Saints take no action against Joe Morgan, yet


The Memorial Day weekend was memorable for Saints receiver Joe Morgan, but not because he ate a really good hamburger.  Morgan was arrested for DUI, allegedly generating a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.218 percent.

The Saints, while aware of the situation and its related facts, have taken no action against Morgan, who is expected to be the No. 3 wideout this year.

“I think each team is faced with it at some point, hopefully less than more,” coach Sean Payton said Thursday, via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  “It is what it is in regards to the lesson and you hope that the other players, including Joe, learn from it. It’s our job to keep reinforcing the importance of being smart and making right decisions. It’s something that we’ve really tried to pride ourselves in since we began in ’06.”

Payton opted not to disclose the team’s plans for Morgan.  “We look at each individual case, and kind of leave it at that,” Payton said.

Technically, teams can’t discipline players who are arrested, short of cutting them.  Some teams will impose suspensions even though discipline for arrests technically falls within the league’s exclusive jurisdiction.  Players often don’t fight it.

Teams at every level of every sport routinely don’t dump key players who make a mistake, opting instead to make an example out of players deemed to be expendable.  Morgan isn’t, so he likely won’t be cut or suspended by the Saints.

Under the substance-abuse policy, the usual penalty for a first-offense DUI consists of a fine in the amount of two game checks.

14 responses to “Saints take no action against Joe Morgan, yet

  1. Don’t know how true, but read that he actually stopped his car and called the Saint’s car service. Then fell asleep waiting.

    While still a very poor decision, if true, I think it makes it harder for the team to take action.

  2. Did we not learn anything from the Josh Brent incident last year? There may not have been an accident, but he was fortunate, next time he may not be.

  3. They should NOT cut him!!!

    He’s a major upgrade over Devery Henderson.

    Coach Payton, get him those deep balls like last year!!!

  4. 0.218, is more than 2 1/2 times the legal limit, plus he was passed out at the wheel. The good thing is he was passed out, not driving, he could have caused some serious damage, injuries or taken a life. Don’t understand these guys, take a friggin cab

  5. I love what he brings to the Saints offense but, if hes not suspended by the league, I hope we sit him for a game or two

  6. Ah. Taking the MLB approach to things. What’s it gonna take to get them to start enforcing mandatory suspensions, somebody getting killed? Oh wait.

  7. From what I read he was sleeping in his car. Never understood why that is a DUI. Seems to me you would not punish someone for realizing they should not be driving and pulling over to rest.

  8. Every case IS different. He made a mistake. He’ll be allowed to take care of the legal proceedings, do his community service, pay his fine, serve whatever league discipline is handed down, serve whatever team discipline is handed down, and move on. As far as anyone knows this is his first issue while a member of the Saints. Two other guys, signed as free agents a few years ago, were caught urinating in public before they had attended even one practice. They were dismissed immediately. Joe contributed last season and is part of the team. He should be treated differently.

  9. “It’s our job to keep reinforcing the importance of being smart and making right decisions. It’s something that we’ve really tried to pride ourselves in since we began in ’06.”

    Uh, yeah right.

  10. Saints take no action against Joe Morgan, yet
    Yeah, and they shouldn’t for a first time offense unless it was a major mistake like Stallworth..

  11. “We reinforce staying out of trouble” These are Payton’s words. Where there cameras for this interview because I would love to see if he said it with a straight face?

  12. The Saint’s have no control over their Coaches or players. Of course they’re not going to punish him until the League says so.

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