Seahawks have signed all their draft picks


The Seahawks are the latest team to sign every member of their 2013 draft class.

The NFL’s daily personnel notice on Thursday served as the announcement that the Seahawks signed the final two members of their draft class. Fifth-round cornerback Tharold Simon and seventh-round tackle Michael Bowie were the most recent players to sign their names to contracts.

Simon, the 138th overall pick, was arrested on the first day of the draft, but has several witnesses backing up his contention that he did nothing wrong during an incident with police in his hometown of Eunice, Louisiana. The Seahawks were satisfied with his explanation of events and selected him to be part of a cornerback depth chart topped by Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman and Antoine Winfield. The presence of that trio likely means Simon’s first shot at playing time will come on special teams.

Bowie started his career at Oklahoma State, but transferred to Northeastern Oklahoma State after being dismissed from the Cowboys for violating team rules. The Seahawks took two other offensive linemen in the seventh round and the three rookies will all be developmental prospects in Seattle in their rookie seasons.

27 responses to “Seahawks have signed all their draft picks

  1. Whole staff was working over time to get it done. This is the only advantage adderall has in the off season.

  2. I hate every team besides the 9ers & I especially hate the Seahawks. But as a educated NFL fan I would be a fool to say they don’t have a good team. They have built a damn good team.

  3. cali49er707 says: May 30, 2013 6:18 PM

    I hate every team besides the 9ers & I especially hate the Seahawks. But as a educated NFL fan I would be a fool to say they don’t have a good team. They have built a damn good team.


    What kind of “educated NFL fan” hates every team except his fav? What are u, 12? That’s not educated that’s just foolish. You are not an NFL fan, you are a 49ers fan.

  4. And I’m sure they have passed out all the appropriate PED’S to get those newly signed rookies up to speed with the rest of the roster….
    #Seadderal Cheathawks

  5. Pete Carrol hired the videotape guy in New England, leaves USC just before NCAA sanctions and now is coach of the Seaddoral Seahawks. Just sayin’.

  6. Geez, the adderall jokes are gettin awful thin…if ya can’t do better than these, perhaps its time for some intelligent commentary! Go ahead, try it…

  7. Also, 28 all day whatever, get off APs leg and accept that each fan enjoys the NFL experience in his or her own way….A little interteam hatred is not necessarily a bad thing!!

  8. But clay, to hate all teams? This clown must be THEE most miserable guy to be around during a game. I’d have to take him to the wood shed and smarten him up a little, if possible.

  9. Simon, drafted in the fifth, is a tall CB with a mouth that got him into some trouble.

    He’ll fit right in.

  10. Of course they are all signed. How else will Pete get them working in OTA (only take adderall) regimen

  11. I understand these “seaadderroll” seahawks jokes probably won’t go away for a while, especially for 49er fans and I guess it’s somewhat deserved however, most of you that have negative things to say about the seahawks are just haters and probably don’t know much at all about the “South Alaska seahawks ” as I recall the seahawks were SEVERELY cheated out of a pretty big game and the refs even came out after a couple years and admitted the same but yet nobody called pittsburgh cheaters?? so because a couple young inexperienced players that PC/JS were willing to take risks on made some dumb decisions by taking drugs that means the entire seahawks organization are cheaters and this somehow is why they are as good of a team as they are??? Really? ……yep it’s the offseason

  12. Management and the player’s agents were really focused. Must be from all the Adderall that’s being handed out like candy.

  13. All that is missing for the Seahawks is the townsfolk with their torches & pitch forks. Lol. We’ll see. All The Adderall jokes are getting real stale, but hey, you guys ain’t got nothing better to do. You fellas can talk it up, we’ll see who gets the last laugh.

  14. We already legalized marijuana in WA

    Time to legalize adderall, too.

    Getting a doctor to prescribe it is similar to getting a rec for MMJ, anyways.…

    The only downside to this plan is that we’d miss-out on all of the HILARIOUS seadderall jokes posted here 😦

  15. What’s truly hilarious is how many Trolls come in and have to put in their worthless 2 cents. Adderall, blah blah blah. Yeah we get it. A few guys screwed up. Stop showing how vulnerable and scared you are Niner fans.

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