throughout the process and was under the care of awesome doctors at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. I was able to get back on the field in 3 months and be at full strength around month 4. Gronk is a massive human being who trains much harder than I ever have, hence why he is in the NFL and in such great shape. He’ll be back, doubt he’ll end up on the PUP because of the back. This surgery really is not a huge deal and it should not be concerning that it happened again (I might be dealing with another herniated disc and doctors ensured me it is unrelated to the previous). All will be fine in Patriot Nation.

  21. bradyx21–Thank you for the analysis, the closest we’ve seen to someone actually KNOWING exactly what Gronk is having done. Best wishes on a full recovery from your current woes.

    I’ll disagree with you on one point, though. This is what my current pain doctor says–“There is no such thing as minor back surgery, but some are more major than others.”

    Is Gronk “injury-prone”? Based on the evidence, we have to say “yes”. He has lots of significant injuries. No one should question his perseverance, no one should say he takes time off with minor stuff, but darn, he has missed some serious time with his injuries.

    That’s a shame, because while I loathe the Patriots (0 for the last 8 and counting) and despise their arrogance and how the media fawns over them, I really like Gronkowski and enjoy watching him play.

  22. ruh-roh…an unnamed source just reported..gronk has diabetes. cut him! cut him!

  23. I need the name of Gronk’s doctor, because every doctor I have seen has said “the LAST thing they want to do is operate”.

  24. I guess everyone is pretty scared of the thought of back surgery, so maybe minor isn’t the correct term, minimally invasive is better. They make a 1 inch incision, shave down the protruding disc. Obviously any time you go near the spine its scary making people not want to call it minor. But Gronk should be back to full strength. You can call him injury prone, but honestly in his case its bad luck that it happened again, he’s got no greater chance of it happening again then anyone else does. Usually epidural shots can work to ease the side effects of the protruding disc, but thats usually only for patients not looking to play football. Surgerys the easiest fix here. I’m not too worried.

  25. @wfi801
    No. Just caught a compelling interview with Dr. Kenneth R Fisrt on sports radio 610 who has seen the mri’s and that was his evaluation.. what do you think?? That I would just pull that from the ether.. So take the info how you want to take it…narrow minded pats fan

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