Seahawks’ Moffitt was banned from mall before urination arrest


We mentioned the other night that Seahawks guard John Moffitt missed OTA time to appear in court.

But Moffitt, like several other Seahawks, has apparently reached repeat offender status with his urine.

He’s been suspended once for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances, but the current trouble stems from providing an unauthorized sample.

According to a police report obtained by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Moffitt had been banned from the Bellevue Square mall and other properties owned by the same company for a year starting January 2012. But he returned to the mall in June, when he was spotted by security allegedly urinating near a parked car outside a bar. That’s when security called police (there’s clearly not enough crime there), who chased him before he ran into a building.

A week later, the police showed photos of Moffitt to the security guard (seriously, this is what they investigate?), who identified him as the urinator in question.

At least it wasn’t a Whizzinator.

Last August, Moffitt was also escorted out restaurant in another mall which is owned by the same company which banned him.

“Once outside, two pairs of handcuffs were placed on Moffitt due to his large size and a recent shoulder injury,” the police report states. “Both sets of handcuffs were checked for tightness, and all were double locked.”

I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’re relieved the law enforcement community in the Pacific Northwest has such a firm grip on the situation.

50 responses to “Seahawks’ Moffitt was banned from mall before urination arrest

  1. alright seattle, you won, i dont think the niner’s can top that one. what a bunch of jokes, and what worse is the fans actually believe they can win something, the coaches cant even control his own players.

  2. This team has taken on the identity of its sleazeball head coach. Even with all of that talent they will never have the discipline to win anything of significance.

  3. Wow Seattle – Hope the goober police force up there is happy they cracked the case for the parking lot pisser. We can all sleep better at night now.

  4. I don’t get why you’re trivializing this act of unlawfulness. The man broke the law and the police did their job in arresting him, to let him go free would be negligence.

    Making light of the situation smacks of immaturity.

  5. Where’s Joe Toronto on this??? LOL Seattle your team is bad a– but there needs to be a team meeting on professionalism and decision making…. signed…. A Bengals Fan who knows all about negative publicity…Learn from us don’t be what we use to be…..

  6. Moffitt was just worried he suffer Uromysitisis.

    (Bring back the Seinfeld references.)

  7. 1) he didn’t per on a car.
    2) he was banned BECAUSE he peeing outside. He didn’t return to somewhere he was banned and per.
    3) anyone saying this makes Seattle more of a joke or the coaches can’t handle this team….really? You’ve never peed outside? Dumb? Yes. But to really change your opinion on moffitt or condemn the Seahawks for outdoor urination is trying a bit too hard.

  8. Wow , I wonder what themackstrong have to say about that. A guy urinating in public not once but twice…That’s very classy of your team Mr. Mack. Keep it classy….next up Marshawn Lynch gets suspended the 1st two games of season for DWI case and your excuses to follow

  9. If you read the story, someone looked at a picture and said it was Moffit – not that they caught him in the act.

    People need to settle-down, since if this is the only evidence this case will be tossed.

  10. I love it. our reserve OL pissed in a parking lot and all the Whiner fans come flooding the thread.

    As for all of you Whiner fans, for God’s sake, stop talking about winning something significant. last I checked Montana, Young, Rice, Clark, Craig and Lott have been retired for quite a while.

    nfc championship, LOST.
    super bowl, LOST.

    last I checked the last two seasons both our season’s have ended the same way…. with an L in the results column.

    but keep talking, it shows how nervous you are. and for good reason.

  11. Maybe the 49ers fans should just ask the NFL to take the team away from Seattle. It is obvious that the rest of the NFL and especially the 49er fans are scared of the Seahawks.

    This is the most hate I have seen toward a team in a long time. We have totally lost all classiness and we are down to a bunch of 10 year olds in a school yard.

  12. spideysdog
    May 30, 2013, 9:43 AM PDT
    I love it. our reserve OL pissed in a parking lot and all the Whiner fans come flooding the thread.

    As for all of you Whiner fans, for God’s sake, stop talking about winning something significant. last I checked Montana, Young, Rice, Clark, Craig and Lott have been retired for quite a while.

    nfc championship, LOST.
    super bowl, LOST.

    last I checked the last two seasons both our season’s have ended the same way…. with an L in the results column.

    but keep talking, it shows how nervous you are. and for good reason.
    And yet what has the Seahawks accomplished in their history? Nothing but Chunky soup commercials.

    Move to the back of the line with the rest of your pathetic fan base.

  13. Here is a little inside Baseball (Football?) about Bellevue …

    Bellevue is a suburb East across the water from Seattle. It is a mostly white, Upper-Upper Middle Class community populated by employees from tech companies like Microsoft, Google and Expedia. It features relatively high property values, low crime and good schools (and H.S. Football programs).

    The property where Moffit was arrested is owned by a man named Kemper Freeman, who is a bit of a villain amongst the working class in Bellevue. Most of the people who work in Bellevue (and in particular his retail space) commute from Seattle (where the cost of living is lower) via one of two bridges, one of which is a toll road that will cost you about $4 per trip during rush hour. The volume for these bridges is so inadequate that Seattle is routinely ranked in the top 10 cities for bad traffic. The City/County/State has been trying to build a light-rail across the water that could relieve nearly 1/3 of that congestion, but Freeman has spent millions of dollars suing the city to prevent it from happening. Why? Because he says mass transit is “government waste.” Behind closed doors, he will tell you it’s because he doesn’t want the “poor” people of Seattle shopping at his mall, making all the rich people uncomfortable.

    You see, Kemper promotes Bellevue Square Mall (now referred to as “The Bellevue Collection”) as a high end retail mall with stores like Nordstroms, Macys, Tiffany’s and Crate & Barrell and every year has its own “Fashion Week” featuring high end designers and retailers. He tried to replace the “lowest” anchor store, JC Penny’s, with a Neiman Marcus for the better part of two decades before another developer lured them away. It has the highest per square rent rate for any mall in the PacNW. He justifies this by boasting that the average customer of the Bellevue Collection spends nearly twice as much per visit as other malls in the area. The Bellevue Collection reportedly generates a gross retail revenue of about $780 million each year.

    He opposed the building of a new professional basketball arena (because of the “type” of people who attend basketball games) in Bellevue, and even bought up available land to prevent the Hanson group from getting it. While he spent time opposing the light rail project, he simultaneously fought the city and the local hospital to open up the airspace over Bellevue for privately owned helicopters. He has reportedly used the Bellevue Police as is own lap dogs.

    Am I at all surprised that Moffit was arrested for urinating on a Mercedes on a Freeman owned property? Not one bit. He is after all, still on his rookie contract and clearly does not fit the financial profile of his ideal customer.

  14. Seriously folks , all this self-righteous B.S. needs to stop .

    Our players get busted for falling asleep at stop lights after burning a blunt , taking Adderall & peeing in the mall parking lot …

    Your players get busted for beating their baby-momma’s , shooting themselves in the thigh in a nightclub , getting drunk & killing a teammate in a car wreck & going through airport security with a weapon .

    Football players are like any other young adults stumbling through life and hopefully learning as they go along . Moffitt pissed in a parking lot , which admittedly he shouldn’t have done . Having said that , how many of you die-hard tailgaters have done the same thing a thousand times over ?

  15. Look at it this way. You are taking your 2 small children to the mall, and in the parking lot you see this untrained ape taking a leak. Any business owner would be a fool to not do something about it. What if he were peeing in the street in front of your house, would that be ok with you?

  16. Like dg0122 said………….banned from the mall?!? WTF?!? I’ve never even heard of that before.

    Who’s minding the $*@(#%!!! store up and over there?!?

    And at what point do all these off-the-field shenanigans begin to take their toll?

    I thought it would be a two-horse race in the NFC this upcoming season (them and the niners), but I’m starting to get a really bad feeling about the ‘Hawks this season.

    I think they’ll miss Bradley, too.

    I really dug the Seahawks last year: I love their stadium and crowd, how Wilson played in big games, and their D, but they’re quickly becoming a team that’s hard to like.

    And they’re not even getting into trouble in cool ways. PEDs and getting banned from the mall don’t exactly scream “70s Raiders”.

  17. About the only way it seems a Seahawk player can stay out of trouble is to not pee…EVER

  18. This Seattle offseason is eerily similar to Detroit’s last year. Players in trouble, suspensions, a coach that really does nothing to prevent it matter of fact his style seems to promote undiciplined behavior. I see a similar season ahead as well. You fans must be proud. The big question is how long do you make excuses vs. voicing your displeasure on what it is doing to the teams reputation?

  19. Bellevue cops are real ball busters… theyre the PD that had those guys busted at the seahawks for being drunk bullies, real class acts

  20. So that’s where they got the idea for “Mall Cop” movie.
    Serious guys, peeing in public is that bad of a crime? When you got to go, you got to go. As long as he’s not flashing some 80 or 8 year old.

  21. I love how everyone here is bashing the guy like he’s a criminal. Like none of you ever got wasted before and took a whizz outside. Just stop.

  22. Any way u look at it….on the juice or not, pissin in public or not, banned from the mall (what?) or not…Sleasehawk fans should be ready for a season of PAIN……DELIVERED FREE VIA SAN FRANCISCO…….

  23. And this state ok’d rec ganja. It’s like a really bad B movie. Now that’s funny.

  24. Seahawk fans should be pissed off at this situation. Keep the news coming in Seattle y’all truly keep me entertained good stuff lol

  25. Wow Seahawk fans must be scared if all they can talk about is the 49ers, in a Seahawk public urination post. We aren’t scary. Just better than you! How’s the view looking up?

  26. Can we start up the circus music up in the northwest. ?? The seagulls are the west coast of the east coast ny jets. You can not make this up. LOL.

  27. Oh, he will piss Adderall…He has an Rx now…So, I guess he’s not cheating anymore.

  28. Football has forever been my favorite sport. I root for the home team with full passion even during the most abysmal times. I have rival teams I love to hate but only because my team is in direct contention. I read numerous posts and articles during the preseason about all the teams as, who knows, maybe my team and them may meet in the big game. Every year there are numerous violations committed by players who for the most part, are very young and still maturing by practically every team in the NFL. The ones that get written about nationally are ones commited by players on a high profile team that have potential to go the distance. The only reason so many articles out nationally about the jets are only because of the circus there and the high expectations of improvement. Failed pee tests for the drug adderal does not reflect on coaching as the coach just isnt there 24/7 so that is just a stupid comment. Truth be told, no data is currently available on the actual impact the drug has. It isnt a hgh but a drug to help concentration. Banned as it may be and poor judgement by very young players does not diminish the skill of its players. If the commish keeps making rules to protect players from blindsides then seems to me the person blindsided would be better off taking this drug. No physical leg up or recovery time shortened by taking thus drug. I do not know one guy or met a guy yet that hasn’t peed outside. Truth is he did not pee on a car. The security guy spotted him and told him at that time that he was banned from the mall property and any property the mall owns. Weeks later he was at a restaurant where the same security guard saw him who then called the police. Parking lots are split between properties and there are no clear markers defining property lines so it is easy to think you are not trespassing. Despite this cracks are flung around like its a niner vs. Seahawk thing. To my recollection, niners one the first game barely while gettting it handed to them handily the second go round. Both teams are good and should make for an interesting season. Stop bashing teams without premise or fact. Love the game and stop hating just to hate. It isnt competition its immaturity.

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